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Author Topic: MzHyde's Profiles - [F for F]  (Read 458 times)

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MzHyde's Profiles - [F for F]
« on: May 06, 2014, 12:20:51 AM »
Hey all, MzHyde here. Lately I find I don't have time to run group games or they fall silent after only a few days. I thought I'd switch things up and move to one-on-one roleplays that can bear to be a bit slower paced without dying. Below you'll find some of my character profiles. At the time of this posting, I don't have any specific plotlines in mind, but if I do have any, you will be able to see them below. For now, just send me a PM if one of these characters sparks your interest. Share an idea, share a character of your own, we'll see what we can come up with.


Shizuru The Demon - Fantasy or Modern
Name: Shizuru
Nickname: Goddess of War, Red Devil, Death's Right Hand, Walking Nightmare, 'OH GOD THEY'RE ALL DEAD!', etc.
Age: 3200+
Species: Demon of Violence
Family: None
Hair Color: Red
Eye color: Gold
Skin color: White
Other tidbits on looks: Halo of The Sun on back
Height: 6' 5''
Weight: 150lbs

Personality:Shizuru possesses a mellow and somewhat cynical personality, reflected by her easygoing (and at times bored) facial expression. Shizuru practices a tough love approach when teaching her students, causing her to be stern yet caring towards them. The unobservant will think her just a bitch or a hardass, but the dedicated see that she has a passion for combat and for seeing that it is taught and learned the correct way. Though she usually stays out of other peoples' affairs, she occasionally takes matters into her own hands, using the same brute force which seems to run in the tradition of demons born in her circle. She is cool and aloof, a woman of few words. When asked questions, she likes to take long pauses. It might be either to think carefully about what she's going to say - or just to annoy people. Possibly a mixture of both. Shizuru is a lot like a cat, really; she comes and goes when and where she pleases and does what suits her best at the time. Her primary concerns are (1) herself, (2) fighting, and (3) a good drink. While she is indeed mostly concerned with her own affairs, she can be swayed to join a cause with the right persuasion and, for a demon, has a rather strong sense of honor and justice. She will never attack from behind, never strike a downed opponent, dislikes harming innocents, and will handicap herself to make fights more fair and 'interesting'.

Background: Shizuru is thousands of years old. She was born in the underworld with the rest of demon kind, but it didn't take her three thousand years to find the concept of remaining there distasteful. Hell is a place of fire, brimstone, screaming, nightmares, and blood. It is filled with all manner of beasts both humanoid and monserous, some the size of fleas, others stories tall and quaking the ground with each step. It was not a place to be. She was forged in these fires, fighting every day for survival and gradually growing stronger and stronger. So when the opportunity arose, Shizuru made her way to the surface world. Unfortunately the portal she stepped through was created by a human band of cultists named The Children of Helios, worshippers of fire demons seeking to 'cleanse' the planet in 'holy flame'. As she stepped through she was cursed with a mark called The Halo of The Sun, an intricate tattoo on her back that seals the lion's share of her magical powers. Shizuru overcame the cultists with brute force, but has yet to break the curse. With her magic sealed Shizuru could easily be one of the most powerful demons the world has ever seen. Sealed, however, she's merely just a nigh-unstoppable swordswoman. It's probably better for the world if her power stays sealed.

In any case, after slaughtering the cult, Shizuru started a life on the mortal plane. There she continued her training. Below, she trained under the strongest demons she could find. She did likewise on the surface, both training under and then training herself, a number of heroes and heroines. Her name is writ in human history books many times, some mistaking her for a Goddess of Fire, others for death incarnate. She has seen thousands of battles in her time and fought for causes too numerous to mention. She enjoyed those times. Times when, if one wanted, one could walk for miles without seeing a building or hearing any noise other than wildlife. She has a particular taste for motorcycles ("Iron horses.") but dislikes most other modern technology. War itself has changed as well, favoring ranged weaponry and the like over cold steel. Most days she spent by herself simply wandering from place to place.

-Elder Demon: Shizuru is a demoness in the prime of her life and exhibits all the traits of such creatures; supernatural speed, strength, stamina, and resistance to mortal weaponry.

-Koryu: Shizuru's sword ("Little Dragon") is her pride and joy. From a demon, one might expect some elaborate and misshapen cutting device adorned with skulls or some such nonsense. Not in her case. She wields a simple katana. Forged by a human sword master and tempered with her own blood, the blade is sturdy enough to stand against anything shy of angelic weaponry and can cut mortal and supernatural creatures alike. She is a master of combat and has reached such a level that most actions in battle seem to be reflex, the sword an extension of Shizuru herself.

-Unnerving Gaze: Shizuru's has a way of looking at people with those golden eyes of hers. It's as if she stares right through someone and into their very soul. To look into her eyes is to gaze upon the Reaper himself. Direct eye contact with her inspires pure terror in the weak-willed and cowardly. Even some stronger-willed people have trouble matching eyes with her. To this end, she usually keeps her eyes covered by wearing shades. Her eyes are also the only feature about herself she cannot change and are a dead giveaway she's not normal.

-Shape Shifting, Minor: Shizuru can change her body in minor ways to accommodate her needs. Mostly this just involves changing the outfit she's wearing, but she can also dispel her wings, horns, and claws to give her a more human appearance. With her magic sealed, she cannot change shape completely. Powers unlocked, she would be able to shift into her 'True' self, a dark reflection of the demoness with all of her magic and combat skills intact.

-Fire Control, Minor: With her magic sealed, Shizuru can no longer bring down firestorms and summon torrents of white hot flame. She can, however, still start small fires with a snap of her fingers and is immune to heat and flames. Powers unlocked, she would be able to call down hellfire and set entire rooms ablaze with a mere thought. Thankfully that is no longer the case.

-Object Summoning, Minor: Again, her magic pales in comparison to what it used to be. Simply put, Shizuru can store physical objects in a kind of 'Thought Space'. It must be an object she owns, she must be able to picture it completely in her mind, and it can only be simple objects with little or no moving parts. The only exception to this is Matsukaze, Shizuru's motorcycle, and that is only possible through intense training and practice.

Ons: Women, Sake, Fighting
Offs: Noise, Idiots, Boredom

Shizuru and Matsukaze
Halo of The Sun

Gina The Mercenary - Modern or Sci-Fi
Name: Gina Cross
Age: 32
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 145lbs
Hair: Black (bleached white)
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: British
Sexuality: Lesbian
Likes: Women, Motorcycles, Boxing, Action Movies, Classic Rock
Dislikes: Boredom, Country Music, Sappy Romance Movies, Teases
Specialty: Close Combat, Breaching and Mechanics
Equipment: Mossberg M500 shotgun, Mark XIX Desert Eagle, 2x Fragmentation Grenade, Lockpicks, Multitool, spare mags and shells

Personality: She's the one kicking down all the doors, firing the first shot, tossing the first grenade. Firing the first shotgun blast, a big damn target so the rest of the group can get on in there and do what they do best. She's the Cool Big Sis in the group, the one always there to lend a guiding hand. Stern, but fair. Rough, but affectionate. In battle, she's part Blood Knight, part Engineer and great at what she does. She takes serious pride in her work. One would think her role as the big gal with the big guns would make her loud, brash, perhaps a bit obnoxious; not the case. If anything, she's a bit aloof and kind of a loner. For some reason, in the public eye, she has far more female fans than male. Especially in Japan, which she finds a little weird.

Background: Born to a father that had wanted a son and a mother that was too drunk to care, Gina spent much of her time engaged in decidedly male activities. She played every sport, took boxing lessons, and hung out with men. She had very little time for her own gender. It lead to the cool, aloof, loner-type that she is today. That cool and distant attitude seems to draw people to her. As soon as she was able, she joined the military and continued her loner streak there. She impressed her superiors by managing tasks faster alone than teams would together. It was in the military that she discovered her aptitude for engines and machines. What started as a hobby quickly became one of her passions. Always eager to impress, see more action, and prove that she was just as good (if not better) than any man, Gina enrolled in the SAS. The training was brutal, but she managed to make it through. It remains as one of her life's proudest moments. Yet it wasn't enough; the SAS aren't often on the front lines. They hit and run. Gina wanted to be the first one in, putting her boot to the asses of those that needed a good ass kicking. When the PMC made her an offer, she could hardly refuse.

Gina in casuals, Japanese Magazine, "Gun Freak"

"Sorry, it looks like your man-sized vents are infested with mercenaries."

Jack The Ripper, The Vampire - Modern or Victorian
NAME: Jacqueline Ravensdale
ALIAS: Jack The Ripper
AGE: 142
GENDER: Female
ORIGIN: Yes, she is that Jack The Ripper. Dracula was real, vampires are real. While most see them as monsters, many vampires simply try to survive. At the same time they depend upon and desire the destruction of all humans. Humans are a food source, but also quite capable of rising up as a whole and exterminating vampires as a species. It is an uneasy existence and balance must be had at all times. Most 'rogue' vampires that become blood-thirsty killers do not survive long, quickly found out and exterminated by vampire hunters or lucky humans. Many modern vampires live amongst humans to this very day. In the 1880's, Vlad Dracul became one such vampire. He moved to London and set his sights upon making it a haven for vampires the world over. His 'brides' roamed the streets in the guise of prostitutes, often preying on the impovrished. They roamed Whitechapel with murderous glee, feasting upon the poor and unfortunate who would be largely ignored by society. One of these brides had a change of heart when she fell in love with one Regenald Ravensdale. Their child was born soon after, but Dracul was not pleased. He sent the other brides after this woman and had her killed, leaving the child an orphan. It wasn't long before 'Jack The Ripper' was in papers and an enraged Jacqueline was stalking the streets, killing bride and fellow vampire alike. Jack doesn't disclose what happened after the newspapers lost track of her spree, but to this day she continues to rid the city of London of it's vampire problem.
PARENTS AND RELATIVES OF NOTE: Regenald Ravensdale (father), Elizabeth Bathory (mother)

-Enhanced attributes; strength, reflexes, speed, endurance
-Limited teleportation
-Excellent boxer (southpaw)
-Champion fencer
-Resilient to mortal weapons
-Limited wound regeneration
-Genius-level intellect
-Trick Umbrella

-Fire (halts regeneration, burns more easily)
-Sunlight (mildly irritating)
-Silver (silver blades or bullets wound her far more than would affect a mortal)
-Blood craving; if not sated she can go berserk
-Limited ranged combat ability

The Appearance
HEIGHT: 5' 5''
WEIGHT: 135lbs
BODY TYPE: Slender

Beyond the Image
LIKES: Reading, rare steaks, clockworks
DISLIKES: Vampires, over-cooked meat
TALENTS:  Boxing, fencing, invention
CHARACTER TRAITS: Reckless, hot-blooded, with a morbid sense of humor
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Re: MzHyde's Character Profiles - [F for F RP]
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2014, 12:25:12 AM »

Connie Crosswaithe - Modern, Sci-Fi, or Steampunk

Maxine Schreck - Modern

Franny Stein - Modern or Fantasy

Temujin Zhao - Fantasy

Tina "Tock" Temple - Superhero

Lilith Faire - Pokemon Trainer

Briar Bloodthorne - Sci-Fi

Cassidy "Muerta" Torres - Superhero

Victor Marksley - Modern
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Re: MzHyde's Character Profiles - [F for F RP]
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2014, 11:49:11 PM »
I have an idea for your Maxine character if you are still looking for an rp partner.

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Re: MzHyde's Character Profiles - [F for F RP]
« Reply #3 on: May 07, 2014, 12:10:18 AM »
Again; females only, and please just PM me.

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Re: MzHyde's Profiles - [F for F]
« Reply #4 on: May 14, 2014, 12:38:57 AM »
Added one new profile. Holy crap, it's a man! One of the two male characters I play.