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November 18, 2017, 06:22:17 AM

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Author Topic: CLOSED  (Read 209 times)

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Offline Old Lady WillowTopic starter

« on: May 11, 2014, 02:19:39 PM »
These are pretty much one-shots, and will end after the first scene, though some could be worked into a longer rp if my partner is interested.

Werewolf male/Human female

It's the full moon, and my character, the werewolf, wanders freely. While running through the village at night, he stumbles upon your character, the human. Instead of tearing her apart, though, he has a very different plan in mind.. and of course, in a small town where everyone fears the wrath of the wolf, no one answers the womans crys for help.

Contains: Knotting

Dragon male/Human female

Typical village sacrificing a virgin to a dragon to save themselves plot. I play the dragon, you play the human.

Contains: Size difference(thinking the human will be about a quarter of the size the dragon is), cervical penetration, cum inflation.

Centaur Male/Human female

Though the battle had been lost, the war still raged on. Centaurs, a once peaceful race, have become brutal during their many years of fighting with the humans. Recently, a small group of human survivors attempting to flee to a safer area fell at the hands of a much larger group of centaurs. There was but one person to live through it, a human woman, your character, whom the lead centaur, my character, took an instant liking to. Instead of death, her fate would be much, much worse. She would be tied up, and taken by the leader in front of the entire army, to show every one of them just how weak their enemy truly was.

Contains: Cervical penetration, Cum inflation, Humiliation, Voyeurism 

Sirens(merpeople) both male and female/ Human female

Here I'd be playing several sirens against your human character. Her ship has fallen, and she's the only survivor, all the other characters having drowned during the storm. Clinging to some driftwood, she sees some movement in the water... and then something grabs her leg and pulls her under.

The idea is that they keep her under the water and use her for their own pleasures, perhaps chaining her in place via a metal shackle around her ankles. They keep her alive by breathing air into her lungs, thus leaving her helpless to their wishes. If she fights too much or injures one via biting, they could leave her there to drown. She's taken by females first, then the males come in and have their way with her, and she's forced to go along with it.

Contains: Gang bang, breath play, multiple penetration, forced oral(both ways), anal.

Vampire female/Human female

My character, the vampire, has been watching your character, the human, for quite some time. Long enough to know almost everything about her, long enough to fall in love.. however, she hasn't had the courage to show herself.. until the human brings a male home. Overcome with jealousy, she kills him, and then turns on the woman. Now the secrets out, and overcome with emotion, she decides to show the human that she belongs to her, and her alone.

Contains: Biting, blood drinking, forced oral(vampire on human), orgasm control, forced orgasm.
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