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May 23, 2018, 08:21:21 AM

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Author Topic: Samhain [M lf F, Bondage, Light Sci-Fi (Superheroes), Plot Heavy]  (Read 300 times)

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Offline TheVillainTopic starter

This is an idea I've been thinking on which I'll put down next but basic nutshell is I'm looking for a solo supervillain game, more plot heavy then smut heavy. Also willing to use a system but that's not required.


Henry Collins always did love Halloween when he was a kid. A genius growing up in Nebraska, his parents weren't abusive but they were a bit too strict on their kids - except on Halloween. Then they'd cut the leash a bit and Henry could have some fun. His freedom, coupled with his engineering talent, made his Halloween pranks the stuff of legend in his home town. It's when he went to college that Samhain would truly be born.

Moving out and free on his own, Henry studied hard and would eventually earn a double MS in Electrical and Chemical Engineering - but on Halloween he'd cut loose and enjoy himself. To hear the frat row describe it, one year he even managed to fake a zombie apocalypse for one of their parties. However, one of the frats had rumors of occasionally drugging and raping girls from the sororities around them. The Halloween of his Senior year ended with some real horror when Henry accidentally drank one of these drugged drinks instead. Even worse, he discovered that the school knew about the incidents but a couple admins were covering them up.

Samhain was born to get some payback - he really did have the good intentions when he started. A "Halloween Spirit" would haunt the campus then, using pranks and thefts to expose what they were doing. He even robbed a bank once to get at hidden connections, and he happened to walk out with a ton of money as well. After that he was sort of hooked.

By day Henry Collins is a freelance engineer, making most of his legit money on special effects contracts for theater companies with the occasional haunted house job. By night though he is Samhain, a thief and prankster "spirit" that uses halloween/supernatural themed technology. Holographic "Costumes", mag-lev "witch brooms", robotic "black cats" and "imps", "candy" lockpicks, etc. He's definitely a villain with how much stuff he's stolen and some of the pranks he's pulled, but he's far from the worst. He's even rumored to surprise kids with candy in full Samhain gear on Halloween sometimes.

The big adventure begins with his latest bank robbery when Samhain takes a few safety deposit boxes. The contents of one of them however proves that a major superhero is actually deeply involved with a human trafficking and slavery ring, and Samhain has to play for stakes bigger then ever because if he loses too badly he could lose his life...

Offline TheVillainTopic starter

Re: Samhain [M lf F, Bondage, Light Sci-Fi (Superheroes), Plot Heavy]
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2014, 06:23:19 PM »
Ah, not many bites - so I thought I'd share a concept I had in mind anyway. To be used or ignored however wished.

Cape-Chasers, Civilians, and Hostages.

Cape-Chasers are people who fetishize superheroes and supervillains in a general sense, kind of like furries but with capes instead of fake fur. They may try to bang as many supers as possible, they may dress like them to get laid or make sex better.

Civilians are more specific, their fetish goes toward superheroes specifically and they don't really dress up like them. They want to bang superheroes, as many as they can, but the partner being a superhero and not them is key for the fetish.

Which leaves Hostages. The villain counterpart for Civilians, Hostages are people who specifically want to be banged by supervillains. Of course, since supervillains are supposed to be evil Hostages tend to be more sexually submissive then average - many even expect some level of "abuse" if and when they do land a supervillain sex partner. Some go as far as to actually expect to be kidnapped and used like a sex slave for at least a few days.

[Samhain discovered pretty quickly after finding out about Hostages that he's actually a very popular pick and fantasy subject for female Hostages. He's scary but not too scary, he gets what the fetish is about but does respect the safe words, and according to the internet he's hung like a porn star. Admittedly, Henry may never really give up being a villain for the pussy he gets as Samhain alone.]