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January 24, 2017, 03:27:27 AM

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Author Topic: RP: Doctor Who: Adrenalize ( VideoKid & Theta Sigma)  (Read 349 times)

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RP: Doctor Who: Adrenalize ( VideoKid & Theta Sigma)
« on: May 10, 2014, 03:47:48 PM »
A young girl was sitting on her cot in her quarters with her back pressed against the wall, knees to her chest hugging her legs.  The hospital had broken into Chaos over night.  They were transporting some criminally insane patients from another penitentiary to do an evaluation when all hell broke loose. All patients were put on lock down but that had been hours ago. It shouldnít have taken long to get everything back under control.

You would ask why a young intelligent girl such as Madelyn was in a psychiatric ward. She had lived most of her teenage life in the hospital. It was one of the best run private hospitals in the state and her family was wealthy enough to pay for her to be treated there. After a while she found she had more freedom at the hospital then she did at home and did her best to put on an act. Her life at home would have been trying to be the perfect child to a very religious and stuck up family that she felt out of place.

The doorís unlocked and she looked up with fearful confused eyes and slowly pushed off the cot. Slowly moving her head she saw things were literally a mess. Patients were everywhere; sirens were going off, Madelyn decided her best choice of survival was to escape the hospital and find help. Maybe even taken to another facility or maybe if she got outside she would try to run. Being in just a white t-shirt with teal scrubs, she sprinted down the hallway in the madness.

She was able to jog down a few corridors before one patient lunged at her with a scalpel. She screamed out and blocked pushing her back into the wall. Her face was horrified in what she saw. The patients didnít have faces. In that moment she wondered if she had been sedated and was in some drug induced nightmare. The patient attacked her throwing her against the wall. Madelyn crawled and pushing her body up.

Offline Theta Sigma

Re: RP: Doctor Who: Adrenalize ( VideoKid & Theta Sigma)
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2014, 01:37:54 PM »
'Grab my hand!' He shouted to her. She'd barely recovered from the shock of the creature throwing her against the wall, and he wasn't expecting her to react in the best of ways. It didn't matter, he could take whatever she could throw at him. It would all be through fear.

The Doctor was here on a social visit... Sort of. One could call it that, at least. It was more of a drop off of a medicine for one of the hospital's more... Exotic patients. Exotic was really the best way to describe them, if one was to speak in the best of terms. Alien would be more appropriate. The patient in question was suffering from a ('Mild? Really?') form of hysteria... Came from messing with mental stabilizers from the black market on DaDooshba. He had placed her on Earth where he knew they would be a little welcoming of her situation, and she would get good care and attention. Not that he was entirely sure of that, he more or less shoved her at them, shoved a heap of money their way and explained the various injections he would come back to deliver for her.
It had worked, give or take some curious looks.

It turns out that his timing had not really gone to plan, and he'd turned up at entirely the wrong period of time... And he'd walked into a disaster area. It looked like the scene from a horror movie, and that was to put it lightly. He'd been able to walk right in... And instantly wish he hadn't, as as soon as he had walked into the place, he couldn't leave until he had found out whatever had caused... Well, this mess to happen. Had caused patients to lose their faces as well as their mind, as that generally wasn't how it worked. Not on Earth at least, anyway.
And that had been when he had saw her. Life amongst the madness, amongst the dead and deranged. She was sane, sane enough by his standards... Anyone who screamed when they had a sharp weapon brandished at them was a good enough test of sanity for him.

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Re: RP: Doctor Who: Adrenalize ( VideoKid & Theta Sigma)
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2014, 08:14:44 PM »
Madelyn was frozen in shock as she painted. Then out of the blue the strangest man shouted out holding out his hand. He was dressed in a suit with a bow tie, as if he was a few decades behind but then again she pretty much lived in plain uniform scrubs, t-shirt and sweaters.  She didnít have time to think, it was flight or fight and right now it was flight. Stumbling forward she grabbed the doctorís hand and felt him pull her toward him in a protective shield.  Then he took the lead of running down the hall pulling her closely behind. They dodged patients that had gone ballistic. One patient screamed and threw a wheelchair at them. The doctor took the hit in shielding the girl but only got a gash from it.

The doctor would learn the girl was a primary target.  More patients started coming for her and she started sprinting down the hallway with the doctor. They skidded around a corner to see a gruesome scene, it was a few nurses in bloody piles on the floor, and they had been butchered. Madelyn stopped with fearful hurt eyes, she had known the staff and this was simply beyond her comprehension at the moment. Her body was lifted bridal style by the peculiar man as he continued his way down the hall.  They slammed through exit doors to a back stairwell. Instead of going down, he was jogging up, still holding onto her as if he weight was nothing.

Offline Theta Sigma

Re: RP: Doctor Who: Adrenalize ( VideoKid & Theta Sigma)
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2014, 05:25:42 PM »
'Hey. Hi. How are you doing?' He started talking as they headed up, and he was barely breathless, as though he wasn't bothered by her weight and all of the running. 'Bit of a crazy day, huh? I'm guessing things aren't usually this mental around here.'
He paused, and he grinned a little at her. 'Sorry, excuse me, that's a terrible joke. I'm kidding. No, really. How are you doing? I can hazard a guess, but...'
The Doctor paused, and he stopped at another door. He attempted to look through the slight crack in the wood, and he pressed his ear to it instead. 'I think it's safe through here. For the moment, at least.'