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Author Topic: A Dizzying Array of Ideas (F seeking dominant males, females, & others)  (Read 396 times)

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Offline DizziedTopic starter

Greetings all, and welcome to the realm of Dizzied's desires. From dark and daunting to dazzling and daring, we have diverse ideas for every gentleman, from the dastardly to the dandy.

I started this new thread because the old one was kind of full, and I wanted to consolidate things. Most of the ideas that I'm still interested in have moved here, but if you still want to check out the old thread you can find it here. As before, please do not post in this thread. PM me if you are interested in setting up any stories.

Before perusing the stories, I suggest taking a quick look at my ons and offs, which I'll link here for your convenience. Note that I'm mostly interested in long-term stories; I like to explore character arcs, and I like to take my time. Check out my previous stories if you'd like to see an example of what I enjoy. And if you think we're compatible, then continue on...

Officer Playmate(Seeking dominant younger male)
This is an idea I've never grown tired of, and have played out with countless variations. My character, a young policewoman, has always been treated poorly at her job. She's not a bad cop; quite the opposite, she's the only one in the department taking the job seriously. Perhaps too seriously, in fact, for a quiet seaside town where the biggest problems are loud, late-night parties and the occasional beach-tag evasion. Her physical stature, which is more cute and adorable than intimidating, probably doesn't help her win respect from her peers. Though she can defend herself, thanks to years of martial arts training, she can't exactly whip out the moves on her fellow cops when they get out of line.

One afternoon, during a routine sweep, she meets a young man doesn't really concern himself with the fact she's a police officer. All he cares about is she's a woman...and while the girls at school complained about his size, they were all gasping in orgasm long before he was finished. He's sure she will be, too. It's obvious that all this uptight officer needs is to loosen up...

A Fertile Paradise(Adultery, sexual training, Breeding)

There exists a retreat where women go to take control of their lives again. Here they can relax, enjoy life, and talk with other women about empowering themselves in a world that is full of hardship for them. The retreat is run by a large feminist organization, though the exact owners are not in the public eye. And the women who come to the retreat are all assigned a handler, which are all very tall, fit, robust, playful young men...

And there's a surprising number of pregnant women walking around...

Most women sign up for the retreat, but I would play a young woman who arrives a bit differently. She is offered a free ticket to a resort by a longtime friend, who insists she had the most amazing vacation ever there, and insists my character give it a try. She'd go herself but her plans have changed. My character, a hardworking type, reluctantly agrees to take some time off for a vacation.

However, after departure, things get hazy on the boat. When she comes to, she's in the middle of a massage with her handler, your character, who's job it is to make sure she leaves a changed woman. Hopefully she will learn to love her own body, and the joy she can bring herself. She should learn to take pride in her appearance, how to dress like a woman, how to please her partner...and most of all, she should train herself in how to deal with the most difficult and rewarding nine months of a woman's life.

Thing can go many directions from here. Depending on your interests, I'd like to include some or possibly all of the following:

1)Breeding: The resort actually selects women to receive their discounted vacation package based off of genetics screening. What their purpose is could be anyone's guess, but perhaps many of the handlers are a result of several generations of selective breeding. If selective breeding can produce Chihuahuas and Great Dane's from the same species, imagine what it could do for humans?

2)Interracial: Perhaps the handlers are all black men, the women all white/latina/asian.

3)Videotaping/Photography: The resort makes money from tickets, of course, but it has another major source of revenue--the live shows that stream every night from the hotel/dorms, where the handlers see to their charge's needs. My character could be selected based on a variety of criteria--perhaps her youthful, girl-next-door looks make her just right for a schoolgirl fetish.

4)Cheating: Perhaps she has a boyfriend back home who can't accompany her, since it's a women's only resort. He'd be a little concerned, a bit of the jealous type, but she promises to call him and skype frequently. Maybe she still does...introducing him to her handler on the bed beside her.

5)Body alteration: As part of controlling their diet while on the island, many women find their bodies changing in subtle, or sometimes not-so-subtle ways. My character could find herself becoming more petite, or growing larger breasts. The daily yoga might  make her able to stretch into a variety of interesting poses. Perhaps the resort decides she can stay as long as she wants, and she won't have any luck leaving since nobody back home will recognize her at that point anyway...

Whichever of these we choose to include, my character would resist the camp at first and try to talk her way out of everything. But through a combination of peer pressure (all the other women will claim she's not respecting feminism, not empowering herself, etc) and some skillful manipulation by her handler, she'll become a happy, sexy young milf-to-be by the time her stay is over.
Possible Opening
"That's a very beautiful bellybutton piercing you have," said a deep, resonant voice.

Ana couldn't see anything...her eyelids were heavy, but she heard herself giggle. "Thanks..." she sighed out with some effort. She touched her belly, which was uncovered...her hands felt so warm.

"I'm glad you took advantage of our free beauty salon here. Are you interested in having anything else done?"

Ana squirmed a little, trying to open her eyes...she felt so sleepy, but it was a comfortable sleepy. The chair she sat, it was a bed, she could feel the headboard against her back...but it was so comfortable either way. "Mmm...maybe...tongue..."

"Hmm. How would Bobby feel about that?"

"He'd hate it," she giggled out. Bobby...who was Bobby? She felt a mix of emotions--happiness and frustration. Bobby could be so...

"I won't tell him when we skype tonight," the voice said. "By the way...I'm sorry your clothes were left on the boat, but I think you look amazing in today's outfit. Lingerie day makes some women nervous for some reason. But being comfortable in your clothes is one of the most important parts of self-empowerment."

Ana found herself struggling to remember what some of those words meant...Lingerie? Like what Bobby always wanted her to wear? She remembered laughing at what he'd tried to show her...

Ana opened her eyes, shaking off the heavy daze that she'd been drifting in for what felt like...days, maybe? What had happened?

She found herself in a large, luxurious hotel room. The sun was setting, but she could make out a beautiful beach view through the windows and deck door. She was lounging on a king-sized bed, which was draped in regal purple sheets. There were several mirrors on the walls, as well as a large TV, and a fancy desk with a laptop computer on it. She was there on the screen, being captured in a stream, from a camera that sat nearby. Ana's eyes widened when she saw herself...

She was wearing a skimpy black bra and panties with lacy edges, and long black stockings hooked to a garter belt. Her fit, yet feminine body was displayed in high definition, and her long blond hair was loose and playfully ruffled atop her head. At her navel glittered a jeweled chain...what on earth? She'd never gotten a...Where was she?! And who was that tall, smirking man standing beside the camera...?

Fitting In(Seeking female/shemale/futa, possibly males. May require playing multiple roles.)
A young woman finds herself forcibly relocated to an orphanage after running away from home. Younger than the other girls there, who are seniors, the 16 year old is nervous at first...but slowly relaxes as they treat her nicely and help her get acclimated.

But not for long.

Seeing an opportunity to make money off of their new roommate, they slip her some drugs one night. When she wakes up, she's laying on her bed, dressed like a slut, and giggling out answers to an interviewer behind a camera. And there's a young man on the bed beside her...

This story can go multiple ways. The other girls can be shemales or futa, and take advantage of her themselves. Or they can simply use her to make money by forcing her to make porn. Perhaps they use her to get popular with one of the guys at school, selling her to him as his personal slut. Perhaps she gets pregnant and they use that to further humiliate her, blaming all their misdoings on the 'irresponsible one'. I don't have an ending in mind, but I'm sure there are plenty of fun ideas to explore.

Doctor Fuchs(Seeking shemale/futa)
For one reason or another, this idea doesn't resonate with a male character for me. But here's the gist of it...a young policewoman ends up sent to a mental hospital for one reason or another. Maybe she got a little carried away on the job. Maybe she's been set up by a superior for refusing to accept the corruption and bribery that's the norm in the department. Maybe its all a mistake. But for one reason or another, she ends up sent to the ward that nobody ever leaves.

The woman in charge of the ward is intimidating...tall, strongly built, she barely needs orderlies to assist her in the ward. Almost all of the other inmates there are females...strangely, some of them pregnant.

The doctor will slowly work on breaking down the new inmate with various psychological techniques, which may eventually include the inevitable rape and sexual torture. She's reprogrammed many an indignant inmate with that giant bitchbreaker of hers. Is she actually curing anyone? Of course not. She's keeping them there for her own pleasure, her own harem. Maybe when she's fucked the bitchiness out, she'll let her go, but this one has a long way to go before that happens...
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