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August 15, 2022, 10:53:11 am

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Author Topic: Have you ever wanted a second chance? Sweet 16 {Male seeking Female}  (Read 643 times)

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Twenty years ago they had both graduated and gone separate ways never seeing each other or hearing about each other until both received the notice and both decided to attend there ‘Twenty Year High School Reunion’.

She had been popular, too popular and had earned a reputation and made so stupid knave choices thinking that the jocks and popular boys who sweet talked her really wanted to know her, but in the end time after time it was nothing but disappointment and each time she would be put back together by her ‘best friend’….

He had not been popular but he also had not been one of the outcasts, he just did not have time to date and he also was very self conscious and intent on his goal of going to college. That meant school and work to help make that happen, his best friend was popular though and beautiful BUT she had lousy taste in guys most of witch were jocks and jerks who only wanted one thing and no matter how he tried to warn her, she still did not listen. BUT he was always there to help her out and she tried more than once to set him up … but none of the other girls were what he wanted, and what he wanted he did not think he could ever have…
When the letters arrived both had gone online and looked at the list, neither saw the name they were hoping for at first and it was not until a month before the day of the Reunion that he decided to go and thus logged in finding her name there was well..

Both were thinking the same thing.. Wondering the same thing… and when the day came both found someone to go with them. However an hour in to the gathering both her date and his date knew that neither could match the looks the two shared so when they had a chance the moved away and let the ‘Old Friends’  ... “Talk”

Talk they did for hours, he finding out what she had done, her life and how she was now ‘single’ her date was just a friend she has asked to show up so she had back-up, he said pretty much the same thing a good friend but nothing more and both smiled and continued to talk.

That was how it ended as well, he walking her to the car she had been driven in and kissing her cheek as his friend,(the one he had showed up with), waited for him to drive her home. Both had traded numbers and promised to call… and both ended up in there own beds alone.

NOW…. This is where it gets interesting… for one never knows who may be listening or watching and both drifted off to sleep they had the same thought at the same time and that thought was heard by some mischievous power who waits for just those wicked little thoughts and than grants them.

“I wish I would have followed my heart and took my chances in high school, I bet my life would have been different”….

   The next morning when they woke the first thing they had to deal with was the fact they were awake, than the shock of were they where, that they were NOT dreaming. For him it was his mother yelling for him and his bolting out of bed and seeing his sixteen year old body but having memories for twenty four years. For her it was her older sister opening her door and yelling for her to get up, the shock of seeing her as she had died in a car accident ten years ago and than when she got out of bed the sight of her own sixteen year old body…

That is where the story would start… both dealing with what is going on and remembering the night before than there wish as they went to sleep… NOW will they admit this to each other, will they act on there wish? What happens from here is up to the words… and I am looking for someone to write them with me.

     Imagine knowing what you know now but being sixteen again, and imagine having a second chance to hook up with that one person who was right in front of your eyes but you missed the chance because both of you were too blind or unsure to do or say anything, and most importantly .. Imagine having the sexual knowledge you have when older but in the body of a teenager…

     So if you think you are up for it.. PM me… figure this will be set in the or around 1990, we can go over more things in Private Messages… IF… this thread Idea.. has perked your interest.

Thanks for Reading
Rog the Rake

*Note* I want to do this in a thread in the forum, not via Private Messages or IM’s…