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May 24, 2018, 06:49:27 PM

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Author Topic: Thinking about taking on one light and easy story-furry girl for male or female  (Read 328 times)

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Hi everyone!

Okay recently my writing bug has been returning a bit and I'm feeling the itch. (eew!)

As I was driving along a country road today on the way to a doctor appointment, I saw what could have been a stray dog beginning to cross the road.  The dog saw me coming and waited until I had passed, but looked up and down the road nervously before crossing, almost as if it were lost or had been dumped off maybe.  It made me wonder about the dog's story for just long enough to inspire an idea for a furry girl story, if there are any takers out there.

Please note that I have a long list of story ideas in my signature, along with some 'Story Starts', which are potential beginning posts to stories on my idea list.  But these next couple ideas for a furry girl are not on the list.  They are simply urges that I am posting here to see if there are any takers for a light and easy story, not a novel or epic tale (tail?).  ;D

Kidnapped and Dumped-Puppy Girl Rescue:  I would play an anthro puppy-girl who is kidnapped from their kind master, perhaps stolen for ransom, then later dumped off by the side of the road somewhere.  Now a stray, she finds that being on her own on the streets is not something she ever wanted.  Added to the issues would be that she is in an environment that she is not used to, either a city setting when she was a country dog, or a country setting when she was a city girl. I'd prefer being a country girl, since I am one in real life.

You would play a person who finds the stray puppy girl and either works diligently to return her to her original master, or decides to adopt her for your own.  Alternatively, you could be her original master and trying to get her back.  You could be either male or female as a writer or as a character, I can do either. (And I mean that literally.)  :D

Hunted: This story would be set in a fantasy setting.  A bounty hunter (you) is hired by someone to retrieve an escaped slave.  Simple job, right?  Not hardly even worth a bounty hunter's time, but the money is legit and not bad for easy work.  The slave is an anthro-girl, but an exotic, either a leopard girl or a wolf girl or the like.  These are not your furry, cutesy types this time.  This is a fantasy race of actual anthropomorphic animal types who tend to live in their natural state as primitive tribal or clan based communities, complete with their own cultures, like elves or dwarves or orcs or any of the other fantasy races.  There is a catch to make the plot interesting, and I'll discuss it with any potential co-writers, but suffice it to say that the bounty hunter must end up making the decision whether to return the slave girl or risk his impeccable reputation for always getting his prey.  Actually, this bounty hunter character could also be either male or female. I like both.

Anyone interested should know that I don't post every day. Lately, due to health issues, I haven't been able to post even every week, but my urge to write has been on the rise, so maybe that will get better.  When I do post though, I tend towards longer posts, as you can see from checking out any of my stories.  I am imaginative and creative and I think I do a pretty fair job with spelling, punctuation, and grammar, which should make my posts an easy read for my partners.  I'd like the same from you, but I'm not anal about it.

What I don't care for: I don't want your character to be some over bearing dom(me) type who thinks they have to prove something with whips and chains.  If you are the caring, protective type of 'natural dominant' I'm very happy with that.  I'm not always submissive though, and as the character in the second idea, prepare to have a fighter on your hands who must be won over.  After all, she's an escaped slave who doesn't want to be taken back.

I also don't want to play opposite a super-man (superwoman) or saint.  I want your character to be the sort who has some flaws and sometimes does things wrong, but means well and tries like any of us real people.  If you can do no wrong and never fail, you are boring to me.  If you have a super plus powerful sword or armor and it makes you God like, you bore me!  I'm essentially going to be playing a naked animal girl with only animal abilities of superior senses, some strength, agility, speed, and things like tracking abilities, etc. that might normally be associated with her animal type.  I invite you to play WITH me, not OVER me.

Other things you might want to know about me can be found, oddly enough, in the 'Get to Know Me' link in my signature.

If these ideas appeal to you, hit me up with a PM.