KAT Magic Training Facitily. Open to all!

Started by skycladstoner, May 08, 2014, 09:21:07 PM

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Katoclesic (see KAT humanoids): Katoclesic was a drug used for tuberculosis, working almost instantly as a miracle cure. Patients were instructed to take the medicine once a day for a week, once a week following that for a year. KAT was spread worldwide as it was inexpensive thus easily accessible. Within one year tuberculosis was completely annihilated. In 2015 a deadly side effect was unearthed, completely destroying all 5 senses rendering the patient unable to survive. Patients who took the drug for less than the recommended year survived, some still losing their senses to an extent. A phenomenon occurred with 1% of the affected, causing them to gain powers unexplainable by science. The patients were deemed KAT's, humans with magical abilities.

Division of Magic: Sector of world military specially devised for KAT humanoids. Formed to educate, train, and utilize KATs. Deems subjects fit for society and eliminates threats. Formed after the uprising in 2019 in which KATs formed together and created a world order, destroying all other forms of government. Consists of 6 bases, one in each continent excluding Antarctica.

The year is 2025. Our characters are KATs training in the Teenage or Adult Training Facility, similar to high school and college. I would like to create an immense experience with depth and plot, not quick smut. I have a few ideas but I am open to new ones. I base my characters looks based on your preference plus role personality and would appreciate if you do the same. I would like it to be based in the Asia Base or have you play an asian since I have a bit of an asian fetish! But again, it's not mandatory.

Idea 1: I play a popular quirky girl who really hates school/training. Before the KAT phenomenon she was actually a dropout. She hangs out with unseemly crowds which tends to get her in trouble since she tends to be naive. She parties a lot, never the wallflower yet never the life of the party. Her life motto is, "Why do for yourself what others can do for you?" She is not a bad person, just too easygoing. She is only stubborn against authority and high powered figures, very sweet and mild-mannered normally. She is also creative by nature, can be played as musician or artist.

Intelligence: 6
Willpower: 3
Magical strength: 5
Sexual experience: 0 or 8 depending on how innocent you would like her
Kindness: 8

You would play a character in high authority to combat her lazy nature. They don't care for each other at first but are put in situations together where they must interact.

Teacher/Student: He is constantly trying to get her to focus on learning and training. She views him as annoying and torturous to deal with.

Top student/worst student: They are polar opposites and despise each other. Both have different moral beliefs and hang in different crowds.

Idea 2: I play a extremely powerful KAT who has a hard time controlling her powers... and her attitude. Growing up she was weak, discovering at a young age that she had tuberculosis. Her family abandoned her as they were unable to pay the hospital bills. She went through foster care until she was able to care for herself, learning the hard way that no one is to be trusted. She is jaded from the world and intends to show it who's boss now that she's a powerful KAT. She has little tolerance for stupidity, blatantly showing her disgust in it. If a situation doesn't benefit her then it's not on her radar.

Intelligence: 9
Willpower: 10
Magical strength: 10
Sexual experience: 4
Kindness: 4

Teacher/Student: Being the strongest trained KAT he is the perfect teacher. She respects his strength and generally obeys him.

Student/Student: He is popular, rich, and handsome so he has skated through life without much hardships. She hates his arrogance and is jealous of his easy lifestyle.

If you are interested in writing a story with me please message me which idea you are interested in or ideas of your own. Also add a short bio about the character you would be interested in playing. All of these ideas are completely open, please feel free to add your own twist and let me know your preferences! Please check my o/o's to see if we are compatible but I am pretty open to any situation you might lay in from of me from vanilla to non con. You can play a female or male but I will be female as I am no good at pretending to know what men think! And last but not least, I typically write between 2 to 4 paragraphs in third person. and expect the same.