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Author Topic: Professional Wrestling Fandom Roleplaying Requests  (Read 2052 times)

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Professional Wrestling Fandom Roleplaying Requests
« on: May 11, 2014, 02:11:34 pm »
Note: Currently interested in playing Chyna only. Aiming for some fun AU's and/or poly ships.


As some of you know I am [or was] a huge professional wrestling and that of WWF/WWE in particular as most of mainstream wrestling viewers like me tend to be. My appreciation for the sports entertainment/professional wrestling extends beyond the happenings on the screen and also on the actual workings of the industry beyond the kayfabe. Needless to say, this particular brand of celebrity or even fictional character roleplaying [Since, when kayfabe is not broken, can it even be considered a celebrity roleplay? And merely becomes another fandom!] has been an absolute favorite of mine over several years.

In fact, I started out with roleplaying/writing on wrestling e-federations containing original characters several years ago and that was my introduction to online world of roleplaying. This thread is meant to contain a list of professional wrestlers that I enjoy to roleplay along with other relevant details while second post contains actual plots. Every character posted in here is obviously open for being played by openly breaking the kayfabe, as well as while remaining 'in character' throughout the story or even branching into other genres such as fantasy, science fiction etc. Also, please note though characters are mentioned in can be paired list, that doesn't mean the pairing has to be one of a sexual kind as I am very much open for writing non-adult stories or even stories with a different slant to them.

So without much ado, here's list of characters first. I shall update with plots in second post as they come to me. If you wish to craft anything with any of these characters meanwhile, feel free to hit me up via PM or IM. I am always up for a good brainstorm! Kindly refrain from posting here as I would like to keep this thread clean.

Character Name: Chyna/Joanie Laurer
Sexuality: Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual
Sexual Preference: Dominant, Switch, Submissive [Flexible depending on the story].
Eras: Pre-WWF [Prior to 1997], Attitude Era [1997-2001], NJPW [2002-2003], Post-Wrestling Career [2003-2011], TNA [2011], Post-TNA [2011-Present]
Genres: Professional Wrestling, Hollywood, Medieval Fantasy, Science Fiction, Spy Fiction, Superhero, Crime, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life
Can be paired against (Males): Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Chris Jericho, Kane, Billy Gunn, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Jeff Jarrett, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, Bret Hart, John Cena, Masahiro Chono, Daniel Bryan, Any other celebrity, OC's.
Can be paired against (Females): The Kat, Lita, Ivory, Stephanie McMahon, Trish Stratus, Terri Runnels, Tori, Victoria, Beth Phoenix, Sable, Any other celebrity OC's.
Notes: Without a shadow of doubt my favorite character to play. I can play her in virtually any version and in any era, be it pro-wrestling related or not and have been playing her for well over ten years now. I would love nothing more than to form some well rounded stories featuring her. Below is an AU that I have cooked up for her which I think also represents compelling possibilities and if you would like to play in this, I would be more than happy to brainstorm.

Everything that has happened on screen, and as such Chyna’s career with WWF/WWE is still considered as ‘canon’ and as such will apply.

The Headcanon runs as follows:

Any and all incidents in the past, with this muse after her official departure from WWE on November 30th, 2001, is considered as AU. As such, Chyna has never done the following.
  • Been in a romantic/sexual relationship with Sean Waltman (X-Pac)
  • Abused or taken any legal drugs without a prescription.
  • Abused or taken any illegal drugs other than past marijuana use.
  • Imbibed alcohol excessively or become an alcoholic.
  • Has or had any major mental disorders.
  • Participated in any pornographic films; Personally or ‘professionally’ made.
From that point, on Chyna lived in obscurity, living a very simple, mundane life. Briefly in 2006-2007, Chyna reappeared, but only for the media to take note, that she had legally changed her name to Chyna Joan Marie Laurer.

Right after, Chyna disappeared again, so abruptly, so thoroughly after that point, it was speculated by many that she had died. Either through murder or kidnapping, and that her body would never be found.

No one, barring 3 people in the world, knew she Chyna was alive, until she received a phone call, from a man she did not recognize, personally asking her to return.

Only Chyna knows the following information, which was discovered and discussed, over the course of the roleplay:

The reason for Chyna’s quiet departure, without a fight for her career, let alone her fiancee is that she discovered, she was pregnant. Finding two months after she had been released, while in the depths of a deep depression, she was fearful that Stephanie would demand the pregnancy to be terminated and that Hunter would agree so as to keep Stephanie happy.

From the time she had been a teenager, Chyna knew that the possibility of her having a child was incredibly slim due to several factors. One, was that when she was 16, an ovarian tumor had been removed as well as one of her ovaries as a result, as it would have otherwise come back, even worse before.

This, is why she had the tattoo of ivy and roses done, across her lower abdomen. It covers the worst part and the majority of the scar making it virtually invisible.

As a bodybuilder from her early teens, her hormone levels were already incredibly low, having only one ovary but it was compounded on the now, still legal use of a mild steroid during her first decade of weight training. Thus, Chyna had been forced to use birth control pills, and a shot once every month, to keep her estrogen levels to an acceptable level.

In 1999, however before their engagement, decided to have a child together, at the turn of the new year, before they found themselves too old, or to injured do so. Many tests were performed on both, to ensure both were fertile and the day of Valentines Day, was given the good news. It may take help but with patience, it was possible.

Hunter in response, asked her to marry him. She said yes.

However, within 2 years, Hunter was openly with Stephanie McMahon, no longer as a mere storyline.

Hunter cheated on Chyna for over a year with Stephanie and repeatedly, openly lied about it to her face. Discovering the year long (if not longer) affair, via an old letter written (and possibly planted) by Stephanie, in his luggage.

The night before, was the very last time, she ever saw Hunter in person, or corresponded with him in any respect, for nearly 14 years.

Chyna confronted Vince over the phone, who admitted to knowing the truth all along, asked her to come in and meet with him and Stephanie to get it settled once and for all as well as renew her contract with WWE.

Stephanie, when confronted, was less than contrite, held and showed no guilt nor remorse, telling Chyna such, and that it was over between Chyna and Hunter and that they, were now together and essentially as Stephanie was the better woman, she ‘won’. Chyna bluntly told Stephanie, she was holding herself back from attacking Stephanie, and at that point, Vince stepped in asking Chyna to go home, calm down, promising to send her a fax, with the details of her new upcoming contract.

The next day the fax she received informed her she was being released, and to continue the rest of her contract at home. Chyna, was never to never work for WWE again. Still The Women’s Champion, Chyna returned it, only when her contract ended. This gave her yet another unique aspect to her career. Chyna, is the only Diva to remain undefeated, never having lost the title during her final reign to another, by submission or pinfall. All the same, Chyna walked away from Hunter, and her career without a fight.

But the question everyone asks, over and over again is: Why?

The answer is, a secret....that she was pregnant with Hunter's child and decided to walk away, accepted loss of her career and the baby turned out to be stillborn, which really destroyed her emotionally...a secret that she has never told anyone and is still held buried in her heart as she has mourned the loss silently over the years.

When she made herself scarce, battling her own demons, she found herself in Tokyo, Japan and eventually in town of Sheerness, England where she spent several years working as teacher in both places in quiet obscurity for all these years, allowing herself time to heal as rest of the world continued to speculate endlessly about her.

“All reports of my death, have been grossly exaggerated.”

Chyna, has an incredible legacy, & accomplished things, no other woman has done before, or since. But betrayal, heartbreak & family politics, ended her career, far too early. Refusing to back down forever, in 2006, she began her return to WWE.

However, in early 2007, Chyna abruptly disappeared. Her training, unfinished, without a word, a trace. Over 7 long years, there was speculation, that Chyna had died, and that unfortunately, her body would never be found.

But now, Chyna has shown herself to be very much alive, and her return to WWE, has finally become a reality.

Rehired by Vince McMahon himself as a Trainer and Administrator, to help to bring the women's division in NXT, to develop it as an equally dominant force as men's division in Professional Wrestling. Her return will shock many & make waves, as Triple H & his wife are on the cusp of taking over. She knows she has her work cut out for her, in more ways than one. But that’s that’s what makes life interesting, right?
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Re: Professional Wrestling Fandom Roleplaying Requests
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2014, 03:49:54 pm »
Plot Seeds

Seeking to Play: Chyna
Against: The OC Biker
Genre: Dark Romance, Drama

This begins with a chance encounter. Chyna, now staying in Orlando, Florida and helping out with NXT production. One evening at a bar she meets a young man. He's unlike most. Unlike many, he doesn't even know who she is but they end up having a conversation. He asks her out. But much like the older woman who has caught his eyes, he harbors his own dark secrets. For he's a member of a notorious one percenter biker club that's engaged in good bit of questionable activity.

The situation is further complicated when his pals from the club, they have some different plans when they realize just who she is. They want to have their way with her and they do and as a member he's forced to participate, but that's when he lashes out and takes her away from the scene....the story is more about how he helps her heal and how romance blooms between them. There will be an element of non con [and eventually dub con] in this.

Primary focus shall be on how two people from opposite sides of life meet, healing, non con/dub con, romance, the biker life. I like the idea of Chyna eventually becoming his woman much like he becomes her man. Possibly even ends up working as one of the security detail for the company just so they could be together and all sorts of shenanigans that ensue. Also open to potentially poly ships here. I kind of want to up the smut ratio for this a little, maybe go for plot/smut ratio of 60/40.

Master & Slave
Seeking to Play: Chyna
Against: Miss Kitty
Genre: Romance, Drama

This is a femslash roleplay focusing on Attitude Era circa 1999 with potential for timeline exploration in post-attitude era. I think those two were fantastic characters back in the day and I loved them together. What if, during the time they were booked in the angle together the two actually ended up falling in love with each other? How it would have affected their prior relationships? The Kat/Stacy Carter could perceive Chyna/Joanie Laurer as a strong hero both on and off the screen as well and their onscreen Master & Slave relationship transitions into something off it as well? The story would be about the romance and how it blooms amongst the duo, adjusting to being in the public eye all the time, to the backstage politics and antics, the life on the road and maintaining a relationship over there amongst other things in WWF/E during late 90's and early 2000's primarily.

The Real Degenerate
Seeking to Play: Chyna
Against: Triple H
Genre: Kayfabe, Action, Comedy

I ran this game in past before it died, if you wish to read it, you can find old version here.

D-Generation X were pretty fun during their first ever run in the late 90's in my opinion and these two made a fantastic couple in my eyes due to just how unconventional the characters were written to be by the creative team. This is a story that does not break kayfabe and takes place in a universe where it's 'real'.

It's story is about how Hunter Hearst Helmsley, the prim and proper Connecticut Blue Blood decides to find himself in need of some extra muscle after a particularly important loss in the ring due to one or other reason. So he starts the hunt and who does he find? This foul mouthed, deviant woman in form of Chyna. She represents everything he hates, that is opposite of him and is wrong in his opinion on more levels than one, yet she's undeniably fantastic at what she does and is an asset worthy of having on your side.

It's a story about the two polar opposites and how Chyna goes on to make a Degenerate out of Triple H and sets him on path to becoming the dominant superstar that he goes on to become. This is intended to reflect the whole prankster, deviant ethos of early DX and of course substantial character development while focusing more on action outside the ring interspersed with happenings in the ring.

My Heart Has a Wish that You Would Not Go
Seeking to Play: Chyna
Against: Triple H
Genre: Romance, Drama

This story would focus on the lives of Joanie and Paul both in and out of the ring. The growing fame. The strain it puts on their relationship. Especially, the so many 'what if' routes we can go with it. How would he feel if she was becoming a bigger star than him? Maybe she does get into main event picture and is competing along with him. One of the potential routes is if she makes history being the first woman to win WWF Championship and perhaps embarking on a Hollywood career of her own?

Them being the golden couple would bring lot of attention to them, promoting the company, being ultra-popular etc. The roleplay shall be spread over several years and can even continue post-2001 AU wherein Chyna would have never left the WWF/E. Primary focus shall be on unusual working environment that a pro wrestling company is, examination of life as a celebrity and meditation on the same, the highs and lows of it and a theme of unrequited love, relationship tensions, bromance [yes, with a female xD] among other good stuff.

Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies!
Seeking to Play: Chyna
Against: The Rock
Genre: Action, Black Comedy

I couldn't help but chuckle when I saw on IMDB few months back that there's an actual film of that name with that theme. Right after, I ended up watching an old MAD TV skit with Chyna which made me think of this.

This story has Chyna & The Rock both working traveling through a town while moving towards a fan convention when their car breaks down somewhere deep in the countryside. Stranded in a desolate town with sparse population, they look up a garage only to discover the horror that the entire town is right in the middle of a zombie apocalypse that's been consuming the surrounding regions in the wake of a government facility being taken over as a result of experiments to create superhumans gone wrong. With things going haywire and no other way of getting out, there's only one option.

To fight it out or simply perish.

Another alternative spin that could be put on this would consist of both of them shooting a zombie apocalypse film together for WWE Productions, only to find out that the small town where they are making this movie, zombies do exist and are actually more intelligent than just mindless drones, systematically increasing their population and able to think, plan, adapt. Slowly, they are converting the film crew, starting with extras portraying zombies on screen, prompting Rock and Chyna to team up and kick some serious ass together in craziest possible fashion.
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Re: Professional Wrestling Fandom Roleplaying Requests
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2018, 04:33:52 pm »

Major overhaul.
Added new game ad: Loverman
Very actively seeking new games.