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July 07, 2022, 12:54:37 pm

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Author Topic: Cyberpunk Playbeing- Exploring Sex and Technology (Female LF Male, Xtrm/NC)  (Read 784 times)

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Here is a post from a previous game that I want to find the right partner to continue with. Basically a woman wakes up into a fabulously wealthy life, then she finds she came into that lifestyle as a pleasure servant. She would not remember having agreed to the changes, but apparently they have it on video. She's keyed to not only love sex but be an expert at 10 different forms of lovemaking, most that would make a nun blush.

The fancy technology/distopian future is going to be used as a backdrop for character exploration. I'm looking for 3 to 5 replies per week with at least a paragraph reply each time.

If you like the first few posts and want to explore the idea with me, please write me a private message and let me know what your new/fresh idea is. We will either continue what was already posted, or create something new from scratch.

Thanks for reading
Begin Game
The Morning After
Sleep begins to slide away from you, as the gentle tones of your internal alarm begin to sound.  Your head, however, interprets them as much louder than you know them to be. A headache has settled into your skull in in the onslaught of whatever has kept you sleeping in until almost noon.  According you the entopics display, it's 11:48 am.

You slide out of bed, silken sheets gliding over your supple nude form, raising goosebumps at their delicious texture. As you stretch, you look out of the window of your apartment to watch the Sun's light glitter off of the waters of the River Ares. The tint over your windows lightens at your silent command, and you bask in the sun's rays for a moment before a familiar voice speaks to you inside your head.


Good morning, Elanit! Such a fine day that you've awakened to! It's Saturday, the thirteenth day of Mina, AF 10. It's twelve degrees celcius outside of the domes today; inside, it's a comfortable twenty four degrees celcius. A major dust storm will be sweeping in from the north by six-thirty tonight; the Tharsis Weather Watch has indicated that it will be one for the records, and they are advising to clear the airways and remain inside the domes."

She makes a cute little mewling yawn, approximating your own as you stretch again.

"I'm glad you've chosen to awake. I was starting to think we'd sleep forever."

Your muse laughs softly.

"Do you want me to start the shower for you? There's some klar on your nightstand to help with the headache and wake that pretty head of yours up. Oh, and I'm supposed to remind you that you're supposed to hit the souks today before five, which is when we're meeting Min Song about a patch of gainful employment you're to run into after that party last night. And you have three messages waiting... shall I play two of them back? One's from Song, telling me to remind you of what I just did."


She smiles as she looks around, nodding although the muse can't see, "Good morning.. I have a splitting headache." She says to the muse, walking over to the nightstand to look for the klar, "Yes.. uhm, please play them back.. and pull up any relevant data... and start the shower in one minute."

She looks around to see if anything is amiss in her apartment, then plans on taking some of the klar, while waiting for Aki to replay her messages before stepping into the shower.


Your pounding headache is only growing worse as you reach for the pills containing the nootropic. You know it will elevate you above this pounding sensory assault. Too much alcohol, surely. You vaguely remember a large gathering last night celebrating something. You feel the pills slide down your throat as you dry swallow them.

Aki begins her countdown to the shower, and to playback your messages, as you shade your eyes and visually assess the small one-room apartment you call home.

The first message begins, and you find yourself stepping into the cool stream of water about halfway through it as Aki's countdown ends...


A written message crosses your entopics, even as Aki's brightly cheerful voice reads it off to you.

>>> Dema: Shako mako? What are you doing, sakheefa? Sleeping half the day away! There's marks to be met, feluus to be wrested from greedy fists. Yes, yes, I know I am ulug. But it gets us by, la?

It doesn't sound right. Aki's voice, coupled with Dema's message.  The splicer thief has a husky voice, one reminiscent of whiskey and cigarettes. She's also got a thick Arabic accent when she speaks English.  You've been friends with Dema since before your indenture contract was taken by Min Song and you were sleeved into this pleasure pod morph. a couple of years ago.

Dema is hyper, and always on the go. She has the same circadian regulation that you do, but rarely sleeps every night, preferring the four hour cycle every 48 hours. She's also responsible for many a crazy scheme that got you in trouble in your youth. Sometimes, the two of you go for days, even a week, without seeing one another. But when you get together, you always have fun. It sometimes is at the expense of others, and you have the feeling already with the message's content thus far that she's got just such in mind.

>>> So I know this guy who's coming into town from Noctis. He's got quite a bankroll, he's a blueprint forger. I was thinking maybe you could help me out, here?  It wouldn't take much for you to grab his attention, and it would take even less for me to make off with his goods while he's absorbed in your attentions... call me, yalla?

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