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Author Topic: Conquest of the surface: A free-formed drow invasion. (seeking Players M and F.)  (Read 3675 times)

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Offline insaneplotsTopic starter

The Drow City of Orbben tsoss A small Drow City still in it's first 200 years only 40 noble houses a shrine to lolth and an academy for both fighters and wizards. Then one day all the priestesses vanished without a trace just gone. The male Drow archwizards seeing a lack of leadership and the need to fill that void created the council of seven seven male arch mages that work to keep the city run, The shrine to the spider queen the symbol of oppression of the male drow is destroyed replaced with a shrine to Vhaeraun Drow god of thieves and patron god of male drow.

Nearly 50 years had passed since Orbben tsoss became a male dominated city and the drow males fin they are in need to raid the surface but they lay just below a small isolated kingdom a perfect site to establish power above the surface. Ideally located with three sides covered by natural walls mountains that leave the wall the only means in or out of the kingdom.

The drow came in numbers male fighters, weapons masters, Vhaeraun's favored warriors and all assortments of mages engaging the surface in well coordinated attacks the wall was the first to fall under Drow control no one got in and no one left the kingdom was isolated before the war even began. Village after village town after town and soon even cities were falling to the Drow.

Now all that remains is the capital city. (end opener for now)

game details: So this is a game I thought a few people might like it's male drow against a few male surface dwellers and all the female's to be taken enslaved bred and just about anything else you're comfortable with. I want this to be light system mean there is going to be some structure to limit power gaming. male player characters will be drow. While female players with surface races humans elves half elves or anything else you want to play. As i said in the opening the priestess of Lolth are goon for the city those females either not yet Priestesses or with no clerical power did remain but their numbers are few.

The Drow
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Elves that long ago abandoned the surface and moved under ground deep below they evolved into a dark version of their surface cousin unlike the elves of the surface Drow are evil sadistic beings with a flair for intrigue and deception. Note while drow hate sunlight in this game they receive no penalty during the daylight hours as well the known powers of a drow are still active drow can cast a sphere of darkness in a 10' radius, Illusion fairy fire in any color and levitate once per day.

Innate drow spells
Duration's of effects
the globe of darkness: makes all in it unable to see Even the heat see eyes of a drows infra-vision are blinded. Those inside will have a -2 on any defensive roll after the first hit which will be an automatic strike (note you get one free attack but your no where near them you're SOL.) the darkness lasts 4 actions then is gone.

Fairy fire: is only an illusion it lights up a target mostly used as a distraction unless a foe has seen it before their first response would be fear or awe of it. Fairy fire last 5 actions then ends. Some spells can make it last longer.

Levitate: Drow can make themselves levitate floating in the air and acceding or descending as they choose. This makes most wall defenses useless against The Drow however drow can only ascend at a rate of 10 f't per action Levitation last one 5 rounds then begins to fade (so a player levitating would begin to descend against their will at a rate of 10 feet per action or then can just let themselves fall.

Types of Drow in the game.

Soldier (typical drow warrior using whatever weapons the player chooses)

Weapons master: A drow soldier who excel in one weapon and one weapon only.

Favored of Vhaeraun: A drow touched by the Patron God of male drow think anti-paladin

Mage: basic general magic user.

Battle-mage: a more combat oriented Wizard whose spells are mostly offensive or defensive in nature. very few utility type spells.

Stone-shaper: a Drow mage who has devoted his magic studies to the manipulation of stone. Stone shapers are both vital and respected for their artistic skill and their power as both an artist and craftsman.

Under druid: even with little plant life the underdark does have a thriving ecology and a few drow have taken up understanding that ecology Under druids are drow that excel at using plant and fungal life associated with the underdark for a number of aspects.

Archmage (not a player character type as only 7 are in existence in the game and those seven are the ruling council of the drow city) mages with power and skill beyond imagination only 7 are known these seven rule the cabal of drow invading the surface from afar using favored of Vhaeraun and battle mage commanders to over see the invasion.

Driders: Those created from the unworthy in lolths eyes have been given a place among the Drow army. Treated just like any other soldier some even work with another single drow as a ride pair after all a drow riding a drider in battle means both rider and mount are equally deadly. (driders are a sub type you can have a drider mage, drider warrior, weapons master, just about anything you want.

Brief Drow History (Events of the last fifty years in Orbben tsoss)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Year 0: Followers of Lolth and all her priestesses go missing no evidence or clues to where they went.
year 1-5 Civil war between the drow males running the noble houses with no ruling council. during this time most female drow that did not vanish are rapidly taken as slaves by noble drow men.
year 6: The council of seven are formed and order is restored to the city.
year 7: the council after a year of discussion approach the Drider colony the driders are hostile at first but soon come to join the drow swelling the ranks the promise to undo their curse for those that desire it.
year 20: the drow house mage of the 9th house in his research attempts to undo the curse on four of his houses drider soldiers the resulting attempt caused the driders to transform but not back into drow the result cause monstrosity and they four were quickly put down.
year 30 the arch mage of the 6th house using the research of the 9th houses wizard and his own reproduces an improved ritual while it doesn't cure the driders curse it lifes parts of the curse that prevented the Driders from reproducing and sex Male and Female Driders involved in the ritual were granted their reproductive organs.
year 35: trade with Orbben tsoss is bustling the city is in full swing and becoming a power of it's own the last of the images of lolth have been removed.
year 44: The younger brother of the 6th houses arch mage preforms the next step of a ritual to undo the drider curse his 15 subjects all became drow again. however over the proceeding 6th months 10 reverted back into driders some did not survive the change back the other 5 were the first successful case of the driders curse being cured by magic.
year 45 The drow council of seven agree unanimously to conquer the surface kingdom directly above them. Their geographical location made them easy to cut off from the other kingdoms.
years 45-50 the war is going in the drows favor the kingdom comprised of 8 cities has nearly follen all but the capitol remains numerous commoner women have been captured with each cities fall and now only one the capitol full to the brim with slave stock is all that remains.

Character sheet to come soon

Character Sheet

Race: (Drow, Human, Half elf, elf, other)
Arche-type: (for drow only)
Appearance: Can be left blank with a photo.
House: (for nobles both drow and surface alike)
Weapons: (if any)

Currently seeking
Surface dwellers.
The Kingdoms Queen and her daughter/s

Current Characters
Xela'giith Venda'riuus/ Insaneplots
Rae Klail(Drider)/ muse
Caerneth Vendariuus/ Luna (A rogue Drider trying to fight for the surface dwellers.)

Surface dwellers
Ennila/ Miroque
Yllia/ koyume
Perennia Everglade/ Luna

game threads.
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Offline Pretty in Pink

Count me in as a player!

I do have a question.  What are the odds of one of the random drow females, in order to try to maintain her place of power, became a Battle-mage, since she already had the capability for magic.

Offline insaneplotsTopic starter

The remaining female drow are the only non priestesses in the city, Perhaps she already was a battle mage or grew up knowing if she wanted to make something of herself.

Offline Miroque

Posting my intrest, as Gm asked :)

Will make an surfacer of some kind.

Offline insaneplotsTopic starter

And here is the first Character sheet to be thrown in. Welcome miroque I had said it in Private but again welcome we could use more drow and surface women alike.

Name: Xela'giith(Zela-Geeth) Venda'riuus
Race: Drow
Arche-type: Mage
Age: 195
House: Vendariuus (6th noble house of Orbiin T'soss
Weapons: Despite being a mage Xela'giith had training as a fighter prior to his mage studies to be more rounded in a battle he carries a long hilted Shortsword that he can manipulate the length growing it into a spear. He is a capable fighter but nowhere on par with a purely physical battle prowess of a fighter.
Background: Born the third sone of house Venda'riuus Xel might have been doomed to death a sacrifice to the spider queen but as it fate would have it his mother did not seeing use for a third son. He first trains as all drow noble men do first as a page prince, then weapons training he was found to be more adept at magic taking up studies of a mage He inspired to rival his eldest Brother also a mage of great power and importance both to the city and the house. Then 50 years ago all the female priestess of the spider queen all her followers just vanished in the chaos he encountered one of the few female drow not a priestess of lolth and seeing the change in power captured her a battle captive of sorts have a collar fashioned to force control he kept her soon training her to be his apprentice now with 50 years past Xela'gith leads a portion of the armies against the surface dwelling kingdom.\
Kinks: Minor mind control aspects, bondage, corruption, Transformations, magic, Potions/ injections/ Experimenting.
Limits: Extreme Ovi-Position, disfiguring.
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Offline Vaulera

Definitely interested! Is this the regular, R.A. Salvatore style drow city, sans the priestesses?

Offline insaneplotsTopic starter

Definitely interested! Is this the regular, R.A. Salvatore style drow city, sans the priestesses?

Yes to a degree the usual drow city though in many aspects things were changed many of the Spider motifs were redone by stone shaper mages to reduce the idle worship of lolth. For some unknown and never investigated reason the Followers of lolth are gone from the city so 99% of the female drow in the city just up and vanished. The seven highest ranked mages lead by the cities arch-wizard, brought order and after 50 years they have decided their surface neighbors need to be subjugated. Female surface dwellers will be captured enslaved and likely forced to breed. though some mages may opt in the process to transform the female into a drow first.

Most of the play will be on the surface a few scenes might be played in the city but most of the play will be on the surface.
« Last Edit: May 07, 2014, 09:47:56 PM by insaneplots »

Offline Max

I'd be interesting in playing a surface dweller, soon to be breeder/slave.

Offline insaneplotsTopic starter

I'd be interesting in playing a surface dweller, soon to be breeder/slave.

Or magical labrat depending on who gets you if it's a mage anything is possible.

Welcome aboard write up a character We've got two male drow the one drow female (for Now) im allowing and 2 possibly three other women right along the male to female role ratio i was hoping for.
« Last Edit: May 08, 2014, 02:19:12 AM by insaneplots »

Offline Miroque

Name: Ennila, Heartkissed, Child of the Rose
Age: 17
Physical description:
Race: Human girl
Background: Ennila is daughter of an Heartwarden Krisil and divine spirit. In truth, her father is unknown, but as her mother is an Highpriestess of Sune, it might actually be true, that she was impregnated by the holy power.

Ennila was raised in the Temple of the Rose, grand cathedral dedicated to Goddess Sune. She was to become an Sister of the Ruby Rose, like her mother had been before her. She was mentored by the best scholars in the city and by the most devout knights of the order were her guards. Lesser priests and priestesess looke dup to her, even when she was just an child, so she never knew hunger or want in her life.

When Ennila laid her first maiden blood, it was the moment her mother died. They both knew it would happen beforehand, so the transsession was made easy by the divine scriptures, but now she was alone. Alone with the clergy, who nearly worshipped her. That and the fact she was believign all the stories about her, and her divine lineage, she devouted her life to the church of Sune, her divine mother.

For years, there was peace and harmony in the lands and Order of the Rose was devoting their time and reseourses to promote arts throught out the kingdom. Only the most militant knights of the Rose were asked to perform quests. Slay some monster here and there, but Ennilas leadership, the order turned more toward the Goddesses virtues. Love on its every form.

When the news of the war begun to reach the city, Ennila send envoys to far and wide, gathering all those heros of the Rose and send them to boost the kings armies and seek out, who and what have attacked the kingdom. Month later, it was clear. Drows were emerging from the Underdark and they were making headway into the surface, on unpresecented level. Like all the hellgates were opened, and only drows were pouring out. More literally that figuretively at this time.

Kings armies were fighting an war of attrition, knowing drows would end at some point, they allways did, with their inner powerstruggles, but now, they seemed adamant to stay on the surface, so attrition was not working against them. Ennila send emissaries to the far kingdoms, trying to alert the Elfs and dwarves, who were the best warriors to fight the skilled darkelfs. Humans could not mount an defense against someone, that had been training arts of war longer that the oldest humans have lived.

Ennila knew the city would fall, but hopefully the defenses would hold long enough, so the rest of the world would wake up to the Drow invasion.

She prayed, from days and nights.
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Offline Muse

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Name: Rae Klail
Race: Drider
Arche-type: Battle Mage
Age: 91
House: A'kreez Bel kreesa. 
Weapons:  Two bastard swords, compound bow taken from a mighty elfmaid. 

Offline Koyume

Ooh, I was literally just pondering a Drow-related campaign. I think I'd be on board to play a female surface dweller, if that's alright. I'd be especially interested in being taken and used by something on the more exotic side, like a drider or draegloth, and/or being the victim of kinky magical experimentation. *drool*

I'll start thinking about a character. Off the top of my head, I'm thinking of maybe a half-Elf or Sylph (Pathfinder) girl.

Offline insaneplotsTopic starter

The draegloth were half-demon Drow birthed by rituals from the priestesses of lolth so they would not be involved in this game. The Driders though are The accursed and exiled of lolth; they did not vanish and in this case fight as equals along side their drow brethren. Who are working of removing their curse So getting ravaged by a drider or being part of a drow mages experiments are possible.

Offline Koyume

That's a fair point, but considering that the city the invaders are coming from used to be devoted to Lolth, it's certainly possible that at least one draegloth would have already been living there, right? And one would think that a power-hungry male would be more than willing to convert to the worship of Vhaeraun and the better position in society that came with it, given the right opportunity. Anyway, character coming soon.

Offline insaneplotsTopic starter

If it was it would be an NPC (which i'm willing to do.) I'm holding off on anything more than Drow and Driders for the male player characters.

Offline Koyume

Name: Yllia
Race: Sylph
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Age: 19
House: N/A
Weapons: Sabre/dueling sword, usually carries a dagger as well.
Background: Yllia is an orphan, taken in as a babe by a kindly human scholar, who raised her as his own in his native city. She never learned much about her birth parents or her lineage, but even after learning the truth about having been adopted, she grew up thinking of her foster father and his wife as her only true parents. Her childhood was relatively peaceful and happy, filled with routine chores, frequent tutoring sessions with her father, and games with other children. She took dance classes from an early age, developing and honing her natural grace and athleticism. When she was a little older, she found more tomboyish interests- studying swordplay and gymnastics, and quickly outpacing most of her young peers.

While she hasn't had the opportunity to travel much, Yllia has been fortunate to have much of the outer world brought to her; travelers and merchants of other races frequently came to rest or do business in her home city, giving her valuable exposure to the cultures of elves, halflings, and other races. Her adolescence spent in rigorous training, Yllia is now a fit, athletic young woman who makes a good living as a street performer, showcasing her beauty, fitness, and skill in dancing and acrobatics, as well as occasionally tutoring younger men and boys in the elegant swordplay she practices.

Kinks: Humiliation, coercion (whether magical, threat-based, drug-based, etc), light bondage (like being placed in stocks or having her wrists bound), unusual creatures or anatomy, being forced to give fellatio, being taken from behind...
Limits/Offs: Anything to do with excretion in sexual context, gross permanent mutilation, excessive pain/blood/gore in a sexual context...
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Offline insaneplotsTopic starter

looks good I'm going to be adding a brief synopsis of the history of the war and the last 50 years of the Drow (known only to drow and drider characters but still helpful)

Offline Neysha

This looks like it could be interesting.  I'll make up a human or elven female character I reckon.

Offline insaneplotsTopic starter

more maidens are always welcome I'm waiting for at least three more drow males to join before I make the threads.

I'm also adding to character profiles just as a allow pairings to be more solid A kinks and limits for the characters If you have a particular off put it in limits obviously and if you have a particular fetish put it in the kinks (again obviious)

this way for example (Xela'giith is a mage known to use some minor levels of mind control on slaves be it a collar of subjication, or a hypnosis spell.0 if a player would rather not have that done they put 'mind control of any sort' in their limits then either another player might claim that role or xela'giith gets to break a slave the hard way.

Offline Koyume

Alrighty, updated Yllia's character sheet with kinks and limits.

Offline insaneplotsTopic starter

the character thread and the OOC are up once we have three more Drow I'll create the IC thread. But I might just start us off And either multiple role extras.

We could use someone to play the Queen, the princess and a few nobles.

Offline Pretty in Pink

Name: Nath'thrae
Race: Drow
Arche-type: Battle-mage
Age: 164
House: Vendariuus (6th noble house of Orbiin T'soss via Owner)
Weapons: Bladed staff
Background: Born fifth daughter of a minor house, with little to no aspirations of real power, Nath soon found that her family cared little whether she became a priestess or not.  So she was one of very few females to ever enter Sorcere, especially after her training revealed a natural penchant for the innate Drow magics, showing proficiency and skill with them within a month of working on them.
When the priestesses disappeared, she took to the streets, knowing that the males of the lower houses would be quick to capitalize on the power vacuum and wipe out the rest of her own house.  THAT is when HE found her, and claimed her as his own.  She fought, at first, but then the collar he fashioned worked its magic on her will, and she soon found that being his was not quite so bad as it had appeared at first.
Now she willingly fights and fucks at his side, almost manic glee rising every time she has a chance to test her abilities and limits at his hands.
Kink: Mind Control, Bondage and Dominance, Sadism-Masochism (She's a Masochist)
Limits: NO Bathroom Play, No undiscussed death (If you want to kill her, talk to me before trying)

Offline insaneplotsTopic starter

put her on in the character thread.

Offline insaneplotsTopic starter

Update...... game is started we need a Queen maybe a princess and noble women. More drow are welcome of course.

Offline Neysha

What is the Human Kingdoms concept of women in places of power or in the military? Is it pretty liberal?