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Author Topic: A Vikings Inspired Idea (M for F character)  (Read 469 times)

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Offline Cold HeritageTopic starter

A Vikings Inspired Idea (M for F character)
« on: May 03, 2014, 01:49:09 AM »
I like vikings. They are pretty cool. The television program on History Channel is pretty great, but I also enjoyed stuff like the 13th Warrior, cheesy power metal, and assorted B movies I dare not name. There are lots of neat stories that can be told with them. I do not expect a lot of historical accuracy and am not a real history buff myself. I'd like to include some mythical elements, maybe. Not full on Lord of the Rings level, but a few dashes of fantasy here and there.

I have an idea of a character I want to play: a man named Knut, known as Knut Raven-Pleaser, and Knut the Troll. His prowess as a warrior is great, and in battle Knut is gripped with great fury. Difficult to wound, some murmur that Knut has Jotun's blood in his veins. He serves under Jarl Orm Wine-Spiller, a famous raider and a renowned ring-giver. Orm has ambitions to be a king and see himself rise, and Knut is a man who is instrumental in this rise: many are those who opposed Wine-Spiller's rise to Jarl who faced Raven-Pleaser in Holmgang and fell. Knut owes his personal fame to slaying King Egil Eel-Arm and his six brothers in a pitched battle. Jarl Orm was part of an alliance tricked and separated by Egil's spies, and King Egil attacked with a force that almost three times that of Orm's war-band. Knut broke through the shield-wall, hewing and hacking like a beast, and the king and his three brothers fell under Knut's battle-fury. Although he could command great wealth and luxury from Jarl Orm, Knut lives in a modest house in disrepair outside Jarl Orm's city, but still within the Jarl's lands. Knut has been cursed by the gods to be unlucky in love, the seer says, as revenge for slaying King Egil, who had boasted loudly that Odin had promised Egil victory. Indeed, Knut's wife died in birthing a stillborn son, and the curse has robbed Knut of the joy of life. Even when called upon to join the Jarl in his hall for celebrations, Knut is a dour, taciturn companion.

This changes when Knut meets a woman who is like a twin of his dead wife, and it causes him to think that perhaps his curse is lifted and the gods will allow him joy. It might be an intriguing avenue if, despite the physical similarities, this woman is in a way the opposite of Knut's dead wife: either a shield-maiden, if the wife was demure and of a domestic bent, or else demure and domestic if she was a shield-maiden. I have no particular preference as to either possibility, and am not set upon having that contrast as a specific plot point if it holds no interest to a prospective writing partner. Whatever the case, most of my brainstorming sees this woman is attached to another Jarl or a King that Jarl Orm allies with, likely as a raiding partner or in alliance against a different Jarl or King, to further his advancement. Perhaps she is the Jarl/King's daughter, or simply sworn to him/her.

I see the plot go along a route where Knut attempts to win the woman's heart, and the fallout from some of the actions he takes compromising his duties to Orm's ambition in that pursuit, as well as any social frictions. Perhaps when Knut is around the woman, he is more jovial, and his companions and Orm do not fail to notice and feel jealousy when they see Knut laughing with strangers simply because the woman is around. Or maybe, if the woman is a warrior, she is in a shield-wall that is faltering, and Knut breaks from his position in Orm's shield-wall to reinforce the woman's, exposing Orm and his warriors to danger and damaging their trust in Knut in the process (these are the more salient aspects - the scenario does not assume the woman's shield-wall is failing because of any failure on her part as a warrior). If the woman were the daughter of a king, there could be some tension in Knut's relative lack of status making him a less than ideal match; his prowess in battle might not count for much if the woman herself was a famous warrior, and if Orm himself thought to advance himself through marriage to a king's daughter, the friends might clash (to say nothing of how the woman might feel!). Perhaps the alliance between Orm and the Jarl/King sours, but Knut has made sufficient in-roads and is well liked enough that he is invited by the Jarl/King to serve him instead of Orm, but that is a possibility that would need a fair amount of development before deploying.

Of course, this woman will have her own motives and desires and those are, absolutely, things that can and should help to direct the course of the plot and give rise to events that take place within this story.

I would like to pair with someone who is prepared to offer replies of, say, one or two hundreds words. My posts would be similar in length, perhaps more as the mood and muse strikes. I could perhaps manage more on a consistent basis if it is helpful for the right partner. However, I know many writers on elliquiy are very mindful of spelling and grammar, and on my front I disclose that while my spelling is adequate and I have installed a spell checker into my browser as an added precaution, my grammar is fair at best. This is something that I imagine to be very strongly plot-oriented rather than the erotic aspect. My strongest preference is to write with a lady or a liege, but I might attempt this with the right lord. My experiences with lords writing females has - unlike a large number of other elliquiyans - been fairly negative and I admit that I may not be able to overcome that to make this a successful venture with a lord partner.

Offline playfullchick76

Re: A Vikings Inspired Idea (M for F character)
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2014, 06:04:46 PM »
Hi, I do like vikings as well, but I dont have the past mindset down well. I like the character that you would want me to play, but dont think that I could play her accurately enough. There is an idea that ive had for a while, if it interests you, great, if not, then I understand.

I could be transported to you from the future, spec ops, doing a night halo with some norwegian spec ops. We would fall through a strange cloud, one that sends  me way back into the past, and I parachute into the water, right in front of your longship, something like that, and I could resemble your lost wife.

If it appeals to you, great, but if not, as I said, I understand.

Offline Cold HeritageTopic starter

Re: A Vikings Inspired Idea (M for F character)
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2014, 08:11:34 PM »
Hello, playfullchick76! Thank you for taking the time to read my thread and take the time to reply. That is certainly a very interesting idea that you have, but, unfortunately, it is not what I am looking for. I hope that you do find someone to write that with, because it seems like there is a lot of neat things entailed! Thanks again. :)