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Started by THE Scizorman, May 10, 2014, 12:12:10 PM

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THE Scizorman

Hey, I'm new here and I'm looking for a few things. This will get updated as I get ideas. While I know I don't like writing very long posts. I do require at least a paragraph. (some exception to quick sex scenes, but at least advance the story)

Train Wreck: This story is a yuri RP. Your character takes the train to college everyday. She usually doesn't take the rush hour train because it's always packed. She took the early train to avoid it. But, one day, she woke up late and had to take the rush hour train. It's packed and she is just trying to get to school. Suddenly, she feels a hand groping her. She turns to confront her but sees that's isn't another woman. She's a petite woman that is quite beautiful. She is actually doing quite a good job at touching you and getting you off. RIght when you're about to climax, you realize that its time to get off the train and you see her get off at the same stop. That means she's a student at the school. She intrigues your character so much that your character follows her and soon discover that you're not the only one she gropes. There is a whole slew of women in her rotation of giving pleasure.

Pokemorph One Shots: This RP is pretty straight forward and very smutty. We'd both play pokemorphs. The stories are of pokemorphs hooking up in various scenes romantically or not. Once we get through with a scene, we'd switch it up to a new couple (or group) This will require a partner that can RP males, females, and futas. The relationships will vary as well from hetero, yaoi, yuri, and futa pairings. Also, you would have to be able to play both a dom and a sub as I plan on switching off as we are changing scenes.

Futa One shots: This is the same as the pokemorph RP, except this is in a human world where futas are very prevalent. Each pairing would involve one or more futas.

Kamen Rider: I would like to RP this series with a twist to it, like in a different universe.

MORE TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!