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April 19, 2018, 10:59:31 AM

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Author Topic: Steele's Fabrications M for F long term gritty realistic RP  (Read 269 times)

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Hello Ladies !

My name is Steele

I am a disabled Air Force veteran who has lots of time and my hands and loves to write.
Looking for someone who enjoys the essence of a good story with a very vivid imagination in the real world.
I search long and hard for someone with the passion of a storyline that is not based on smut. Sex and smut are parts of my story, no qualms there , just don't make me do all the dirty work while you sit back and enjoy it . I expect equal participation and no one liner responses.

 I will promise to respect any and all of my partners ons and offs. I don't really have any offs except for Extreme and I mean Excessively Detailed Extreme Brutality. Some of my characters are brutal. Depending on the RP itself.

This one that I have made an Intro for is one that could push some limits. Depending on my partner.
That being said if you would take the time to read it and see if your that girl...
Please Pm me a brief paragraph of how you would reply to this post or any questions you have concerning it and we can maybe come to terms and start right away. 

“Okay, so look Miss --------is it? Cut and dry! You’re new to town, you’re attractive and you need a good paying job and you’re not afraid of getting your pretty little knees dirty. Right? I am trying to clean up this fuckin’ place.  His receding hairline is beginning to perspire little beads as he seemingly turns this interview into an interrogation. He has to do this to test her will, her stamina. Where exactly is her breaking point or is this just another waste of time. He looks into her captive eyes to see if he can upset her, so far she is rock solid. Showing no emotion at all. Not that he can detect anyway. This could be a good thing or a deal breaker,,depending on the individual themselves.

He leans into her to make sure she's listening to his every word.
”Since two years ago this city’s crime rate has nearly tripled, we still have plenty of housing in jail for these small time hoodlums. But we want something more .. We have set up a pawnshop that has gained quite a reputation of buying and selling  stolen goods, guns or whatever. Now all the scumbags are putting the word out on the street, free advertising, so it’s becoming quite busy. If you catch my drift, know what I mean? I have been undercover now for going on 11 years now, getting old before my time ,headaches take longer to go away. I been solely in charge of this shop for the last two. Working days, nights even built a over nite room in the back. There aint no set hours,criminals don’t have a punch clock. It’s come to the point where I need some help and I think someone like you might be just what this place needs to round up some of the Big dogs out there. We don’t want the small guys anymore, some of them are let us say...Bringing us closer to the cream.

“This is no easy task, if you have a close family, or overzealous boyfriend, you should leave now. This aint for you lady no matter how tough you THINK you are.” There was now a small sign of hesitancy on her part but she stayed seated, so he continued.” The bigger the dogs you pull in , the more your salary will increase. We can start you at two grand a month,. You show us what your capable of.. and that can double in a month’s all up to you. What you’re willing to do. Or not do. I will tell you this sweet heart, your life is endangered every time you have a potential new customer.  Should I go on…?

Good.. Now We will be watching you for the most part and will protect you if your life is in immediate danger and I cant emphasize immediate enough. Don’t expect us to barge in just cause a guy waves a pistol at your face or screams to the top of his lungs how bad he is going to fuck you up."

 "This operation will not be jeopardized or exposed entirely until we get the Man we want. Honey you are nothing but a piece of bait waiting for the biggest fish out there. It wont be easy and you will have to suck it up and be tough as nails sometimes and other times as fragile as a piece of blown glass."

This is just a basic intro. Once I find my partner, this will be revamped and more character defined on my part.
Please don't hesitate if interested . I'm here most of the day and nights
thanks so much everyone
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