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May 14, 2021, 01:34:01 am

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Author Topic: Close Encounters of the Human Kind [Interest Check, Light to Bon, LGBT Friendly]  (Read 369 times)

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Online TheVillainTopic starter

Okay this is an idea for a solo, but it occurred to me that this might work better as a group. I want to hear some thoughts from others on this.

Basic Premise - A few decades into the future and manned exploration of the Solar System is a major mission of mankind. However, the crew of the Tycho Brahe on a mission to Sedna to find more Dwarf Planets comes in contact with a Cosmic String Spatial Anomaly and suddenly find themselves hurtling through space at impossible speeds. When the anomaly finally lets them go and allows them to regain something resembling control of the Tycho Brahe again they're almost 500 light years away, relatively close to a Red Dwarf star marked in their computer as "Kepler 186". Fortunately one of the planets orbiting Kepler 186, in the computer as "Kepler 186f", looks like it can actually support human life. It won't be a landing so much as a controlled crash, but there will be survivors. They will never see Earth again, but one day their descendants might.

It was almost too late when they discovered the signs that Kepler 186f was actually inhabited by an advanced alien civilization, and that their semi-controlled landing course was going to put the Tycho Brahe crashing through a major city...

The Skywatchers considered themselves fortunate to catch a Ribbon, and almost missed the Visitor ship coming in. They were barely tolerated as it was from the Hierarchy. Discovery was encouraged in almost all ways but the Hierarchy has always been distrustful of the Stars. The Visitor was thought to be attacking at first, it took some very calm heads to hear out the Skywatchers and accept that the Visitors weren't attacking - they were crashing. They should be thankful, the Visitors sacrificed many of their number to change their course to avoid the Emerald of the North. Some of the experts think they would of cut their casualties in half if they hadn't - but it would of cost the Emerald thousands if not hundreds of thousands of lives.

These Visitors, these "Humans", so primitive compared to is but yet so brave in others...

OOC: Alright, so there we have it. A human ship has made a mutual first contact with an alien world via crash landing. The "aliens" are much more advanced then humans in many ways - except their society is much more repressive and they're afraid of anything to do with Space. Their medical tech is centuries beyond human tech, but they don't even have communications satellites, using an extensive system of underground cables instead. Their social attitudes are also behind Earth's, usually somewhere between the Victorian Age and the 1950's. They can reattach spinal cords and clone organs easy, but homosexuality is still considered a dangerous taboo.

As a result, the human survivors will - completely innocently and accidentally - cause a social and sexual revolution just from the exposure.

Players can be human survivors of the Tycho Brahe or "aliens" that have lived their whole lives in this advanced yet repressive society. The aliens and how they look is debatable, but I'm thinking something between Star Trek and Star Wars. Obviously very different, but not so different that cross planetary boning and romance isn't doable. Not gay myself, but honestly hoping for a human/"alien" gay romance.

Also need to think of a name for them, it's really not fair to keep doing the "aliens in quotes" thing. It's their planet after all. :P