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May 16, 2022, 01:16:22 pm

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Author Topic: Elwood wants to play, open to ideas! (M seeking F)  (Read 765 times)

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Elwood wants to play, open to ideas! (M seeking F)
« on: May 04, 2014, 12:29:00 am »
I’m just starting to get my feet wet here at E (and to some extent, with RP) and I’m hungry for more!  Having not done a lot of RP in the past, I’m pretty open to just about anything as I explore the realm of possibilities.  I’m a single male, mid 40’s, from the US.  I spend my days as a middle manager in the healthcare field (which is as exciting as it sounds!) and I've also dabbled in amateur photography for the past several years (mostly fashion, portraits and sports).

For now I’d like to stick with one-on-one, forum RP. My ideal partner(s) would make a conscious effort to use correct spelling & grammar and would be able to exchange at least a few paragraphs at a time, preferably at least a few times per week.  Character and plot development are important to me, and I’d prefer erotic RP with some ongoing story & character development instead of just sex scenes.

The following ideas are very rough drafts… nothing is set in stone. If anything catches your attention, please feel free to PM me with your thoughts! I’m really looking for a collaboration that starts at story development!

One more things before I list my ideas… I don’t mind playing a dominant male character, but one of the things I’d like to explore is playing a male character who is seduced (and dominated?) by a female character who starts out in a more “subservient” role (i.e. student, employee, sister/cousin/niece, etc).   

Listed in no particular order for now:


My reading lately has been mostly work-related (i.e. boring and dry), but my last binge of pleasure reading dealt with the survivalist/prepper genre – that of surviving in a world after a SHTF (“Shit Hits the Fan”) or TEOTWAWKI (“The End Of The World As We Know It”) event. Basically, something happens (war, financial collapse, etc) that brings down the government and it becomes every man for himself.  If you’re not familiar with the genre, think zombie apocalypse without the zombies (though I’d consider adding zombies to the equation if it worked out).

Despite being the butt of many jokes, I've been preparing for this and have stockpiled food, weapons, ammo, etc at a remote cabin in the woods. Your character could be someone who I know in the “old” world (before the SHTF), maybe a neighbor, employee, relative, and you beg to come with me to my bug out location. Or you could be a stranded traveler who I meet on my way to my retreat.

House Guest

We grew up in the same neighborhood in a rural, conservative Midwest town. I graduated from high school and moved away while you were still in grade school, but you secretly had a crush on me and became the bratty little sister I never had (or are you my younger cousin?). 

I’m now a wealthy and successful film producer/author/tech CEO living in (big city) and you just graduated college.  Your mother calls mine and asks if you can stay with me while you start your career, and you see this as your chance to finally fulfill the crush you've had on me all those years.  I may not even remember you, but you are determined to refresh my memory and show me how much you've grown up.


Pretty traditional scenario here. You’re a student, I’m your teacher or possibly a mentor at a work-study location. One of us seduces the other – can involve blackmail or simply start with accidental contact. 

I’m willing to explore other ideas that tie into this. Maybe I’m a perverted boss who has hidden cameras in your office, and I use the footage to blackmail you or maybe you catch me spying?  Wide open to your ideas here!


You’re an amateur model and I agree to help you get your portfolio started. There are a number of ways this could go. 

You could be innocent & naïve and I “encourage” you to try my more risqué ideas (nudity, suggestive poses) so that your portfolio gets noticed – and I finally end up seducing you.

Or I could be all business and am only willing to give you a half hour, but you try to seduce me in order to get more of my time and expertise in order to help your career.

Younger Cousin

I'm setting off on a cross-country road trip. Maybe I took a month off work in order to drive around and take pictures? You invite yourself along, or our families talk me into bringing you. Have you always had a crush on me and decide to act on it during our month alone? Or do we have a drunken night together at the beginning of the trip and build on it as we go?

Slave Auction

Post-apocalyptic setting in which I see you on the auction block and buy you out of pity (because the other guys bidding on you are all scuzzy creeps). Maybe I simply put you to work in my household as maid, and you decide you want a little more job security so you seduce me.  Or I'm lonely and decide to get my money's worth out of you, so I add a few sexual tasks to your job description.  I have a general idea of the scene, but I'd really like your input on our characters.

Again, nothing is set in stone!  Please PM with your thoughts!  Thanks for reading.