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Author Topic: Looking for Rp partners (F for M)  (Read 783 times)

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Offline blackcatotakuTopic starter

Looking for Rp partners (F for M)
« on: May 09, 2014, 01:01:18 pm »
To any and all who stop by here to take a gander, I am looking for writing partners interested in detailed role play with high quality smut that is integral to the story as well as elements of fantasy being incorporated. All of the postings here are extremely negotiable as I have some thoughts and ideas but I find it most fun when the stories are collaborated rather than dictated in full. These ideas are born out of the desire to have long term stories with detailed settings and complex characters that would lead to world building and possibilities for multiple characters in the same setting. I would highly encourage anyone who is interested in partnering up with me to look at my O&O's I've put detailed lists of what I like and what I don't when it comes to collaborative writing efforts. That said I also have put some one-off cravings toward the bottom of the thread that involve cannon characters from some of my favorite television/media. These are intended as almost purely smut stories but given the right partner it could grow into more.

Not everything worthwhile is made of gold:
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Pirates and open water, I like piracy and the age of its domination in the 1600's; the basic things I love about this type of theme is its open ended nature and the thrill of adventure. Some basic outlines I have when it comes to this theme is:

1. Out on the open water my character is on board a ship that is hunting down the pirates and once the time comes for a confrontation things go unexpectedly and the pursuers suddenly become victims of piracy when my character is taken hostage in order to ensure a safe get-away. Stuck aboard the ship will my character submit to yours and become apart of the crew or rebel and attempt to take revenge at every opportunity to get back to the life she led before?

2. A variation on the first where my character would be the pirate and yours would be the captive under some kind of circumstance that is similar or another that we can discuss.
The setting for the adventures in this story can be as realistic and factual as we want them to be or we can throw that aside and make up or own time and place for the events or we can do some mix and match.

The unsolvable crime:
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This is an idea that I've loved for a longtime but have yet to find a writing partner for; a Victorian style steam-punk horror mystery. I love HP Love Craft as I am sure many of the people here probably do and I would love to come up with a story that incorporates the feeling of suspense and the unnerving. The basic idea is our two characters would be rival detectives in a fictional version of England where gruesome murders are being committed. Unable to  solve the mysteries alone we come to the inevitable conclusion that our two characters would need to come together to investigate. This story would revolve around two strong willed smart people who are at odds overcoming that to face what would be considered the greater enemy. I like these kinds of character struggles where usually if you hate someone that much or resent them there is usually an underling factor of some kind of admiration or attraction that egos tend to get in the way of.

Primal Urges:
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This idea is one that I love which involves werewolves/shape shifters and fish out of water type stories. Your character or mine is capable of shape shifting into animals and has been living on the fringes of society in untouched jungles which their ancestors have lived in for generations until an encroaching group that includes your character or mine who can e scientists/military/lost individual stumbles across the grounds which they live. Ideally the outside character gets separated from their group either because the rest are killed, or they get lost or something like that happens and now they are stranded. The stranded character now has to try and adapt or die in the harsh environment they find themselves in will they turn to the shape changers for help or seek revenge or become one of them.

As the ideas here elude to they are very open ended with lots of room for creativity to combine and churn out a fun story in an interesting setting.  I also have some additional cravings that can be complex or could be ran as one offs depending on what we decide on:


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This idea comes from my love of Rogue and Gambit clearly by the picture. There is something very sexy about a playboy who becomes enamored with a woman he can't touch. In this scenario it would be absolutely no fun if the character's couldn't touch so the idea would revolve around Beast modifying a piece of technology that is supposed to help Rogue control her powers so that she can use them when needed and suppress them when she doesn't.

I am also open to ideas of other x-men pairings I prefer for x-men RP to be cannon characters.

Young Justice

Once again another character paring inspired desire; Zatana and Robin from the Young Justice series. I think their relationship is intriguing just how much does Zatana know about he boy wonder who has to keep his identity a secrete? How will that kind of lifestyle impair their relationship?

Walking Dead

This idea is less fleshed out than the other cannon characters requests, basically I love post apocalyptic stories and The Walking Dead is one of the greatest incarnations I have yet to see. I especially like Daryl and Michonne, I think they would make a great couple and in such a chaotic setting it would be interesting to see what would happen if they gave into desires and paired off.

One request for cannon character RP; I don't like to sit and rehash the exact episodes and events these are meant to explore the possible outcomes of what could have happened between the characters in the series. With that said I do like to play them close to the characters presented in the show but I won't be a stickler for extreme detail if you aren't either.

If your interested in any of these ideas or if you've read over my O&O's and think there is an idea you'd like to try and I'd fit with it then please don't hesitate PM me. :) I don't bite... hard.
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Offline blackcatotakuTopic starter

Re: Looking for Rp partners (F for M)
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2014, 12:40:54 am »
updated requests

The Geisha House

I have always been a fan of Geisha; sophisticated women whose sole purpose in life was to entertain through various mediums. In this RP the core theme would be taboo relationships, this one between a Geisha and her client. It could be as realistic as we wanted or as fantastical it could be set in the future or the past or an alternate universe. Our characters wouldn't even have to be human I just like the idea of a sophisticated brothel attendant and the man who became infatuated and how that relationship might play out.

Vampires, werewolves and supernaturals in general

This would be a modern day alternate universe setting where vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures exist on the fringes of society. I'm open to all kinds of ideas for this the parings I had in mind were as follows
human x vampire
human x were wolve
were wolf x vampire