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Author Topic: Cheesecake's FANDOM Requests - MxF  (Read 313 times)

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Cheesecake's FANDOM Requests - MxF
« on: May 02, 2014, 10:01:06 PM »
Hello, dear, please call me Cheesecake. This is my official thread for all of my fandom requests. If you are curious about my Ons and Offs my F-List is posted in my signature. The most basic things you should know about me are down below.

1. I'm constantly on and active. I rarely take too long to reply, especially if I'm really craving a pairing.

2. I only play females - sorry. I can play males as a side role but not in a sexual manner. I do prefer playing the submissive role if we go into D/S but I also like to not participate in either too. I have tried playing the dominant role and I was told I wasn't any good at it.

3. My biggest turn offs are furries/anthros, toilet play, vore, and extreme gore. Most things I can deal with pretty well. For more details, as stated above, please check out my F-List.

4. I typically post 2+ good paragraphs though it all depends on what I'm given. I can't give you a long post if you aren't willing to put forth the effort to give me one. I also do make mistakes and will maybe mess a word up or two. Spelling and grammar. I am human. But I expect my partners to be able to have good grammar and spelling and I will do my best too.

5. I prefer playing on the board, but I will do PM or Email as well.


  • Harry Potter
  • Rise of the Guardians/Guardians of Childhood
  • Hunger Games
  • Frozen
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Harvest Moon

~Cravings are BOLD~
  • Draco/OC (HP)
  • Draco/Lily (HP)
  • Scorpius/Lily (HP)
  • Jack Frost/Emily Jane (ROTG/GOC)
  • OC/Emily Jane (ROTG/GOC)
  • Spike/Dawn (BtVS)
  • Xander/Dawn (BtVS)
  • Hans/OC (Frozen)
  • Gale/OC (HG)
  • OC/OC (HG)
  • Farmer/Will (HM: SI)
  • Farmer/Rock (HM: DS, Cute, AWL, WL)
  • Farmer/Skye (HM: Cute)


Plot Ideas

Yes Sir, Right Away Sir
Draco x OC
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

It's been quite a long time after the Battle of Hogwarts ended. Draco Malfoy is now head of Malfoy Inc. a company that his father passed onto him when he got too sick (or died) to run it. It's a lot of work to get all this done along with black tie events, so he sends out to hire a new P.A. because his old one left/fired and he finds himself hiring Ms. Lillianna Potter, Harry Potter's younger sister. She finds herself not only getting his work needs taken care of - but perhaps his personal needs as well. This can be done as romance or strictly sexual. This can also include blackmail/coercion. There also might be an element of nobody can find out either. Of course, like all other plots modifications can be made on a case by case bases.

Going Darkside
Draco x OC
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Taking place in their 6th year at Hogwarts, Draco has started to work on his task that was assigned to him by the Dark Lord. He finds himselff being constantly followed by an unknown figure. He never seems to catch who it is until one of the days he finally starts to see some progress in the Vanishing Cabinet. He finds himself face to face with Lillianna Potter, Harry's younger sister. Turns out she is sick and tired of coming in second to her brother and she, as a Slytherin, resorts to going darkside. She wants to join Draco - not knowing the consequences because she wants Harry to pay for how he treated her all these years. Whether Draco agrees to teach her or tries to change her mind, that's up to you. I'd be giving Lilli more of an innocent persona in this roleplay unless otherwise stated. Changes are made case by case basis.

Death Eater's Playtoy
Draco x OC
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Dobby has just helped the Trio and Luna escape Malfoy Manor, unfortunately, Lillianna has been left behind and been thrown into the dungeon in the manor. They try to decide what to do with her. They have no reason to keep her around, they may as well kill her! But instead Lucius Malfoy decides to make her a slave, doing all their chores and serving them. They are her masters now. Draco starts using her for other purposes, since she's the only woman around his own age. Now, we can also add some action between her and Snape, Lucius, Narcissa, Bellatrix, etc. One of the only plots in fandom where I'm okay throwing in a bit of FxF if wanted. This will be definitely darker, more of a D/S oriented roleplay. Again, can be romance if wanted, and changes will be made on a case by case basis.

The New Girl
Draco x OC
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Having attended Beauxbaton Academy for all of her life - Lillianna finds it difficult to adjust when she finds herself transferring to Hogwarts. Sorted into Slytherin, Lillianna discovers that trying to get onto her brother's good side might be harder than she thought. A little time with her new housemates and she discovers it's far more fun to be bad then to be good. This can have perhaps threesomes with Lilli, Draco, and Pansy, or FxF with Lillianna and Pansy. But of course, the focus is on Lillianna and Draco. Maybe he decides to use her to get back at Harry? The floor is open for suggestions and changes. This is supposed to take place 5th year but we can make it later if you'd like.

Teacher's Pet
Draco x Lily
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Draco Malfoy has been a Professor at Hogwarts for quite a few years, teaching Potions (or whatever subject you'd like). He hasn't noticed but Miss Lily Potter, Harry's daughter, has taken an interest in him ever since her second year. Now that she's finally older she decides she just may want to try him out. She doesn't have to worry about his son finding out because he graduated so that means his mother won't find out. As long as neither of them say something. This leads to an affair between Draco and Harry's daughter, which is one of the most forbidden fruits of his time. But he can't seem to stop with her being so young and perfect. This takes place 5th-7th year for her. Changes can be made per request. Not sure if I see this becoming a romance but if you think it can please feel free to suggest it.

Gimme Some Sugar
Draco x Lily
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Lily always dreamed of becoming a wealthy, successful woman. Unfortunately after some things went bad with their bank account (something the Goblins can't even explain), her trust fund was gone. She couldn't even pay for her college. She leaves home in search for work, but finds something even better. She becomes Draco Malfoy's sugar baby. Whether or not he and Astoria are still married is up to you. Threesomes between Draco, Lily, and Scorpius are also up for grabs if anyone wants that. Romance also can ensue if wanted. Changes as always are made case by case basis.

Summer Lovin'
Draco x Lily OR Scorpius x Lily
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

An accident occurs at the ministry causing the stock of polyjuice to get spilled. The minister comes and asks the future seventh years of Hogwarts to each brew up two full containers of it each to help stock pile it up again. The Potion's professor ends up assigning Lily and Scorpius to work together over the summer to do this. Lily has to stay at Malfoy Manor alone with Scorpius and his parents. This one definitely would be good for either pairing; whether Lily seduces Draco or she and Scorpius get it on. Threesomes are also very much wanted if that's your cup of tea. If it becomes more of a Scorpius/Lily there can be sneaking around because their parents wouldn't ever approve. Changes can be made by a case by case basis.

Out of the Friend Zone
Scorpius x Lily
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Just about every guy has to go through it - having that one hot girl that you are friends with not think of you more than a boy that is everything she wants yet you aren't the one. Every guy wishes they could see that they are the one - Some push harder than others. Scorpius has wanted Lily since forever and so far she's not even letting him get close. She's treated him like her brother - even going as far as straight up taking her clothes off down to her underwear and changing clothes in front of him like it was nothing. As Harry Potter's daughter she is on every guy's to do list, but Scorpius wants her to himself. This roleplay can either be sweet and they do eventually find romance, or even take a darker turn - he snaps and takes her without warning. Noncon/Rape would be a good factor here. Changes are made case by case basis.

Keep Your Friend's Close...
Scorpius x Lily
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Son of Draco Malfoy and Daughter of Harry Potter - two very likely enemies. They both find themselves sorted into Slytherin so they feel like they have to compete for top spot. Scorpius doesn't think Lily is good enough for the house and Lily thinks Scorpius doesn't deserve anything in general because he's 'evil death eater spawn.' This roleplay is going to be more revolved around rougher, hate sex. Though if you want we can take it and make it become more romantic - like they learn to get along. The idea is that their hatred has brewed some sexual tension over the years - they completely disgust each other but yet at the same time they turn each other on. Changes of course will be made case by case basis.


I don't have any plot ideas for the other pairings but if I think of something this thread will be updated. For now, please consider the plots above. Thank you!

~ Cheesecake
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Re: Cheesecake's FANDOM Requests - MxF
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