Gauging interest in an idea (looking for female writers)

Started by imjessme, May 05, 2014, 05:51:53 PM

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So I'm trying to see if there would be any interest in an idea I had.

The general idea is that a couple, either married or just saying for a very long time, have lost the spark and are looking to spice things up. They stumble upon a website on which men rent out their women to other men (and maybe other women?).

It works like this: a profile for the woman is made, just like in a dating or social media site.  There's a description of her, what she's into, any special rules, and of course pictures.  Other men can make arrangements to meet up, usually at a hotel. Money is exchanged in cash only.

I'd like to flesh this out, and I have some ideas for rules the couple would have and maybe for the first two or three encounters, depending on my partner's preferences.

If this sounds interesting to you please pm me.

This story is only open for female-playing-female authors.  Right now I'm just trying to see if there is interest.  If so and if we feel that we might write well together maybe we can make it happen.