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Author Topic: Libris' RP Ideas (all kinds welcome)  (Read 389 times)

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Libris' RP Ideas (all kinds welcome)
« on: May 04, 2014, 03:50:20 AM »
Aaaaaay, what's up? You can call me Libris. I've been RPing for about six years, give or take. I prefer third person and paragraphs and would rather RP through the forums. Although I am open to discussing the possibilities of kinks I would like it very much if you would respect my preferences (I have set up my preferences page). I think that communication is important for roleplayers so don't be shy about talking to me! I'm a fairly silly person, and very friendly. (◡‿◡✿)

Unless otherwise specified I'm willing to play either a male or female character and will welcome either a male or female partner character (the gender of my partner writer doesn't matter to me).

Anything with exclamation points around it is something that I'm really excited about or that I have in the forefront of my mind. Naturally, the more exclamation points, the more excited I am.

Please PM rather than posting here! Thanks~

Characters I'd Like to Play (no plots attached yet) - ask for more info
  • Biologically engineered winged person (male or female) designed to act as a sort of combination butler/bodyguard/best friend. A bit flawed compared to laboratory standard.
  • Male human brain connected to a starship (can also drive around a synthetic android body). Makes money as a smuggler.
All of the below are youkai so a feudal Japan setting would be best for them (high/low fantasy or urban fantasy would be okay as well).
  • Goofy male oni (demon/ogre) who likes drinking and arm-wrestling.
  • Snarky, stuck-up male tengu (crow goblin) who talks too much when he's drunk.
  • Femme fatale kitsune (fox) witch who seduces people and then usually eats them (note: no vore here, this is just part of the character)
  • Shy female jorogumo (magic spider) hiding out among people and working as a weaver/tailor.
  • Savage, energetic female kamaitachi (sickle weasel) who runs around in the mountains.

Small Plots
  • Fantasy, Two cultures are at war with each other, would have to do with a tribal warrior prince/ss from one side and an important mage/scholar from the other side getting together to try to stop the war.
  • Fantasy, Some kind of flying scout cavalry (maybe griffins), squad captain (MC) X cadet (YC), maybe some kind of training goes awry and they crash land somewhere in the wilderness, captain is injured and cadet has to take care of them, etc.
  • Modern/urban fantasy, A magic shapeshifting fox/cat/bird/whatever (MC) wants to grant a wish to somebody who rescued him/her (YC), but the rescuer is content with life and doesn't know what to wish for so the shapeshifter has to stick around until the rescuer decides
  • Modern/supernatural, m/m, m/f, A genius musician (MC) killed himself some forty years ago and now his ghost haunts his favorite old piano. A high school music teacher (YC) somehow gets hold of it and poltergeist things start happening.
  • Modern/supernatural, m/m, m/f, A shinigami or some other kind of death spirit (MC) visits someone thinking about suicide (YC) and can only be seen by them. However, he continues to stick around even after YC has started to feel better.
  • Variable setting/light supernatural, A young man or woman cursed with eternal youth and immortality (MC), accidentally comes across and falls in love with the great grandson/granddaughter of an old unrequited love (YC).
  • Variable time period/fantasy/supernatural, m/m, m/f, A city kid (YC) visits his/her grandmother or maiden aunt or whoever in Ireland and happens to meet a phooka (MC).
  • RPG-ish fantasy, two characters go to the same adventuring school and they don’t know each other because they’re part of different cliques or whatever, but then they get stuck together as partners for some kind of assignment and they don’t really get along that well but then they screw up the assignment somehow and some Big Bad threatens the world and they have to go on a quest to fix everything, during which they become super best friends and awesome partners and etc.

Somewhat Bigger Plots (one new!)

modern, werewolves, (open)
In this world "werewolves" are shape-shifters that can change between the forms of a wolf and a human. It's a rare hereditary trait passed on by one's parent(s), and werewolves can be born among both regular humans and wolves. Your character was born as a wolf and raised by wolves somewhere out in the wilderness, however, recently something bad has happened and s/he can't live with her/his pack anymore (maybe they were killed or they kicked her/him out because s/he's different or something). So your char is wandering around, trying to find a place to live when s/he comes across a relatively small, rural farming town and my character, who was born as a human and raised among humans. They don't get along at all to begin with and a fight happens between them (after which they lick each other's wounds because it's the polite thing to do), but eventually they decide to stick together and help each other out. What happens after that is something that we'll have to decide together. It would be absolutely great if your character could be the big tough boss sort of wolf, but really awkward around civilization and people, since, you know, s/he was literally raised by wolves.

sorta future, romance (open)
Sometime in the future, one's mate is decided by a computer that judges compatibility. Pairs made this way don't have to be permanent if things don't work out, but it is mandatory to live with such a partner for at least two weeks and go on a few dates before filing for reassignment. (Dunno how well I explained this, just ask if you have questions.) So basically what happens is that our two characters are best friends that are paired up this way and while one of them is absolutely thrilled because they've had a crush on the other friend for years, the other just sort of laughs it off and says something like "oh well, I guess there are worse people I'd have to live with for two weeks lol." Crushing friend doesn't confess right away, but decides to try and change oblivious friend's mind. Maybe crushing friend tries to kiss oblivious friend after one of the mandatory dates and oblivious friend starts to respond, maybe things even get a little make-y-out-y and grope-y... and then oblivious friend totally freaks out because wtf we're just friends wtf and etc. Angst and so forth ensues.

modern, romance, (open)
Our two chars find each other through a random compatibility generator on a casual sex website. They meet up, do the sex thing and go their separate ways... only to be matched up again next week. And the week after that. So they decide to try and date a little, since they already know that the sex is fucking rad and they don't seem to be getting anyone else on the website. The only problem is that they have pretty much nothing in common. Despite that they start growing on each other and after a while it blossoms into a semi-dysfunctional romance. Further plot to be decided.

!! modern, possibly slightly historical, science fiction/science fantasy, feathery alien, m/m (open) !!
Perhaps as part of the Chernobyl disaster, the government or maybe a private science-y sort of organization has captured MC, some kind of alien birdman (the extent of his featheriness is up to you; he could only have wings and a few scattered body feathers, or he could be totally covered in them and have a tail and bird feet as well) with an odd power over nuclear fusion and fission. Whatever organization it is, they're all ready to start doing experiments and so forth on my MC, with YC as head researcher; the only problem is that MC is having absolutely none of it and won't cooperate at all. Completely exasperated, YC visits MC and asks him what it would take for a few tests to get done. MC immediately responds with a very sly, completely serious "Bend me over this table and fuck me, sir." How YC reacts to this is completely up to you.

Some kinks I would like to see in this: age differences (MC is the equivalent of about a twenty year old, it'd be great if YC could be twice that), some light to medium BDSM, definitely some dirty talking (from either or both ends), maybe a slight air of dub-con (as far as YC is concerned, maybe he doesn't exactly want to sex up this freaky birdman, but he definitely wants to get some experimentation done), and some topping from the bottom (by MC). Other things can be negotiable.

modern, spirits/haunted house, (closed)
Your character is a college student who has just moved into an old house in the hills near his/her school. While cleaning up a bit s/he finds a tattered old oiled-paper umbrella in a closet and props it up in a corner as a sort of decoration. When s/he comes back from school one day a strange man with the old umbrella rested on one shoulder is sitting on the front porch and thanks your character for not throwing him away (he's the spirit of the umbrella). He offers to cook, clean, and take care of the garden if your character will let him stay. Your character is weirded out and skeptical at first, but eventually decides, hey, free labor, why not? So they end up living together and maybe some other spirits and supernatural creatures will show up and decide that they like the house too, but ultimately what happens later in the story is up to us to decide.

modern, light science fiction, alien, (closed)
Your character is taking a walk on the beach either late at night or early in the morning and comes across my character (a sort of humanoid octopus alien) playing in the waves, collecting kelp, etc. and woah, holy shit, it's an alien! For reasons of his/her own, YC decides to take MC in and make sure he doesn't get dissected by the government and all that good stuff. There will initially be a language barrier of course and they'll have to find a way to hide MC's alien-ness, and of course they're going to find out that they're anatomically compatible and do the sex thing (maybe your character recently broke up with his/her significant other and is looking for some rebound action or maybe s/he has a tentacle fetish or something). Hilarity ensues.

sorta future, light science fiction, m/m (closed)
As a prank YC's friends buy him a male sex robot (MC) for his birthday, totally expecting him to be totally flustered and demand that they take it back. Unbeknownst to them, YC has recently discovered that he's bi or pan (or even totally homosexual) and he says something along the lines of 'Jokes on you, fuckers, I'm keeping him." Ideally he wouldn't really come out to his friends at this point, but maybe stutter something about "You know how I hate doing laundry, he can do that." The degree to which your character is accepting of his orientation is totally up to you. For instance, MC is probably going to offer YC a blowjob not long after he's been activated for the first and YC can accept eagerly, hesitantly, decline politely, or just totally panic and gtf out of there. Further plot could include MC helping YC get more comfortable with his sexuality, the two of them just getting more comfortable with each other in general, maybe MC getting a bit jealous when YC starts to date somebody 'real,' or pretty much whatever we can think of.
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Re: Libris' RP Ideas (m/m, m/f, f/f)
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2014, 09:00:04 PM »
Updated with two new ideas and some minor edits.