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May 25, 2018, 03:59:03 PM

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Author Topic: The Bear King seeks a Vassal (M for F)  (Read 262 times)

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The Bear King seeks a Vassal (M for F)
« on: May 11, 2014, 12:46:38 AM »
Honey as a show of Fealty will do. In return you will receive the benefit of my Kingdom or Beardom if you will. Such benefits include being able to RP with me and, uhm... Salmon and a comfy place to rest your head when you're tired and need a soft belly.

As of this point in time, I'm more or less looking for almost anything as long as I can carry a sword or gun or some such weapon. So really, I'm down for just about anything. Now this is my first time writing one of these up on here (I think) and I've been away for quite some time due to personal issues so just bear with me on coming up with stuff to do. I'm pretty well versed in most genres and can RP almost anything kink-wise as long as it doesnt hit into like scat or waterworks or anything like that.

Now.. I just want to apologize for my lackluster formatting skills below but just click the spoiler tag if you like the genre listed..

Ideas Kicking Around

Medieval Fantasy - Taken
Typical damsel in distress scenario is always a fun one to write up and play out. Can include fantasy creatures or be more realistic. In this genre we can really go any route you want, I am very flexible and love this genre, especially if my character gets to carry a Sword of some sort.

Modern - Open
Think Ecks vs Sever but with a more romantic/sexy twist at the end. Or Mr and Mrs Smith without the Brangelina married before they find out kinda thing. Two rival agents are constantly trying to either one-up each other or kill each other, or any such idea you can come up with. Eventually something happens and they're both caught and have to work together or one catches the other and seduction methods are employed. What-so-ever you want to do with this is fine.

If that doesnt work I can do any other modern scenario that you can think up.

Futuristic - Open
I'm looking at kinda a similar thing to the Ecks vs Sever quip above or possibly on a larger scale where it's two different peoples are warring and one of the characters is captured and tortured, either by your/my character or some other character that one of us could control. But think like Mass Effect style technology.

And on that Mass Effect note, we could do something based in that universe but having nothing to do with the Shepard story, it would be our own story with our own twists. We can work together in this one fighting off the Husks or even going as far back as the Rachni wars or even the Krogan Rebellions or any such idea you can come up with. I love this Universe and I love the idea of writing something for it with someone else.

Anything Else - Depends
It really doesnt matter what you want to do, pitch it to me via PM or here and we can discuss. I am very open to all Genres (as I said before) and most kinks. All I require from my partner is a willingness to work with me to create something amazing.


That being said, a writer with decent spelling and grammar skills as well as a tendency to write more than 1-2 paragraphs per post is requested. But not required, if you are newer but want to learn or just work with someone with a decent amount of RPing experience feel free to still PM me. I am a very patient person.

Note: Any of the above Genres or ideas are open for discussion and I'm also open for anything else you might want. Any ideas at all feel free to PM me.
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