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Started by Miss Sykes, May 10, 2014, 07:21:23 PM

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Miss Sykes

Hi All!

Miss Sykes here, I joined up to E a while back but suddenly got extremely busy so haven't been able to get on here. But now finally things have slowed down so I can make my way on here and hopefully get some rps going.

Now onto the ideas!

Firstly: It was a new year at school and all the students were returning from summer vacation ready to start the school year. For most students it all seems to be same old same old as it does every year, one teacher however decides they are tired of just looking at one student in particular who is looking better and better her uniform each year and decides to take matters into their own hands and make her their slave.

(This can be done with either a male or female teacher, it will involve heavy themes of bondage, rape, Non-consensual and anything else you feel like bringing into it. I will be playing the student. The plan for this would be that she serves her teacher while at school but at home she has to keep it a secret from her parents and her friends and still manage to keep her own life in check. The harder you want to be on her the better.)

Secondly: A young girl and her single mother live together in a small house in a decent part of town, however the Mother's job is not earning enough money to pay the rent and the landlady is threatening to kick them out. After some deliberation the landlady offers them a deal, the daughter in exchange for free accomodation and after some discussion the two agree to the deal and she is taken away to live with the landlady. Taken

(Now the plan for this would be the landlady being very into BDSM and the daughter would become her slave, I am happy for you to bring in any of your own ideas/fetishes into this as you want. I will of course be playing the daughter and the Landlady can be a Landlord if you wish)

(Yeah I just copy and pasted them from his thread but he said it was ok! XD)

The Nice Guy/Girl

A guy spends his whole life being nice to all his girlfriends having them walk all over him and never having his desires fulfilled. He had been with his current girlfriend for several years who he loves dearly but has become frustrated with how high maintenance she has become over the years. Finally his frustrations come to a head and he decides to break up with her, however when he tries to break up with her he realises that she is willing to do whatever it takes to stay with him and although at first he doesn't believe her he decides to give her the chance to prove herself.

(This plot can be done with either a guy or another girl as the Nice Guy I am fine either way. The idea behind this is that the guy has decided he wants to find someone more fit for his desires, a pretty sub that will obey his every whim however he will find that his current girl is more than willing to obey. Ideally this will contain strong themes of bondage and d/s even leading to slave and master should we get that far. You're role will be that of the guy or girl who will be taking control of my girl and turning her from the girl she was into the girl you desire.)

The train ride

A young girl is on her way home from school, on a busy train she is forced into a corner by the volume of people getting on, soon she begins to feel someone pressing against her, but soon it's more than just pushing against her the hands start to roam across her body. This escalates into a full grope session after which the groper disappears leaving the poor girl very horny but denied her orgasm. Several days later on another train it happens again but this time the groper takes it further this time actually making her cum.

(This will continue for several trips each time the groper getting more and more bold with her as she begins to enjoy it more and more. From here we can move on to perhaps him taking her with him or perhaps groping her in more public areas or anything else you can think of. The groper can be male or female. I would like elements of humiliation to enter this and play out how it affects the rest of her life or maybe someone close to her or at school realises she is enjoying it and decides to take advantage of her)

The Cripple

A young soccer star goes off to a party one night after a game, the party is great and she has a great time catching up with old friends and meeting new people etc. After the party she decides to carpool home with a friend of hers who has had a bit too much to drink. On their way home they crash and she is badly injured. Once she has recovered from the crash the doctors give her the bad news, she will never be able to walk again. In a fury her father storms out and hires the best doctors money can buy to try and heal his daughter. You will play one of these doctors.

(The plan for this is that the girl will be very naive and the doctor will take advantage of that doing things to her as supposedly part of her treatment by the time she realises it will be far too late. Eventually she will be healed and will be able to walk again but by this stage she is completely enslaved by the doctor which the father won't realise until he sees her working the street one day as a prostitute earning money for her master when he isn't around.)

Animal Training

A young girl is kidnapped (From where we can discuss) maybe by her teacher, maybe a stranger to be their new pet. The kidnapper wants to change her into his new pet. There can be a magical element to this in that she is physically changed as well ears/tail etc or it can be purely costumes but eventually she will become the kidnapper's pet and will have their humanity totally stripped away.

(As with my other ideas I will be playing the kidnapped girl.)


Some boys find a story online about a doll that you can transfer yourself or someone else into leaving the previous body behind and becoming the doll. The only catch is that once transferred someone else needs to transfer back. After reading this story some students decide to order one but they need a test subject and who better than the Student Council President who keeps busting them.

(The idea being that the people that buy the doll will transfer my girl into it. From there they can do as they want with her as she won't be able to fight back. The doll obviously is very humanoid, it can feel pain, pleasure, has sexual organs etc.)

I would LOVE something involving mind control right now I have a plot in mind below but anything with mind control would be great right now.

The science club have created something amazing, a remote that can control anyone however it can only be syncd to one person and one person only. Once Syncd you will have total control over that person including whether or not they are aware of what they are doing.

(Ideally the mind control won't be permanent only at different times, starting slow and eventually becoming more and more as the controller becomes more bold with her)

I would really like to find someone or someones to do The Cripple with me.

Also looking for A Father/Daughter or Brother and Sister.

Miss Sykes

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Miss Sykes

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Miss Sykes

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Andrew Awesome

The Nice Guy scene sounds interesting. Add me on YIM: AndrewCanGroove  if you want to play.

Miss Sykes

Miss Sykes

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Miss Sykes

I'd like to make a note for everyone as people don't seem to be understanding this. All my plots above are stories of lust and desire, there is no room for romance here. I do not desire romance plots nor do I want romance in my plots. If you have a romance plot in mind feel free to ask me but please don't pick up one of my ideas with me and turn it into a romance plot.

Miss Sykes

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