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May 24, 2018, 09:21:49 AM

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Author Topic: [M/M] [M/F] [World of Warcraft] Assortment of Ideas  (Read 286 times)

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[M/M] [M/F] [World of Warcraft] Assortment of Ideas
« on: May 08, 2014, 09:54:38 AM »
If an idea sparks your interest please send me a PM. Don't post in this thread. Thank you!

Pertinent Information
  • Sometimes I post daily, but sometimes it might be a week or two before I reply. And when real life happens it happens. I’m looking for a writing partner that will be content with a relaxed pace for our story.
  • Forum only. I love to use YIM/AIM or PMs to discuss details about the story once it has started, but not for writing out scenes or holding the initial negotiations.
  • I’m seeking a writing partner familiar with the Warcraft verse.
  • For my characters I'll write them as the following races: Blood Elf, Troll, Draenei, Night Elf, or Forsaken. And for classes: priest, paladin, hunter, mage, or death knight.

Beleaguered Assistant Seeks Eccentric Employer
M/M or M/F. Employer/Assistant. World of Warcraft.

▫  ▪  ▫

Basic Premise

While Juliel Dusksong initially appears ordinary and unassuming they are actually an experienced criminal. They are not a thief, smuggler, counterfeiter, slaver, or murderer themselves, but they have made a lucrative career out of assisting those who are. Their qualifications are impressive. They are skilled in the concoction of potions and elixirs and are a trained priest/priestess of the light. They are also trained in record keeping, note taking, and map reading, and they are fluent in Thalassian, Common, and Orcish. But perhaps their most impressive skill is common sense. Despite this qualifications Juliel possess a listless attitude, dry wit, and their loyalty in the face of danger is questionable. They might not be the ideal assistant, but they certainly get their job done. For criminals leaning on the erudite side of the underground they can be hired as a secretary, personal assistant, or junior working partner in research, experiments, or other scientific and academic matters. For criminals who take on the rugged approach they can hired to act as a translator, consultant, or healer.

With the imprisonment of their previous employer the blood elf finds themselves in need of a new job and new boss. After scouring through their contacts and keeping an ear open for gossip, they learn of a criminal in need of their skills. Once hired Juliel discovers their new eccentric employer severely tests their patience, sanity, and perhaps even their heart.

Additional Information
  • I’m looking for someone interested in writing the eccentric employer. My writing partner has freedom in creating him. They can choose his name, appearance, personality, etc. All I ask is that the he have some sort of eccentricity, passion, or madness to him. As for his race I’m fine with Orc, Troll, or Night Elf and I’ll consider Blood Elf, Draenei, or Forsaken (with a retcon to make the race less rotting undead and more “vampire-ish” undead). Not really interested in a Human, but if the character idea is enticing I could be convinced. Not at all interested in Gnome, Dwarf, Goblin, Pandaren or Tauren and I won’t consider it.
  • The employer's profession is up for discussion as well. Perhaps he's a troll hunter on a venture in Stranglethorn to raid ancient graves for treasure. Or an orc selling deadly poisons on the black market of Orgrimmar. Maybe a warlock holed up in his lab conducting shady research. Or a pirate captain in need of a translator for a grand heist. There are a lot of possibilities and I'm open to all of them.
  • I’ll go M/M or M/F for this. Though if it’s M/F I’ve zero interest in any sort of male dominant/female submissive element to the character’s relationship. With M/F I'd prefer their relationship be relatively vanilla and equal, or if it's kinky that the employer lean towards submissive.
  • I want plot and individual character development alongside the growth of the character’s professional and personal relationship with each other. Let's collaborate on an adventure or shenanigans to keep the characters busy.

Suffer Well
M/M. Death Knight/Blood Knight. World of Warcraft. War. Psychological. Dark themes.

▫  ▪  ▫

Basic Premise

During the Northrend campaign a blood knight master and their adept form a close bond while fighting on the front lines against the unyielding might of the scourge. The master teaches extensively tutors the adept in weaponry and calling upon the light for healing. He is determined to give the adept the knowledge and skills he needs to stay alive. Yet despite all of the advice given and lessons learned the adept falls in battle when the blood knights engage in a skirmish with a death knight.

The adept dies, but he doesn’t stay dead. He’s raised as a servant to the Lich King and becomes that which he fought in life and that which killed him – death knight.

When the master and former adept meet again on the battlefield it is the master who succumbs to defeat. Overpowered his former adept’s unholy strength and new wiles the master blood knight is bested and taken as a prisoner of the scourge. His dedication to the tenants of the light and faith make him a ripe target for corruption. The blood knight master may have been the teacher between the two of them in life, but the former adept becomes the teacher in death.

Additional Information
  • I’m partial to taking the role of the blood knight master as I’ve got a concept in mind for him, though I’d also be willing to write for the former adept as well.
  • This story would definitely include a lot of dark themes considering the setting and subject matter. It would probably need to go into the NC or Extreme board.
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