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Author Topic: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]  (Read 2170 times)

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Offline SweetSerenadeTopic starter

SweetSerenade's On/Off's and Rules
Hello, welcome to my lovely little search. I am a lovely lady, looking for some mentally stimulating roleplays. I prefer series based, and I prefer long term. We can discuss frequency of posts, and the amount that is going into the posts. Please note that I RARELY ever do a roleplay that has less than one paragraph per character post.

Please note that I will follow all of E's rules. This means if any characters that are young are being played, it will be played only in the Non-Adult section. If a chosen character is too young, they will be aged up accordingly to accomidate the rules.

I am currently looking for Inuyasha, Spirited Away, and Digimon Games!

I would also love a Rise of the Guardians/Frozen Crossover, or just plain old Rise of the Guardians. I am ONLY looking for Jack Frost, plain and simple. For the crossover I would play Elsa, and for normal RoTG I have a few OCs.

I am also really interested in my 'Convention Plot' the one that involves characters from actual series ending up in our world. Particularly looking for Anime males : Sesshomaru(Inuyasha), Kakashi(Naruto), Itachi(Naruto), Gojyo(Saiyuki), Haku (Spirited Away), and Kaitou Dark(D.N.Angel) - would all be particularly loved.

I also am interested in a Marauder's Era Harry Potter. Even willing to delve into a Yaoi pairing, IF we double and I get a Het pairing of my choosing. <3

I would also really enjoy a Merry Gentry roleplay, the world written by Laurell K Hamilton

Sweet's Insta Ons
Fanbased(From the Series) male characters
Pretty men
Dominant Characters
Switch Characters
Playing Female OCs
Doubling(I play two characters, you play two characters) or more!
Plot based!
More to be added as needed!

Sweet's Offs
Any of my Offs located here (Understand some exceptions will be made, but do not ask for them, I will offer if I am in the mood.)

Sweet's Rules
1. I rarely do anything but Series based roleplays. As such, do not ask me for pairings that are typical to be seen. Teacher/Student, Mother/Son... anything like that will be ignored. I don't do 'cardboard printed' roleplay scenes, and will not accept any requests for these.

2. As I am a Series only roleplayer (99% of the time) I have a few rules that apply to this aspect. The first one is, I will not do JUST OCs(Original Characters) in the world that is being roleplayed. I like the worlds because of the characters.

3. That being said, I'd like it to be known that NO I will not play Tifa for you. No I will not play some big tittied idiot character. I don't play large breasted characters, ever. Sorry I hate anatomically incorrect characters. They annoy me.

4. That being said, if you play a Canon for my OC, I'll play one for your OC.

5. You are required to provide me with details of your OC, I'm very strict on OCs not being Marty/Mary Sues, and will not roleplay with one. - As a note, for some of the harder to find roleplays... I have not been able to properly fine tune some of my characters. If something arises and my character seems like they would break my own rule, please tell me right away. I prefer to be told so I can tear the character down and rebuild them.

6. All of your posts need to have quality and quantity. I usually give out at least six paragraphs for an intro, and usually do one to three paragraphs for a normal post. This will vary based on the scene, and what is going on.

Also part of this rule, I will not roleplay with chat style roleplayers. If your posts are made using *'s for action, and your characters spoke words are not put in " 's, I will not roleplay with you. No matter how much you write, or how good of a quality you have.

7. On a topic of quality, run your posts through spell check. It's not that hard, and you'll find your posts look a lot nicer for it. Further more, proper punctuation and grammar(Knowing your where/were's their/there/they're 's is important.). I don't care if your sentences don't flow completely. If you sound like a reject from 'Who can be worse than My Immortal' contest, then I won't Rp with you.

8. Talk to me, I'm good at helping plots flow, and if you aren't feeling it, tell me instead of vanishing.

9. If you are going to be gone more then a week at a time, please give me a warning ahead of schedule. I'll try my best to give you the same respect.

10.  Please tell me what posting speed you can manage, I will tell you what I can manage, and we will come to a general consense. I require that if you do not have the time to post within the time period we arranged please tell me. I really do not like feeling as if my partner has dropped me. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO RP ANYMORE JUST TELL ME.

11. Another thing to mention, keep Canon characters in their personalities. This applies to sexual kinks as well. Don't have someone with no predisposition for Pain play, like it. It's ridiculous. Fetishes and the like can be discussed and talked about, within reason. Depends on how well you charm me.

12. I will not roleplay over messengers, as of this moment. It will only be over the forum, as I am not really one to enjoy PM roleplays as it stands. I may make exceptions, if a person is offering me something I really want, in that Instance I may take the roleplay to Skype. But my personal messengers will not be handed out to just anyone, I'm very careful about my safety and existence. - Note I have a 'Off Site' roleplay request thread now, You can find it in my signature. I select only a handful of games for this placement.

Table of Contents
SweetSerenade's On/Off's and Rules
SweetSerenade's Plots and Pairings
SweetSerenade's Current Games and Plays
SweetSerenade's Satisfied Customers
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Offline SweetSerenadeTopic starter

Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2014, 04:52:35 PM »
Sweet's Plots and Pairings

Specialty Plots

These are plots I am specifically craving.

Specialty plot guide :
*** - I really want this
****- Oh gods please!
***** - Please have my children, I really really want this!

Digital Balance(A Digimon Gen 1 RP) *****
I am looking for someone with extensive knowledge of Gen 1 Digimon. This roleplay would be slightly AU, ages would be raised to High School levels with the youngest being TK at 16. I am looking for someone who would like to roleplay the Digimon series in a new way. I want a partner that can play montsers and mons, as well as Digidestined. I am seriously interested in this game, and really want to hear what people have to say for this. This is NOT just a sexual Rp, I want a REAL story to unfold.

I am looking for someone capable of playing Yamato(Matt), for my OC. I am willing to roleplay as some of the girls, and the only set in stone pairing I have is Tai and Sora. I would prefer no more OCs, but I may be accepting if it is not too over the top.

Time and Time Again (My Little Ponies/Doctor Who Crossover)*****
This is a story that wouldn't involve any of the Mane 6, though they can make appearances periodically if it is wanted. This is a 'humanized' ponies world. Where they are not ponies, but humans with different abilities. Earth Ponies look like normal humans, Unicorns are humans with a horn from their forehead (think the Unicorn people from the Acorna Novel series), and Pegasai are winged humans.

I am looking for a Doctor Whooves roleplayer, for this one. A Tenth Doctor Whooves, or an Eleventh Doctor Whooves. In the reality of it you need knowledge of Doctor Who to make it through this story - as well as knowledge of My Little Ponies. This is a humanized world, set just shortly before the Second Season begins. All characters have been aged up, the youngest of the mane 6 is 16 (Pinkie Pie), and all characters are humans.

I would be looking to roleplay as my character Quillian Ghyrm(details in a spoiler below)

This plot would details that Doctor Whooves is just 'The Doctor' in Ponyville and Equestria. In fact Equestria used to be fully pony, until something swept over it. Changing all of the creatures into humanized versions, and nopony remembers when they were not a humanized creature. No pony but Doctor Whooves and the Alicorns. Who now strive to find a way to fix things. What will happen, and how will they amend what has happened to the world?

Quillian Basics
Quillian Ghrym is the Alicorn of Death. Her job is just that, she handles death in Equestria.

To understand what my job is, one must understand magic rather well. I am someone that works more closely to the Darkness of Princess Luna. My magic has always been a bit different, just like my name.

We aren't really sure who my parents are, I was just left at the University of Canterlot as a small Filly. I grew up in the Foster system there. Somethign about the fact that I am not a normal Pegasus, or Unicorn, meant something. I'm not sure why people really cared.

I grew up and quickly realized that though I had magic like other unicorns, there was something darker in my nature. Upon graduation I was added to a special section of the Royal Guard. My job is to guide the souls of those that pass. Because Ponies do die, oh yes they do. And my job is to make sure that they make it safely to the other side.

One finds that in a lifetime of solitude tied to the infinite nature of magic itself, and the intricacies of the nature of death, a Pony finds that they sometimes have no time for friends. Despite what one would think, I have never had a friend - other than my studies. No, I'm not quite like Twilight Sparkle. She had family... I literally had no one.

Most people don't bother talking to me, they pass me by because of my nature. To find those that aren't scared of me is a rare experience. One I appreciate and enjoy. Though that being taken I have social-anxieties and awkward moments. I don't /know/ how to act around people. But I am protective of little ones, mostly because I feel that they deserve the protection that my parents obviously never gave me.

Quillian Head Shot, Humanized

Quillian Pony with her friend Rusty (not part of this Quillian's storyline)

Kaleido Star: Rise of Fate*****

This is a series based roleplay, and will be happening at the Kaleido Stage. It is based after the end of the series, following just shortly after the Phoenix OVA. An understanding of Kaleido Star is absolutely essential to this roleplay. The player who does this plot will need to be capable of handling multiple characters, doing multiple things, and capable of handling creative juices. I have a two-ish pairings that happen in this roleplay, and they will require the utmost knowledge to accomplish.

Sora is now twenty-two, and she's had a long run on the Kaleido Stage, her rise to fame and bringing the 'Age of Light' to the stage, has been a beautiful and fulfilling dream. But due to the way she trained herself, the fact that she never really learned the basics,  the fact that she always put herself into such difficult maneuvers, all of this has taken a toll on her body. During her last performance, she blew out her shoulder. She damaged it to such a point that she'll need at least three years of extensive therapy, to even begin doing simple tricks again.

The Kaleido Stage has taken a huge blow with this news, as they don't have any performer ready to take her place. Productions have been held off for at least four months, as they work on trying to find someone who can fill in the shoes that Sora left behind. Ken, who has stood beside her this whole time, contacts Layla Hamilton. He asks the old star, if she would come back to the area to help out Sora get over the loss of her shoulder usage.

During all this, Ken, has been noticing something behind the scenes. A woman came in about six months ago, and has been a good stage worker. She helps on the technical aspect, knows how to fix up parts of the performance sets, and seems to generally be damn good at her job. But all of that is not what Ken notices. The woman's age isn't known by anyone on the crew, the only people that know those things are Kalos and Yuri. What most people don't know, is that after all is said and done, after all the cleaning is done, all of the work of the day done, this woman goes straight to the practice rooms.

Aithne, is a woman who was born and raised in a circus. Her family had been in the circus since the early conception years of circus'. She is a born and bred carnival performer. But she left the stage four years previously, due to an accident. She has been a performer her whole life, and knows no other life. So what could cause such a woman to turn away from the stage, and not even perform even small parts? That's up to the characters to find out. Perhaps they can finally convince her, to pick up her dream again... and perform on the stage that is so loved by many.

With the Kaleido Stage in desperate need of a leading lady, what will they do? May Wong has been spread her wings and is now leading a stage over in China. Rosetta has been put on a six month long tour as a master of her trade. There seems to be no one capable of taking the stage, what will Kaleido Stage do?

Characters Needed for Play: Leon Oswald, Yuri Killian, Ken Robbins, Sora Naegino, Layla Hamilton, a variety of NPCs
Characters I'm willing to play: Yuri Killian, Ken Robbins, Sora Naegino, Layla Hamilton, Aithne(The Mysterious performer)
Pairings Available: YurixOC, SoraxKenxLayla, LeonxOC

Requirements for the roleplay:
Knowledge of how the series works, and the characters within.
Yuri can be played against an OC, I'll play Yuri or an OC in that pairing.
The dynamic of the SoraxKenxLayla will be rather interesting to bloom. Ken has been in love with Sora for a long time, and I know Sora had some form of feelings for Layla. In the process of Ken and Layla trying to help Sora, a relationship can bloom. I can play both girls, or one of the girls, or ken and one of the girls, or even just ken. But both of the other parts are needed as well.
Leon and Aithne, as Leon is the leading male in this situation, a relationship... sexual tension, what have you, can easily form between the people involved. (I am also open to a YurixOCxLeon pairing, if my partner is up for playing both of the males. A sort of... competition for affections can take place.)

Call My Name*****  1/3
Well it's been 20 years since Sarah escaped the Labyrinth, and Jareth hasn't been doing well since then. Grumpy and moody, in need of some release. He turns towards his Crystal and hopes for another escape into the human world. People don't read his story anymore. Sarah made sure that the novels got added to a list of banned books, so no young woman would ever make the mistake that she had. But Sarah had one copy left. Her own beloved dog-eared copy. That sits inside a special room in the home she grew up in.

 A home she has now turned into a library. One that my character attends to, and has slowly come accustomed to wandering. Her life isn't the best, with a father that treasured her - and died while she was young , and a mother that remarried. But it's worse considering her stepfather could be much better then he is. Most people complain about being turned into Cinderella, but Aisling really is Cinderella. Her mother and stepfather had twin boys, hellions and a half each on their own.

And she has to care for them and all the household chores. While her stepfather works and mother goes to AA Meetings, Aisling is left to feel that she just wants the world to die around her. Her feelings increase as she turns 16 and her stepfather begins to abuse her. Since her mothers not home, someone has to provide him what he wants. She takes this in stride for many years, doesn't break from it. But after one particularly vicious beating she runs to Sarah's library and finds a book. The words whispered aren't the usual ones... but they open the door none the less

 Instead of someone wishing away an annoying little brother to the Labyrinth, they wish away themselves.

Looking for a roleplay partner to play Jareth. Darker hints and willing to discuss kinks and things involved. Would even roleplay out an almost completed Non-Con scene, with the stepfather, as an opening. I don't usually do incest (even pseudo), but I'd be willing to for this. I really really want a good partner for this, which is why I am willing to do kinks I normally wouldn't.

Bathroom, Children, and Animals are still my hard lines.

The Shikigami Master*****
This requires a knowledge of the videogame 'Inuyasha - Juso No Kamen', known as Secret of the Cursed Mask in America. This also requires knowledge on the ending of the Inuyasha series. For this, we will both be playing multiple characters, if it's amiable, or we can both only play the main couple.

This is set Six years after the end of the Videogame, the ending we will be using is the Female Ending with Sesshomaru. Kaname Kururugi, the girl who was thrown into the past... then returned to her time, has grown up.  She has spent all these years, separated from her friends. She has spent all this time, pining away for the man she came to love. I shouldn't say man, I should say demon. This is why knowledge of the game, and it's endings are important. This is a Canon only roleplay, one of my few roleplays that have this kind of setting.

Ideas for this roleplay include : Kaname finds a way back to the past. This comes at a cost, and the cost will be interesting to play out. We can do this a variety of settings, depending on the player. I am looking for you to play Sesshomaru. We can do this in Non-Adult, with an Adult thread for any of our sex scenes (fade to black with the couple) or do this completely in non-adult, with none of the other characters involved(This includes Rin)...

Any takers?

Basic Pairings/Plots

Key of Plots and Pairings
This is how to understand my pairing and plot layouts, plots that have no specific plot as of the moment will be listed in this style. When I have specific plots/pairings that I want to do, I will make a special tag for them.

MM(Yaoi Capable)
MF(Hetero Capable)
FF(Yuri Capable)
Insanely Craving
Really Craving
Beg Me
!! Plot(Ask for Details)
<3's the more of them the more I want the roleplay!
.. - Ask me what this means
** Means Canon Pairings
*& Means Canon OC Pairings
&& Oc and OC Pairings *Make sure to follow my rules
In Bold will be the characters I play
In Italics are the characters I am looking for

((I can't list all of them, if you don't see one you are interested in ask.. I might or might not do it.))
Spirited Away MF, FF, <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3, !!, .., *& Female OC, Male OC
Haku, possibly other Male or Female OC's

Sailor Moon MF, FF, <3<3<3<3<3, !!, ..,   **, *&, &&(Only if a &* is going on and I am the &) Ami, Makoto, Rei, Hotaru(Older), Usagi, Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, Ask for Others, and OCs
Any Canon Male, The Starlights(Stars Season of Sailor Moon), and OCs

Naruto MF, FF, <3<3<3<3<3, !!, .., **, *&, &&(Takes some convincing, but you might manage it.)
Yuugao Uzuki, Any female from the series unless stated otherwise, Any Male, OCs.
Any Canon Male usually unless stated otherwise, and OCs

Princess Tutu MF,  FF, <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3, !!, ..,  **, *&, &&.(Will not play a purely canon role in this, I prefer doubling if you wish me to play a canon male for you. I love playing OCs in this.)
Myto, Rue, Ahiru, OCs
Fakir, Rue, OCs

Kaleido Star MF, FF, <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3, !!, *&, &&
Sora, Layla, OCs
Ken, Fool(Plot related), Leon, Dio, Yuri, OCs

Gravitation MF, MM, FF, <3<3<3<3<3, !!, ..,  *&, **, &&
Shuichi, Yuki, Ask for others, OCs
Taki Aizawa, Shuichi, Yuki, ask for others, OCs

Getbackers MF <3 x infinity, !!, *&, **, &&
Hevn, Nastume, Himiko, OCs(My Primary characters in this series), I will play a male or Female canon for you(usually of your choice) If you give me the same respect.)
Ban, Akabane, Kazuki, Ginji,Ocs(only if I already have my pairing of choice) (Note, I will not play Natsume with anyone but Ginji.)

DNAngel MF <3 x Infinity, !!, *&, **, &&
I am willing to play Riku, Daisuke, and OCs... I despise Risa... I will play Satoshi and Krad with some Convincing
Dark - whatever characters are needed for the story - Please note I ONLY pair Daisuke with Riku, and never with anyone else. I also hate the pairing of Dark and Risa.

As for other Animes, I will add more as they are asked for! Do not feel afraid to ask me if I do a specific Anime.

The Santa Clause MF, <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3, !!, *&
Charlie, OC, ask for others
Bernard, OC

Rise of the Guardians MF, <3 x Forever, !!,.., *& Female OC (Either a Human, or a Immortal OC)
Jack Frost

Labyrinth MF, <3 x Forever, !!, .., *& Female OC or Toby(Only if Doubling is taking place, this is Toby all grown up. NOT the Manga version of Labyrinth.)
Ask for Others


Kingdom Hearts MF, FF <3<3<3<3<3<3, !!, .., *&, **, &&
Ask about Canons, OCs
Any Canon Male, OCs - Note I will not play Sora and Kairi with anyone else.

Final Fantasy VII MF, FF, <3<3<3<3<3, !!, .., *&, **, &&
Female Martial Arts, Ask about characters, OCs
What are you good at?, OCs

Ask for others

Dragon Riders of Pern, By Anne McCaffery MF, FF, MM, <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3, !!, *&, **, &&.
Ask about people from the series, or we can do a completely AU of our own Pass, OCs
I would love a good Jaxom and Ruth for a plot I have!, Any other canons if we do a Canon timeline, OCs

Merrideth Gentry Series MF, <3 x One Million, !!, .., *&,**,&&
Ask about canons, OCs
Almost Any Canon Male, OCs

Mercedes Lackey's sERRated Edge Series(The fae, particular timeline is Elizabeth I era.0) MF, <3 x 2 million, !!, .., *&, **, &&
Ask About Canons, OCs
Who can you play?, OCs

Ask about others?

Band Member/Fan MF <3<3<3<3<3<3 !! .. &&
I can play Miyavi from S.K.I.N. if someone wants doubling, and OC Fans.
Gackt, DBSK Members, SuJu Members.

Original Roleplays
Such as different races, once asked for I will add them according to my liking of them. Just ask, since I don't really know...
YOU will have to come to ME with a plot(Though I have a few for Fae/Human), to even catch my interest. But maybe you will, just let me know. Also when it comes to what role I'll play, it's always the human unless stated otherwise. Plots must be more than a handful of sexual kinks, they must be actual plots.

Fae/Human - I may have a slight interest, if my partner has a deep understanding. Most of the time though I probably will not be interested.

Exchange Student/Normal Student(College Level) - I would prefer if the exchange Student was a rather attractive asian. Asians rather float my boat... -winks- Can be mixed with Celebrity people as well. I don't like Americans, so don't even try for an American character.  I play the Normal Student, you play the Exchange Student. I am not the one playing the Asian, YOU are. I require my partner to show me images of some of the characters they may have an interest in playing. That is my biggest request, I have to approve the image of the character you are playing.

A sort of PenPal thing might be cool also...

Convention Roleplay MF, FF, <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3, !!, .., **(Our Characters are the OCs), *&(OC Cosplay with Canon Cosplay).
Basics of this roleplay is simple, my character(s) and Your(s) are convention goers at an anime convention. They cosplay as characters that they like cosplaying as, and they meet up and interact at the convention. Taking turns to flirting.
Ask about cosplays/crossplays you are interested in seeing, OCs
I love bishies with long hair, if your cosplayer has the long hair of his character... Expect lots love. I will so love the character. XD. Female Cosplays are optional sorta, but I really am looking for guys for this one. OC cosplays are usable as well, but please have a picture of your OC's cosplay/crossplay.

Alternative Plot for the one above - where YOUR(Not mine, Yours only) character is REALLY that character, put into the universe of the roleplay. Which means they have to learn to adapt in /our/ world.

Table of Contents
SweetSerenade's On/Off's and Rules
SweetSerenade's Plots and Pairings
SweetSerenade's Current Games and Plays
SweetSerenade's Satisfied Customers
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Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2014, 04:55:20 PM »
Sweet's Current Games and Plays

Here is where you will find some details on my current games, who I am playing with, as well as what is happening. You can use this as a guideline for what you can expect of me as a roleplayer.

Running Games:


Wibbly Wobbly
What happens when a fan wins a contest? They get to spend the entire summer in Cadriff. They get to spend time with Matt Smith, and experience Doctor Who from behind the scenes? What sort of situations will arise? What will bloom in this setting?

Characters: Morgan Scotts(Sweet), Matt Smith(GallifreyanGriff)
Thread Link:
Section: Bondage Human Solos

Our Hopes and Expectations
I enjoy roleplays based on songs, and the mood set for this Rp was done through Muses 'Starlight'. The setting is a planet, that looks quite a bit like Gallifrey. What does the Doctor do when he gets a message from another Time Lord? What does he do when he discovers it's someone from his past? Who knows, maybe you should read and find out!

Characters: Seren Ash/Libby/The Archivist(Sweet), John Smith/Theta/The Doctor(GallifreyanGriff)
Thread Link:
Section: Bondage Exotic Solos

Rise of Fate
Kaleido Stage, a place where dreams are born. Where fantasy and reality blend, through amazing feats of physical performance. Kaleido Stage, where people have hoped and dream to perform, since they were small children. It's been awhile, since we left off with our hero Sora Naegino. But unfortunately, something happened. During her latest performance of the Angel's Act, she was injured. The Doctors say it will be at least three or four years, before she can perform the simplest of tricks again. Now what will Kaleido Stage do? They are in desperate need of a leading lady... How will Kaleido Stage save itself?

Characters: Aithne (Sweet), Yuri Killian (Sweet), Noelle (Lady), Leon Oswald (Lady), NPCS (Both)
Thread Link:
Section: Bondage Human Solos

Dark Dreams
This is an extreme game, there will be a lot of painful subjects used in it. It is not for the faint of heart, and definitely not for people who can't handle the darkness of the human soul.

She is a woman torn apart by her past, a woman who has rebuilt herself time and time again - only to get blasted down like a house of cards. Recently she has lost her best friend, her fiance, and the child she was carrying. It's been months since then, but surviving is hard for someone who has seen so much darkness in life. He is a man who is considered a madman, a madman with a box, a madman who has been through hell and back more times than you can count in your lifetime. He is a man who is damaged, a man with a darkside. What will happen when two damaged souls find each other...

Characters: Meagen (SweetSerenade), The Doctor(Gallifreyan Griff)
Thread Link:
Section: Extreme Solos

What comes of a fan meeting the very singer who changed her life so much? Only time will tell. Especially in a world so like our own, but with so many subtle differences. One should wonder what it means exactly, and how things will progress after the contest the fan has one.

Characters: Meagen (SweetSerenade), Gackt(Meihartmann)
Thread Link:
Section: Extreme Solos

Sweet Dreams are Made of These
Schoolhood friends discover a bit more of something that they didn't know could exist. After several months of a new change, Sirius comes to realize that there is something different about his old tomboy friend.

Characters: Cerridwen 'Cerri' Baine (SweetSerenade), Sirius Black (Rogue of TimeyWimey Stuff)
Thread Link:
Section: Bondage Human Solos

Dark Tidings We Bring
After the event with the Avengers Loki was captured and set to be punished. But that punishment was not something that could be meted out by the Nordic Pantheon. They had to turn to another, in order to properly punish Loki. Yet while the Celtic Gods decide the Tricksters fate... followers of the Gods are being slaughtered in high numbers. Earth is losing it's most powerful magic users one by one, what will happen to the gods without those that worship them? What will happen when Loki's punishment is decided?

Characters: Celtic Gods {Nuada/Cerridwen/Cerrunos/Morrigan}(SweetSerenade), Ciera Baine(SweetSerenade), Nordic Gods {Odin/Thor/Various}(Octopusdreams), Loki (Octopusdreams)
Thread Link:
Location: Extreme Solo

A slip in time
Morgan, a cosplayer and convention going young woman, finds herself in the strangest of predicaments. While attending one of her favorite week long yearly events... She finds that there is a newcomer that isn't exactly commonplace. She runs across the real Sesshomaru, and now she has to convince him that she's probably one of the only people that can help him. How will this enigmatic lord of demons handle needing help from a human? How will he handle this strange new world? How will they work together to get him home?

Characters: Morgan (SweetSerenade), Sesshomaru(ThePrince)
Thread Link:
Location: Extreme Solos

Games Completed:

Games on Hold:

Dark Time's Rising
This story started when I saw a post on someone's thread. I had an interest in getting a Marauder's roleplay going, so I contacted them. What we came up with is a AU setting, where not a lot has taken place yet. It's Marauder's Era Harry Potter, and it will evolve as we go. More details, once the roleplay develops a bit more.

Characters: Cerridwen 'Cerri' Baine(Sweet), James Potter(Sweet), Lily Evans(Rhapsody), Sirius Black(Rhapsody)
Thread Link:
Section: Bondage Human Solos

Will of Fire(Minato/Kushina)
In a world ravaged by war, Kushina and Minato managed to find love. This is their life, and their daily happenings. What was it like, during the Shinobi war? Before Naruto was born, before the Kyuubi was released upon Konoha? This is their story, the story of the Will of Fire - which eventually lead up to the story of Naruto and his friends - formed between Kushina and Minato.

Characters: Minato Namikaze (Sweet), Kushina Uzumaki(Psycho Serenity)
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Section: Light Human Solos

Ties that Bind
This is the story of Kushina's pupil and protegee, not her actual student, but a young woman that the Hokage's wife took under her wing. This is the story of when they first met, and their time together up until Kushina's death.

Characters: Chika Kururugi, Kushina Uzumaki
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Section: Non-Adult

Call My Name
Aisling, was a woman who had known pain. She came from what could have been a fairy tale marriage - if she had known her parents true past - but her father died when she was young. Her life has not been easy, and she has struggled to get by. She doesn't know the truth, exactly what she is, how special she really is, about anything around her. She is something else, something special. She doesn't known that she's had a silent guardian, for most of her life. But everything is going to change...

Characters: Aisling (Sweet), Jareth (Purgatori), NPCS (Both)
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Section: Extreme Solo (For graphic violence, and anything that may happen.)

Breaking the Cat
When an intel gatherer is captured, the enemies must gather all they can from her. They must get as much information from her - as they possibly can. But what can be done, to break such a strong Kunoichi? Only one way to find out... This game is not for the light of heart, if you are bothered by rape or psychological manipulation - you should not read this.

Characters: Koneko Shinigami(sweet), Kabuto and Orochimaru(DeathNote)
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Section: NC Exotic Solos

Table of Contents
SweetSerenade's On/Off's and Rules
SweetSerenade's Plots and Pairings
SweetSerenade's Current Games and Plays
SweetSerenade's Satisfied Customers
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Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
« Reply #3 on: May 04, 2014, 04:56:07 PM »
SweetSerenade's Satisfied Customers

This is a section where you can find some words from my roleplay partners, this will help you give a more in depth understanding of a roleplay experience with me. The reviews here, are a means for you to understand how I roleplay, what my partners feel or think while they are playing with me, or the general feel of a roleplay with me. These are meant to help you understand, similar to critiques on novels, to help get a general idea of where a writer stands. I hope you enjoy them. If you happen to be reading one of my roleplays, and are not an active roleplay partner(or even if you are), and want to leave a review on a roleplay in particular, please PM me what you want to leave as a review. I'll make a special section for 'Story' Reviews, instead of just a general review of my roleplaying as a whole. :D

Both of our roleplays together are fantastic, and I look forward to each post. If there is one thing I can assure you, SweetSerenade is a fantastic partner and the characters she plays feel like actual real people. They are so fleshed out, it's incredibly impressive.
I'm far from fantastic at writing reviews, but I would highly recommend SweetSerenade as a partner. I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

SS is really good at making very interesting characters, that are complex, and unique

Gary Stargazer
Anyhoo I think you're very fun to play with, you seem to match my pace and flow very well. If I wrote a little extra you seemed to match the pace of it, if I wrote a little less you also adapted to it. It never felt like you were trying to out do me or make me do all the work. I liked the char descriptions and such as well.

Again though I've not RPed much in story based RP's most of mine are down and dirty cyber play, sooo... yeah you're only like my second RP partner in a story based one that was one on one.

Sweet Serenade is a talented writer with a deep and vivid imagination.  Her OCs are complex, empathetic characters, each with their own 'voice' and personality.  It makes each interaction interesting and 'alive.'  Sweet pays close attention to the O/Os of her writing partner and is great at communicating openly and effectively.  She writes substantive posts that are appropriate in length to the previous posts and the story as a whole.  She doesn't add fluff where none is needed and she is also great at incorporating details to bring the scene to life.  Sweet posts regularly and frequently, often staying through an entire scene and letting her partner know when she plans to leave.  In addition, she's friendly, personable, and just plain fun.  I highly recommend her as a writing partner.

"You are one of the most intelligent and thought provoking writers I have ever had the pleasure to write with. It's hard not to ask if you'd like to play more stories, otherwise you'd never get a break from me!"

Table of Contents
SweetSerenade's On/Off's and Rules
SweetSerenade's Plots and Pairings
SweetSerenade's Current Games and Plays
SweetSerenade's Satisfied Customers
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Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
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_Open and Searching_

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Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
« Reply #5 on: May 20, 2014, 08:05:57 PM »
Started another Roleplay, and even joined a group! I will update my roleplay list eventually. :D Just not right now.

Still available for roleplays!

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Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
« Reply #6 on: May 24, 2014, 11:40:39 PM »
Roleplays are going well, still open and available for play!

I recently got a new Cosplay roleplay - and I am in the discussion of a possible Inuyasha one. Quite happy, but would love more partners!

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Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
« Reply #7 on: June 09, 2014, 11:21:03 PM »
So I have added two more roleplays, I am up to date on all my roleplays except for two that I have put on hold due to muse - and one that I have heard nothing from the other player on...

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Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
« Reply #8 on: June 14, 2014, 09:15:53 PM »
One of my new roleplays has been put on hold for the unforseeable furture - so I am available to add another new game to my roster.

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Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
« Reply #9 on: June 23, 2014, 10:24:12 PM »
Though I recently added several roleplays  - I am still looking!

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Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
« Reply #10 on: August 01, 2014, 04:49:32 PM »
I have almost completely caught up on my roleplays, I have a few in teh workings. I plan on updating all of my roleplay thread details (What Rps I have) as soon as I have access to a good computer source.

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Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
« Reply #11 on: December 01, 2014, 04:04:56 PM »
Caught up on all my games, even got a new one under the works. I am ready for more games if people are up for the challenge of working with me :D

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Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
« Reply #12 on: December 31, 2014, 10:15:20 PM »
UPdate to my thread, moved a few things and even highlighted something I really really want to play right now! Still available for games, even though I have a Group game starting up.

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Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
« Reply #13 on: January 08, 2015, 04:03:48 PM »
Here is my bump! Since I have not had any posts in here for a month, I am still available for games - quite happy to game :D

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Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
« Reply #14 on: March 10, 2015, 02:22:23 AM »
It's been awhile, still looking for games...

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Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
« Reply #15 on: April 11, 2015, 07:23:13 PM »
Getting my monthly bump in! :D Also almost completely caught up on my games, and still open to negotiations!

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Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
« Reply #16 on: April 13, 2015, 11:40:25 PM »
Just got caught up on all my games, and I am making some adjustments to my first post based on where my interests are. Hopefully a fewm more games will get going soon :D

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Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
« Reply #17 on: May 13, 2015, 03:27:05 PM »
I get my wonderful once a month bump now! I am STILL seeking games, please come right on down! :D

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Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
« Reply #18 on: May 24, 2015, 09:42:17 AM »
Updated my rules about 'Im roleplay' and I have been playing catch up on my games. Still available for play.

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Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
« Reply #19 on: July 01, 2015, 06:59:52 PM »
Heya heya! Totally looking for games again! :D

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Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
« Reply #20 on: September 18, 2015, 09:05:12 PM »
Been awhile since I bumped this in any ways. I am looking for games still <3

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Re: Delicious Delightful Tones[Seeking MF Roleplays, Series Based]
« Reply #21 on: December 05, 2015, 07:14:23 PM »
Looking for more games once again! I would love to hear from people.