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Author Topic: Who do the Voodoo That you do? Cryptic's current Craving  (Read 830 times)

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Who do the Voodoo That you do? Cryptic's current Craving
« on: May 07, 2014, 05:06:08 pm »
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The flicking of the light played on the undulating bodies, casting deeper shadows, obscuring the masks that they wore. Two figures stood closest to the fire. The bokor towered over the others, white paint smeared across the dark flesh of his face giving him an otherworldly appearance only enhanced by the play of light and shadow cast by the fire before him.  In his titanic fist he held a simple wooden gourd.  Teeth pressed into the cork, tearing it from the gourds tip before he spit the obstruction into the fires below, causing the flames to pop and hiss at the intrusion.  The bodies of the faceless masses around him swept forward in a wave of humanity, before receding back, arms thrown into the air in adoration of the rituals the defiled the night .

The man poured a bit of the liquid within his mouth turning towards the fire once more the liquid held within his cheeks before he spat it out at the fire, causing the flames to flair upwards towards the sky for an moment. The Bokor turned towards the crowd closing in around them he moved towards them once more pouring more of the liquid into his mouth before blowing it out into the faces surrounding him. Moving around and doing it again and again before he fell to his knees in front of the woman.

Holding the gourd upwards towards her he bowed his head, it was then that a scream was heard over the chanting, the stomping of feet. The woman's head was covered with an animal mask, the skin of the jaguar tied about her shoulders the large paws hiding the firm swells of her breasts. Dark hands reached out grasping the gourd from the Bokor, before he stood up, the glint and jangle of his tools hanging from a torn pair of khaki pants.

"Vini non pou pi devan Petro, vin jwenn nou, nou mande charite nan nou. Accept our sacrifice."

His voice was deep, low, accented heavily with the creole tongue. He reached down grasping the handle of one of his tools pulling forth a machete, the edges jagged from the years of use. The blade dull, listless, though when the eyes of the victim held the blade in view, she started to struggle harder in the arms of the men that held her. Their faces masked by different animal heads, further into the circle she was drawn before being laid down upon the ground near the woman's feet.

"Please, please stop this! You don't want to do this please!"

Nothing was spoken to the woman laying on the ground, in fact the crowd of people threw their arms up singing to their loas. The Mama tilted the gourd upwards to her lips closing her amber eyes for a moment before she knelt down beside the woman. Her dark cheeks puffed out with holding the liquid in her mouth. The gourd was set to the side laying on the ground, the rest of the contents spilling out blood red. That hand lifted once more smoothing a hand over the sweaty brow of the other woman, holding her head down before leaning in closer, the liquid being sprayed over her face.

The effect was almost instantaneous, as the liquid splashed into her eyes and mouth. The taste sickly sweet, numbing her, calming her for some reason. The fight within those hazel eyes dying away, mouth opening a bit more before the Bokor stepped closer.

The men holding her down moved away from the now prone victim. A flash of the blade before the neck was sliced open, spilling the life blood from the woman.

Above is a ritual, I've been craving a horror story. What can be more horrific than the thought of your body being used as a horse for something truly evil?

There are several ways we can play this:

1) A professor is caught up investigating a series of horrifying crimes, the voodoo murders. In which of course, you as the player would be staring as the professor, and any NPCs you see fit while trying to figure out who or what is causing these murders. My character is the local voodoo queen, unknowingly possessed by one of the loas during the rituals. Her Bokor (Priest, also me) is as well. Discussions will always be needed, when leaving clues around the city in order for your character to find out what is happening. Could be a bit of romance mixed with a healthy dose of romance.

2) A sacrifice escapes from their clutches, trying to find a way to get to the police in order to tell them what is happening. Only, one of the police is in fact part of the coven of worshipers mwahaha! Though they wouldn't know who or what might be after them. A bit of torture, a bit of cat n mouse only to be hit with the zombie powder paralyzing them.

3) A play from the first idea, only you are an investigator. My char, the unwittingly possessed professor. Helping with along side the investigator in order to try and explain that these types of sacrifice is no longer practiced. It has to be a copy cat. Dive deeper into the world of the fantastic, the horror of the game.

Please PM me if interested, or have a few ideas of your own. Thanks!

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Re: Who do the Voodoo That you do? Cryptic's current Craving
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2014, 08:21:50 pm »
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Re: Who do the Voodoo That you do? Cryptic's current Craving
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Re: Who do the Voodoo That you do? Cryptic's current Craving
« Reply #3 on: January 07, 2015, 07:58:30 pm »
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Re: Who do the Voodoo That you do? Cryptic's current Craving
« Reply #4 on: May 03, 2015, 07:32:34 pm »
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