2 lands at war. Ruler of each sleeping with a spy from the other.

Started by seeker619, May 06, 2014, 01:48:23 AM

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Land of Taremel was Ruled by Leira Beorne Queen and Empress of the land.  She had complete power over the land and was lately happier than ever.  Her lover Belgon has been especially attentive lately but the only problem is he keeps her from sleeping at not and has her falling asleep during the day.  No coincidence

Bluktor Ramsil-King of Playgon of  all of his land- He also had complete control over his land but the Kingdom of Taramel ruled by woman and which enslaved men for both hard labor and sexual pleasures was far more powerful and three times as large.  His only hope lie in his spy Jyson who apparently has been feeding his armies more information than they can process as of late.  She is hoping to simply free the enslaved men, and once free, they can take partnership in the rulers-hip of the land.  But just to do this he has to beat two battles where they are both outnumbered and process far inferior weapons.  He hopes he can keep his double agent who is supposed to be a spy working for them as his lover, but who is feeding false info back to leaders in Taramel.  And nothing she says will be believed if she doesn't personally meet up with the generals and convince them of her plan to destroy Playgon when it will actually neutralize the Female Federation.  Jyson is putting her hands in her real lover's hands  Belgon.

Suddenly upon return to Taramel she is taken in for questioning.  She is forced to confess to treason and is scheduled for execution.  What can one man do in a land ruled and dominated by woman do for the one woman he loves.