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April 19, 2021, 07:07:31 pm

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Author Topic: Male seeks literate female for Older-woman/Younger-male romantic role play  (Read 433 times)

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Offline phtlcTopic starter


 I'm looking for literate females to do a role play involving a grown woman and a young guy (recently of legal age) who has had a crush on her for years.

 The plot: You were my teacher when I was just a kid, and we live in a small town. I had a MASSIVE crush on you when I was only a little boy, and throughout the years as I have grown, I have always been a little shy and awkward around you despite the fact that I do fine with girls at school. At the time you thought it was cute, and assumed it was a phase that I would grow out of. You now are polite with me, when we pass each other at the store, but are a bit uncomfortable with the fact that such a young guy is clearly is still infatuated with you despite the fact that you were once his teacher.

 You however recently went through a very painful divorce, and are feeling vulnerable, and while normally the adoration of such a younger (although handsome) guy is a bit awkward, you start liking the attention. At first I practically force my help onto you, insisting that you need some help around the house, offering to do some work for free. You reluctantly accept my offer, realizing that I still have a thing for you.

 You eventually start to like having me around, and enjoy the fact that you catch me stealing glances at you, when I think you are not looking. At first you reject the notion that you are feeling attracted to me, ashamed that you would have such thoughts about a guy my age, but then you start thinking about me more frequently, and looking for more excuses to bring me by to help with lawn work or repairs.

 This eventually leads to a romance, that we absolutely have to keep a complete secret in our small town. Your name and reputation would be destroyed if word got out about our affair.

Guidelines (I don't feel right setting rules)

 1: Literacy. We all make type-o's but it would be preferred if you made an attempt to check your work.

 2: Plot and Character development. I don't like jumping right into the sex within the first few posts. I prefer to develop the characters, and the plot, and then let the sexual tension build until the point where we are both dying for the characters to get it on. Don't get me wrong, I love a hot steamy sex scene, it's just that I need to feel that I know the characters before that can happen.

 3: Real life comes first. I have a career, and while I try to post at least once a day, there will be times that I need to be away for a couple of days. I will inform you in advance when this is going to happen. I also respect that you have a real life outside of here, so as long as you let me know and don't just leave me hanging I am fine with that.

 4: Feedback. I welcome criticism if it is constructive. Feel free to tell me if something I am doing does not appeal to you, or if there is something you think I could do to improve.

 5: No one liners. I tend to do big openers, and usually give 2-3 paragraphs per post. I understand there are times in a RP that we just can't give much more than a paragraph, but please try to give me something to work with. Granted, quality is better than quantity.

 6: I usually write in the first person, but I am getting more comfortable writing in the 3rd person, so just let me know what you prefer.

 WOW! Am I picky or what?

 If you are still interested after having read all that, please PM me.

 If you are interested but undecided, I can PM you samples of my writing for your review without any obligation.