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Author Topic: All Female character Alien Invasion RP  (Read 701 times)

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All Female character Alien Invasion RP
« on: April 30, 2014, 03:40:33 PM »
the plot: An alien woman crashes to earth in Roswell NM, her species is asexual resembling females, however one difference other than being an alien she is a futanari. Her species produces a pheromone, that instantly transforms any male into a female completely as if he had actually been born a woman instead. The alien's saliva has brainwashing abilities bringing anyone the alien kisses under her control. She came to earth to enslave humanity, and use them not only as her personal sex slaves, but also as breeding pets to hatch an army in order to help her conquer. However when she crash landed she was captured, and taken to Area 51 where they held her and studied her for years until one day she is able to break out and start her conquest.

this RP will be 99.9% female characters, that being said Male players who dont mind playing female characters are welcome and if you want a male character instead ether expect it to change to female at some point or else we can figure something out to allow you a male character till the end. there are two sides the Tenjian Empire and The Humans.

The Tenjian Empire is the Alien's side character classes are Alien: Slave hatched soldier, Alien Evo, (your character starts as human and has special DNA allowing her to transform into an alien) or a slave, the Empires goal is to enslave every human for the empire

the Humans is Us the character classes are Military, Civilian volunteer, Civilian Draft, or Civilian the humans are trying to find a way to beat the alien to contain her drive her off world or kill her and save the species   

Character Skeleton:

Name: Character/forum name
Faction: Tenjian Empire/Humans
Class: look to faction description for classes match to your faction please
Hair Color: Self Explanatory
Eye Color: Self Explanatory
Bio: as long or short as you like
Character Description: Pleas write it out even if you have a character pic
Pic: not required if you find one that works ok ether way please write out your Character Description

PM me your profile before you post please for approval we will figure out what other things as we go

by the way i forgot to mention all characters must be 21+ years of age i do not accept Loli and also i dont like Incest so remember how characters are related to each other please
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Re: All Female character Alien Invasion RP
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2014, 05:12:40 PM »

Name: Maya/TheDefiantPirate
Faction: Tenjian Empire
Class: Alien Invader (im the main character)
Hair Color: not hair more like Bone like growths that are slicked back to look like hair
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Bio: Maya is the Alien invader sent to earth to conquer it though she knows earth and the human apes are considered backwater and not really worth her time however since she never really got on with the empress and stepped on one to many toes she was sent here
Character Description: deep blue skin Emerald Green eyes 36HH Breasts (human equivalent of 36DD large futa cock


Name: Alex Reinhart/Luna
Faction: Tenjian Empire
Class: Slave
Hair Color: Raven black
Eye Color: Sapphire blue

Alex is a tech wizard. As early as middle school, when other kids were playing sports or videogames, he was taking apart, improving and putting back together fairly complicated electrical systems. He graduated from high school without even trying, although his fairly mediocre grades were no true indication of his intellect and potential. He similarly skated through university, and even though on paper he was nothing above an average student, his aptitude for tinkering with complex electronics landed him in a post-grad technical program. From there he was noticed by the government, who wasted no time in recruiting him and whisking him away to Area 51, where his eyes were opened to the existence of aliens and- more importantly in his case- their technology.

But with his genius came extreme social awkwardness.. he has never even dated a girl. While the most complex circuits are an open book to Alex- women truly mystify him. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have needs...

One day he caught the briefest glimpse of one of the aliens being held at the secret facility, and he was smitten. He had never felt so desperate to be with someone, so intrigued by her feminine beauty combined with her alien mystique... he HAD to be with her, and he would do anything for that chance.

Character Description:
Alex is short and wiry, with shaggy unkempt raven black hair, and a piercing crystalline blue gaze. He has smooth, pale skin, has developed very little in the way of facial or body hair. Some would say he is more pretty than handsome, although he would certainly not take that as a compliment.
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Re: All Female character Alien Invasion RP
« Reply #2 on: May 03, 2014, 12:55:57 PM »
((i guess i will make the first post))

Roswell New Mexico 20XX 3:45 AM

The night air was still as the citizens slept of the now famous town, Roswell, New Mexico. Little did they know that what had happened once, was about to happen again. Far out in the outskirts of the town, if one looked up they would see a strange craft headed for the ground hard, fast, and uncontrolled. It slammed into the ground obliterating everything with in 5 feet as it skidded to a stop. It was far enough out that the towns people did not even stir in their beds. However, the Military had noticed, they had tracked it coming in, a control and capture team dispatched started reporting problems, the male members of the team were suddenly changing into females. So complete the transformation, it was like they had never been born male in the first place. The team was brought back, and a new one an all Female team, was sent out. They found an alien woman in the cockpit of the ship, she was alive however unconscious. her skin was a deep blue and covered in smooth scales, while she did not have hair like the humans, she did have bone like growths that flowed back. Her unconscious eyes were an Emerald green, and her bust was to the humans an unheard of Natural 36HH. Most startling of all, not only did she have the expected vagina; but she had a Huge cock as well, that grew out from where the human Clitoris should have been. They put her in a stasis tank that was sealed, to prevent the natural pheromone that was linked to what had turned males into females from getting out. They then transported her, and the remains of her ship to Area 51 for analysis. Little did they know, the horror that was about to be unleashed upon their poor planet and species.

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Re: All Female character Alien Invasion RP
« Reply #3 on: May 30, 2014, 11:26:51 AM »