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Author Topic: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Closed)  (Read 6600 times)

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Offline Cal1496

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Recruiting Females only!)
« Reply #75 on: May 18, 2014, 11:16:49 AM »
Sif!  I was tempted too take her but wanted a villain. 

Would be nice to have another Aesguardian around though, think everyone can agree on that lol

Offline Garuss Vakarian

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Recruiting Females only!)
« Reply #76 on: May 18, 2014, 01:38:32 PM »
Ya, another asgaurdian would be awesome. Especially since the one playing Thor has not reply'd yet. Is he still interested? Or did I miss him dropping out?

None the less my lady. There are indeed many options. If you would really like Drew. I dont see any problem's with asking the player if you can play her. Since, a character profile is not made quite yet. Even if the player said no, and finished making the characters profile. You at least got an answer, and could move on.

From your choices. I would like to see either Joystick Satana. Or Sif is fine to. I wouldnt be disappointing with any of those choices, so your ok by me. ^^. If you want help on any other choices. Here are a few names to mention. ^^

Not yet mentioned on here: Ava Ayala.
Characters there have been conversations about in ooc: Domino, Lady Dead Pool. And, She hulk was talked about a tid bit.

Lois's list: AVENGERS: Scarlet Witch, Wasp, Tigra, Spider-Woman, Spectrum, Sersi, Mantis MockingBird, White Tiger, Kate Bishop and Miss America.

FANTASTIC FOUR: Invisible Woman, Crystal, Medusa, She Hulk and Lyra.

X-MEN: Storm, Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde, Dazzler, Polaris, Rachel Grey, Blink, Jubilee, Magik, Tempest, Moonstar, Magma, Pixie, Husk and M.

X-FORCE: Domino, Boomer, Siryn, Wolfsbane, and Spiral.

NEW WARRIORS: Firestar and Namorita.

THUNDERBOLTS: Elektra, Songbird, Moonstone and Jolt.

DEFENDERS: Valkyrie, Hellcat, Moondragon and Red She Hulk.

VILLIANS: Mystique, Lady Deathstrike, Viper, The Black Queen, Enchantress and Titanina.
« Last Edit: May 18, 2014, 01:43:05 PM by Garuss Vakarian »

Offline Landshark

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Recruiting Females only!)
« Reply #77 on: May 18, 2014, 02:55:59 PM »
Was really looking to play here but i cant play a female worth a darn and i was having a hard enough time thinking of a male character to play. Hope you all get the Fems ya need to round things out though. Good luck to you all.

Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Recruiting Females only!)
« Reply #78 on: May 18, 2014, 04:36:23 PM »
Lady Sif is always awesome! Besides we need some Asgurdian Badassness

Offline BarbaraGordon

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Recruiting Females only!)
« Reply #79 on: May 18, 2014, 04:45:00 PM »
I'd been leaning heavily back and forth between Sif and Sin. The tension Sin would make would be fun (and had planed Lauren Prepon as her image) but Sif would bring some muscle in.

Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Recruiting Females only!)
« Reply #80 on: May 18, 2014, 04:54:13 PM »
Take Both! Ones a hero and the other a Villianess.  ;)

Offline BarbaraGordon

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Recruiting Females only!)
« Reply #81 on: May 18, 2014, 05:01:22 PM »
I really don't have enough time I think to committ to two chars. I'll ponder it a little...leaning towards Sif, since the powerful seem to survive in this sort of situation, but Sin seems like she'd survive like a rat or a cockroach..

Offline Alias

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Recruiting Females only!)
« Reply #82 on: May 19, 2014, 09:07:53 AM »
I'm gonna withdraw my interest due to the fact of an x-men focused rp that just got posted. I hope no one takes this personally. I'm just kind of an x-men junkie, and it looks like that one will give me a better fix. Good luck all! have fun.

Offline Guyver0335

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Recruiting Females only!)
« Reply #83 on: May 19, 2014, 06:28:49 PM »
Oh no I was looking forward to a Jubilee!

Online Sasquatch421

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Recruiting Females only!)
« Reply #84 on: May 22, 2014, 06:54:29 PM »
I can make up a character if yall need some more yet... I'll hunt down a character list and see what's there, but it might be either later tonight or tomarrow before I get to it since I'm heading to X-Men: Days of Furture Past here in a couple of hours...

Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Recruiting Females only!)
« Reply #85 on: May 22, 2014, 07:03:12 PM »
Oh its good Sasquatch! Hope you enjoy it im still on cloud 9.

We need more X-men chars as in males

Iceman, Beast, Colossus, Bishop, Angel, Gambit, Havok, Forge, Cable, Warpath, Sunspot, Cannanball, 

And more female Avengers....

Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Tigra,  Quake, Spectre, Sersi, Crystal, Namoritia and Misty Knight.

ANy of these appeal, you can have two chars if you feel up to it!

Online Sasquatch421

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Recruiting Females only!)
« Reply #86 on: May 23, 2014, 01:00:47 AM »
Oh its good Sasquatch! Hope you enjoy it im still on cloud 9.

We need more X-men chars as in males

Iceman, Beast, Colossus, Bishop, Angel, Gambit, Havok, Forge, Cable, Warpath, Sunspot, Cannonball, 

And more female Avengers....

Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Tigra,  Quake, Spectre, Sersi, Crystal, Namoritia and Misty Knight.

ANy of these appeal, you can have two chars if you feel up to it!

I actually answered your PM before I saw this Lois, so I'll get to looking and thinking in the morning...

I really did enjoy the movie, the part I had a problem with were dumbass high school kids that had to make comments on everything. I could understand the girls whistling at the full sight of a buff naked Hugh Jackman ass, so no problems there. After the credits rolled though? I was bouncing in my seat just hearing the real name of my favorite X-Men baddie and the sight of the four men riding along with...

Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Still Recruiting)
« Reply #87 on: May 28, 2014, 07:20:53 AM »
Anymore takers????

Offline Landshark

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Still Recruiting)
« Reply #88 on: May 28, 2014, 02:13:10 PM »
Sorry for the horrible delay Lois im almost done with Doom. Should be up when i get home tomorrow.

Offline SydneyDrew20

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Still Recruiting)
« Reply #89 on: May 28, 2014, 07:15:15 PM »
I was wondering if I could play Kitty Pryde from the X-Men.

Offline Garuss Vakarian

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Still Recruiting)
« Reply #90 on: May 28, 2014, 07:21:19 PM »
No ones playing her. And, I am sure we are still open. None the less. Go ahead and pm Lois. ^^ We would be happy to have Kitty. "Why not? I am already all over Black Cat. Time to add a second kitty to this Pride. Meeeow, ;) " "We have such a dirty mind."

Offline SydneyDrew20

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Still Recruiting)
« Reply #91 on: May 28, 2014, 07:25:06 PM »
Meow! *squeals and laughs*

Offline Landshark

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Still Recruiting)
« Reply #92 on: May 29, 2014, 04:17:21 PM »
Here comes Doom!

without mask:

Name: Victor von Doom/ Doctor Doom

Age: Appears to be mid to late forties

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 6’2
Weight: 175 (in armor 350)

   Terrible Trio
The Cabal
Future Foundation

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Victor von Doom was born decades ago to a tribe of Latverian gypsies under the rule of an unnamed nobleman called the Baron. Victor's mother was witch Cynthia Von Doom who died by Mephisto's hand while von Doom was young. His father, Werner, was the leader of the tribe and a renowned medicine man who kept his wife's sorceress life quiet in order to protect Victor from a similar fate. Soon after Cynthia's death, the Baron's wife grew incurably ill from cancer and Werner was called to the capitol to heal her. When she succumbed to illness, the Baron labeled Werner a murderer and called for his death. Werner escaped with young Victor, having realized the night before the woman would die. He goes on to die of exposure on the mountainside, cradling the boy in a final embrace and giving him his garments to keep him warm. Victor survived and, on return to the gypsy camp, discovered his mother's occult instruments and swore revenge on the Baron. Victor grew into a headstrong and brilliant man, combining sorcery and technology to create fantastic devices to keep the Baron's men at bay and protect the gypsies. His exploits attracted the attention of the dean of Empire State University, who sent someone to the camp. Offered the chance to study in the United States, von Doom chooses to leave his homeland and his love, Valeria, behind. Once in the United States, Victor met fellow student and future nemesis Reed Richards, who was intended to be his roommate, but von Doom disliked him and asked for another roommate. After a time, Victor constructed a machine intended to communicate with the dead. Though Richards tried to warn him about a flaw in the machine, seeing his calculations were a few decimals off, Victor continued on with disastrous results. The machine violently failed and the resulting explosion seemingly severely damaged his face.

Expelled after the accident, Victor traveled the world until he collapsed on a Tibetan mountainside. Rescued by a clan of monks, Victor quickly mastered the monks' disciplines as well as the monks themselves. Victor then forged himself a suit of armor, complete with a scowling mask, and took the name Doctor Doom As Doctor Doom, he would go on to menace those he felt responsible for his accident—primarily, Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. He succeeded in taking over Latveria, taking an interest in the welfare of the Roma.
Doctor Doom captures the Invisible Girl, using her as a hostage so the Fantastic Four will travel back in time to steal the enchanted treasure of Blackbeard which will help him conquer the world, but he is fooled by Reed Richards, who swaps the treasure with worthless chains. Doctor Doom then forms an alliance with the Sub-Mariner, who places a magnetic device in the Baxter Building. However Doctor Doom uses this to pull him and the Fantastic Four into space, thinking this will rid him of those capable of preventing him conquering the world. But the Sub-Mariner gets to Doctor Doom 's ship and returns the Baxter Building to New York, while Doctor Doom is left on an asteroid. Returning to Earth after learning the secrets of an advanced alien race, the Ovids, Doctor Doom exchanges consciousnesses with Mr. Fantastic; Richards, inhabiting Doctor Doom 's body, switches the two back, and Doctor Doom ends up trapped in a micro-world when he is hit with a shrinking ray he had intended to use on the rest of the Fantastic Four. Doctor Doom takes over the micro-world, but leaves after the FF end his rule. He is then thrown into space when he attempts to do this to the FF. Doctor Doom is saved by Rama-Tut, and he returns to Earth to destroy the Fantastic Four by turning each member against the other using a special berry juice. Richards outwits Doctor Doom by using the hallucinogenic juice against the villain. Doctor Doom, believing he has killed Richards in a test of willpower, departs certain of his victory and superior intelligence.

In the ensuing years Doom has manipulated, controlled and yes befriended dozens of heroes and villains including but not limited to Spider-Man, Hulk, Quicksilver, Iron Man, and Namor.

He has also faced of in all manner of combat from intellectual minds games to open warfare with nearly every hero and villain as well. This was not limited to terrestrial entities as he took on Terrax, defeated Thor the Mad Celestial and even stealing the Silver Surfers powers.

After the fall of Onslaught, where Doom and several others sacrifice themselves to destroy him, Doom is instead flung to the created world known simply as Planet Doom for in short order he conquers it then leaves to return home after convincing a shard of Franklin Richards to relinquish his power to Doom.

After returning home to Latveria, Doom is not heard of except through the use of advanced Doom Bots but it is unclear as to if Doom himself sent or controlled them. When Strom and Black Panther Dooom tries to create a diplomatic union with him but is turned down and attacked with an EMP bomb. Showing his long lasting support for Namor he gives asylum and refuge to the Atlanteans following the destruction of their underwater kingdom.

In the aftermath of the Secret Invasion, Doctor Doom is a member of the Dark Illuminati alongside Norman Osborn, Emma Frost, Namor, Loki's female form, and Hood. At the end of this meeting, Namor and Doctor Doom are seen having a discussion of their own plans that have all ready been set in motion.

Doctor Doom soon allies himself with the isolationist group known as the Desturi, to take control of Wakanda. He attacked and wounded T'Challa, the current Black Panther, maiming him enough to prevent him from holding the mantle again. Doctor Doom 's main objective was to secure Wakanda's store of vibranium, which he could mystically enhance to make himself unstoppable. Doctor Doom was also a part of the supervillain group known as the Intelligencia, but was betrayed when they captured him to complete their plan. With the help of Bruce Banner, he escaped, and returned to Latveria. He appears to have been damaged by this experience.
Doom and Osborn soon have a falling out over Osborns insane schemes which results in Doom being attacked only to reveal that it was a Doom Bot. It released millions of nanites which resulted in the destruction of Avengers Tower.  When Osborn contacts Doctor Doom, Doctor Doom tells him not to ever strike him again or he is willing to go further.

After the House of M, Doom had captured the Scarlet Witch and tries to steal the power from her that created the loss of most powers across the world in his attempt to be a god. She and Wiccan are able to steal the power back but not before he slays Cassie of the Young Avengers.
Eventually Doom is trusted enough, through agreements made prier, to join the Future Foundation. Thing objects and attacks Doom but is stopped by Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, who welcome him to the group. Shortly after Doom retrieves many of his lost memories from his multiple incarnations and near death experiences. Gathering a cadre of villains he sets out to eliminate the Council of Reeds.

The child members of the Future Foundation then help in the reconstruction of the Bridge allowing one of the Reeds to return home, The Mad Celestial tries to come through and Doom is killed buying time for Alpha Reed Richards to destroy the Celestial with the Ultimate Nullifier. Somehow Doom returns to Earth and his home Latveria.

With the return of Ultron, Doom was a prime target of the pre-invasion. Ultron took over the Doom Bot construction plant to quickly produce his replicas and seeking out Dooms time travel capabilities. Caught flat footed Doom was forced to detonate a large portion of the factory including his time wheel and fled, wounded. The war would come soon and he would need his old friend and nemesis Reed Richards to stop Ultron and save their world once again.

•   Genius level Intellect: Doom is second to perhaps only Reed Richards when it comes to human brain power. Both have claimed to not be able to do what the other had at one point or another.
•   Doom is an accomplished sorcerer coming in just behind Dr. Strange. In fact Doom has wielded the powers of the Sorcerer Supreme on a few occasions.
•   Typical magical manifestations: Energy shield that protects from most physical and energy attacks. Blast of electrical energy and summoning of hordes of deamonic creatures though this is rare.
•   Psionic mind transferal: By looking into another’s eyes he had transfer his consciousness into them. He does this only times of great need for he likes his body and prefers to return to it if possible.
•   Highly skilled hand to hand combatant: Doom has traded blows with every hero from the F4 to Thor.
•   Technopath: He can exert his will over machines. Most often Doom Bots.
•   Iron Will: Dooms will is hard to overcome and has easily fought off the attempts of mind control multiple times.
•   Armor: Doom armor augments his natural and magical abilities in several ways
o   Enhanced strength: Easily held his own vs. Spider-Man
o   Damage resistant: Can easily withstand blows from Iron-Man
o   Enhanced Energy Field: With the armor Dooms energy shields can resist even greater damage.
o   Electrical Shock: Should anyone attempt to make contact with him Dooms armor can deliver a fatal, to most normal beings, electrical shock on contact, if he so wishes.
o   Life support: The armor allows his to function without food or air for extended periods of time including in space and deep oceans.
o   Temporal reset: The armor has a module in it that allows him to return to the present from any point in time. It was used in conjunction with his time wheel but has worked against other time shifts as well.

   Dooms greatest weakness is his arrogance. He truly believes himself without faults and looks at most other beings as below him and needing of his rule. He is not so foolishly though as he will admit to being able to do things he honestly cannot do and will give credit where credit is due.
He also tends to put is own agendas ahead of the common good. He will steal power for himself when sharing it would be wiser or back stab when the situation allows even if the target may prove useful later.
   Code of Honor: Doom lives by a strict code of honor. He has saved the life of heroes he wished dead because they had saved his at an earlier point. He has also refused to kill someone he wished dead because they were weak at the time and it would be a hollow victory. He has even attacked other Villians who threatened the F4 because he would not allow them to be taken down by anyone but himself.

   Doom is the epidemy of arrogance. If the rule that Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely had a form then it would be Victor von Doom. Easy to offend but hard to provoke Doom tends to ignore fools and discipline idiots. He has no qualms with correcting or over stepping anothers ideas and regularly will ignore them for his own. Even through all of that though he is fiercely loyal to his allies and even though the world still considers them arch-nemesis He and the Richards are now close friends.

   Doom escaped with his armor and an assortment of small and/or minor mechanical tools and gadgets.

Known Enemies:

   Everyone except The Richards Family, Namor and the citizens of Latvaria (who love him…no really)

Offline Darthvegeta800

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Still Recruiting)
« Reply #93 on: June 01, 2014, 12:41:40 PM »
Would Moon Knight be acceptable?
He was an Avenger at one time. And a Secret Avenger.

Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Still Recruiting)
« Reply #94 on: June 01, 2014, 03:39:42 PM »
He was, moonkight would be a welcomed addition!

Offline Darthvegeta800

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Still Recruiting)
« Reply #95 on: June 01, 2014, 03:44:14 PM »
I'll put up a bio tomorrow. :)

Offline Le Immortelle

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Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Still Recruiting)
« Reply #96 on: June 01, 2014, 05:32:10 PM »
I am interested in Jen Walters. I'll have a sheet and all posted tomorrow! :)

Offline Darthvegeta800

Re: THE AGE OF ULTRON: Marvel RPG. (Still Recruiting)
« Reply #97 on: June 02, 2014, 03:40:29 PM »
Name: Moon Knight

Alter ego: Marc Spector

Foremost allies:

Marlene, ‘Frenchie’, Buck, The Avengers, Spiderman, The Punisher, Daredevil...

Foremost enemies:
Raoul Bushman, Hatchetman, Shadow Knight, Midnight Man, Stained Glass Scarlet

Team affiliations:
- Secret Avengers
- Avengers
- West Coast Avengers
- Defenders
- Marvel Knights
- Heroes for Hire

Notable aliases: Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, The Fist of Khonshu,...


-   Champion Heavy Weight Boxer
-   Superb athlete
-   Master at martial arts and hand-to-hand combatant trained in a wide variety of styles and techniques.
-   Resistance to some psychic assaults due to a schizophrenic inclination and immense willpower
-   Skilled acrobat and gymnast
-   Trained his human physique to the edge of human ability.
-   A superb detective and tactician
-   Expert aviator and marksman
-   Can handle a variety of traditional, exotic and sophisticated weaponry.
-   Occassional aid, council or reprimands from the real Khonshu, the Moon God of Justice.
-   Divine Intervention, again and again Moon Knight has returned from death thanks to his deity.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


Moon Knight is a man with an unstable mind. Haunted by the dubious actions he undertook during his violent mercenary past, he balances between being the avatar of vengeance or the avatar of justice. He has become the avatar of either aspect depending on his state of mind.
He has frequently used alter egoes to infiltrate or collect information. His many identitities have begun to lead their own life. At times a distracting curse, at others a boon.
His personality has at times mended and been stable and uniform, just to be shattered once more at later days.
The fact his personality is so heterogenous and ever evolving makes him unpredictable, dangerous but also at times a curse to his own friends and loved ones.
As a person deep down however he is heroic, brave and selfsacrificing. Because he continously struggles with a raging violent side but for the most part manages to keep it in check. He refuses to become like the Punisher or the likes, always trying to save as many as possible, taking the hard route.
But unlike more 'pure' heroes, he has also skimmed the edges of darkness at times, being tempted by unleashing violence and brutality. During certain phases of his life, this dark side of his became dominant almost turning him permanently in a murdering vigilante.
Moon Knight is also deeply devoted to his God Khonshu although not above questioning or denying him. He is also fiercely loyal to the few people he trusts such as his on-and-off girlfriend Marlene and his eternal right handman 'Frenchie'.
Above all, Moon Knight is the dark hero that defies the odds. The vengeful Fist of an ancient and all too real God that goes far, incredibly far on cunning and sheer willpower.
If Moon Knight is the ‘mere man’ among the Avengers, he is one that manages to keep up with demigods, mutants and the mightiest about.


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Moon Knight has been known to use and wield a vast arsenal of weapons and vehicles. The weapons mentioned here are merely some of the best known.

Weapon-wise, Moon Knight can fire Crescent Darts from a gauntlet or take them from his belt.
He has been known to use bola’s. He has also wielded the Moon Bow, Crescent Launcher Pistols that can be used to grapple, trip or pin his enemies and silver cesti. On one occassion he has wielded a Moon Blade but due to its lethality, he rarely does so. The same goes for firearms.
To deal with the truly superpowered, he has on several occassions fired explosive Crescent Darts.
His most known weapon is probably his adamantium truncheon which can bounce from foe to foe, can extend to become the Moonstaff or slide open to turn into two clubs linked by a chain.
This truncheon is also magnetic and after being used to hit a distant foe, is easiy called back again.
At a given time, it was also upgraded using a mixture of tech belonging to Reed Richards and Doom to deactivate sensor security.
He is also known to use an energy shield emulating Captain America and gauntlets holding Wolverine-like claws and Spiderman’s webshooters.

His costume has traditionally had a white glider cloak, allowing Moon Knight to ‘glide’ in the air.
His armor began as kevlar and was made from adamantium for a while. Usually it is made out of carbonadium, almost as tough as adamantium but far more flexible.
The suit traditionally came with a belt holding tools and gadgets, especially his crescent darts. His gauntlets on the other hand have held anything from a crescent dart launcher to a grapple for swimming, climbing or grappling.

Moon Knight has also had several vehicles in his arsenal, frequently repaired, upgraded, destroyed and rebuild. There is the stealthy Moon-Copter, a VTOL craft armed with vulcan cannons, hellfire missiles and diverse gadgets and upgrades. He also has the small but very fast one-man craft ‘angelwing’.
On land, Moon Knight has been known to ride a white armoured motorbike.


Marc Spector was the son of an American Rabbi. Born in Chicago, Illinois, he was raised upon his father’s wise and pacifist tales with a distinct spiritual undertone.
However he denounced his father’s teachings and embraced a life of violence. He became a heavyweight boxer, US Marine and eventually a mercenary.
During his tenure as a mercenary he befriended ‘Frenchie’, a Foreign Legion soldier that had the same adventurous spirit as he.
Eventually the duo ended up working with a psychopathic mercenary Raoul Bushman. Morally the insane Raoul forced Spector’s mercenary career to slowly steer further and further into the criminal. In Egypt the Group stumbled upon an archaelogical dig. Bushman planned to loot the place and ruthless dispatched Dr Peter Alraune, the chief archaeologist. Something snapped inside Spector and he intervened though as he could not accept the unnecessary murder of that defenceless man.
Bushman and he fought in single combat but Marc Spector lost and was left a broken man. Left near death, the sadistic Bushman planned to see Spector die a slow and horrible death at the hands of the desert and the intense cold at night.

Locals however took Spector to a statue of the Egyptian God Khonshu. Khonshu appeared before him and gave him a second chance at life. Awakening in the arms of Marlene, daught of doctor Peter Alraune, Spector became the silverclad vengeful fist of Khonshu.
He hunted down Bushman and defeated him. Afterwards he returned to America with Marlene Alraun, Frenchie and the statue of Khonshu.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

In America he donned a silver and white suit with cloak effectively becoming the caped vigilante ‘Moon Knight’.
Having been one of the best mercenaries perhaps even the absolute best of his generation, he accumulated great wealth which he wisely invested, becoming one of the richer people in the Marvel universe. Although no Tony Stark, he disposed over ample resources and his own multinational corporation, vast estates and many more resources.
This money he could use to develop his arsenal of moon-themed weapons and vehicles. It is also during this time he developped his first alternate personalities such as millionaire Steven Grant and the taxicab driver Jake Lockley.

In the early years he fought supernatural foes like werewolves and Morpheus. He also faced Midnight Man, a sort of ‘super thief’. During this period he teamed up with Daredevil, encountered the X-Men, the Fantastic Four and Doctor Strange.
During the early years he also had his first encounter with the tragic Stained Glass Scarlet.

Abandoning his alter egoes, Marc Spector casts asside the mantle of the Moon Knight his strongest alternate personality. He begins to open art galleries across the globe.
Marlene, leaves him once Spector decides to reclaim his identity ‘Moon Knight’.

Telepathically summoned to Egypt by the Cult of Khonshu, Moon Knight receives a wide variety of ancient moon themed weapons. Khonshu himself enters him for reasons beyond Spector, effectively increasing his powers.

Urged by Khonshu, Moon Knight joins the West Coast Avenger, becoming an enigmatic and highly effective member. During this period he looses contact with Frenchie and further distances himself from Marlene. During this period he also develops a romance with Tigra, a fellow avenger.
Facing several foes and even saving the team once thanks to the fact he has schizophrenia, Moon Knight eventally ends up entangled in an attack by the invading forces of Seth, sworn enemy of Khonshu. Seth is waging war on Asgard and Khonshu leaves the body of Spector to aid the Asgardians. It is revealed that it was Khonshu who pushed him into becoming an Avenger and as a result Moon Knight leaves the team. He rejoins Frenchie and Marlene but dies, only to be resurrected by Khonshu once more… his divine purpose as the ‘Fist of Khonshu’ clearer than ever.

In the following period, Moon Knight enters an active face where he meets up the heir to the Midnight cloak. The son of Midnight Man ends up an unreliable ‘sidekick’ and eventually is seemingly killed, only to be reforged as a secret cyborg superweapon made by ‘The Secret Empire’.
Moon Knight manages to defeat him twice. He also fought the Secret Empire.
He also encounters Black Cat and teams up several times with the Punisher.
One of his great achievements was defeating the teamup of Killer Shrike, Coachwhip and the Ringer. He also greatly outwitted Silver Sable, Sandman, Paladin and their many highly trained allies.
Marc Spector torn by regret and guilt eventually willing surrendered himself to the mercenary warband to face judgement in South America. There he would find the truth regarding the matter and swear vengeance against the warcriminal who was at the cause of the tragedy he experienced firsthand.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

As his deranged brother Randal Spector fights Moon Knight under the guise of ‘Shadow Knight’, Spector beats the odds and defeats his dark alter ego. At the end, Moon Knight obtains ancient scrolls indicating that Moon Knight is the God of Justice, NOT Vengeance.

Moon Knight would end up donning adamantium armor instead of Kevlar, this to keep his body well protected due to it being infected by Demogoblin. Doctor Strange and Mister Fantastic would eventually heal him from the insidious parasite. A bold engagement with Doctor Doom in the Latverian embassy would see him seemingly end his membership when called to answer charges regarding this illegal action.
Shortly therafter, Moon Knight dies once more, sacrificing himself to save his loved ones from a computerized villain and the ‘Zero Hour Program’.

Eventuall Moon Knight would return once more to be the Fist of Khonshu in this World.
In the period after his latest ressurection, Moon Knight helps Black Panther through the Kingdom of the Dead and teams up with recurring allies Spider-Man, Daredevil and the Punisher.

An important phase in the Moon Knight saga ensues after a violent battle with Bushman. Moon Knight snaps and cuts of Bushman’s face with one of his crescent moon darts. His mind becoming more and more shattered, Moon Knight sees Khonshu more and more only with the mutilated face of Bushman.
Moon Knight becomes a darker and darker vigilante and casts asside Spider-Man during the Civil War era that raged across the Marvelverse at the time. Captain America also came by to lecture him and the two ended up quarelling. The Punisher once more resurfaces and the two seem more alike than ever.

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An important battle for Moon Knight would be his final fight against the second Midnight, which ends with the death of his enemy.
Urged by Khonshu, Moon Knight applies for registration under the registration act and succeeds by outwitting and intimidating the psychiatrist intent on bringing him down during his psychiatric exam.
Moon Knight continues to evolve into a more and more dark vigilante, killing an old enemy called Black Spectre. Tony Stark, starts more and more seeing Moon Knight like a danger to society;

After the Civil War, the Thunderbolts led by Norman Osborn try to hunt down Moon Knight. The situation escalates and Khonshu renounces Marc Spector, declaring he is no longer needed.
After fierce fighting with the Thunderbolts and only narrowly escaping Venom, Moon Knight must face with the assassin sent after him… Bullseye.
Moon Knight fakes his death through the use of explosives and becomes his old alter ego Jake Lockley, sealing away his Marc Spector identity.
To the world at large, Moon Knight seems dead.

Moon Knight’s return sees him continue his struggle against his violent nature. A birdheaded vision of Khonshu haunts him and tries to force him to kill once more.
To defy this dark side, Moon Knight once more opts for the harder path and does not kill his criminal foes effectively becoming a loved hero once more.
Sentry confronts him and tries but fails to wreck his confidence.

Norman Osborn, jealous of the glorious rebirth of the vigilante as a hero arranges for the enemies of Moon Knight to face him. Bushman is ressurected thanks to the power of the Hood. Bushman gathers an army and leads them into battle, attacking New York. Both he and Scarecrow play vitalp arts on the battlefield.
Bushman escaped but fights Moon Knight on the docks. Khonshu roars for vengeance but the Moon Knight spares his greatest nemesis.

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Prior to this Moon Knight under the identity of Jake Lockley reunited with Marlene and Frenchie.
Having put order in his life, regained his sanity and proved himself righteous and just, he starts a new life with Marlene.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Sane and stable once more, Moon Knight becomes a member of the Secret Avengers. Fighting alongside Steve Rogers, War Machine, Valkyrie, Beast and Nova, he would take out dangerous missions and be eager to keep his inner demons at bay by proving himself a superhero not a vigilante.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

He only departed from the Secret Avengers when his old West Coast Avengers teamleader, Hawkeye took command of the team and reshuffled the line-up of the group.

During the Shadowland era, Moon Knight ends up fighting Profile, sent by Daredevil.
This would in turn lead into his fight with the returned ‘second avatar of Khonshu’, Shadow Knight. As he once more fights his estranged brother Randall Spector, Moon Knight comes out victorious but burdened by the return of his original identity ‘Marc Spector’.

Finally Moon Knight would move to Los Angeles and start a TV series about his own life ‘Legends of the Khonshu’. As Moon Knight he would intercept an Ultron body which would end up getting him in way over his head. He managed to keep the Ultron Head, which caused the mysterious new Kingpin of L.A. to single him out. Oddly enough during this period he had developped multiple personalities based on Spider-Man, Captain America and Wolverine. Each clearly personified another facet of his psyche. He also enlisted the aide of ex SHIELD operative ‘Buck’ who expands his arsenal with Avenger based weapons such as a webshooter, wristmounted claws and an energy shield based on that of Captain America.
Having slid slowly downhill and being aimless, Moon Knight hits a new level of insanity when dressed up as Spiderman he breaks into a strip club run by the new local kingpin. The absurd plan works as this bizarre stratagem confuses his foes.
Although he defeats Snapdragon, the right handwoman of the Kingpin, he himself is saved by former Avenger Echo.
The duo would team up against the Night Shift and romantic tension would arise between the two of them. The duo begins to rip apart the criminal Empire of the extremely powerful Kingpin ‘Count Nefaria’ and even defeat him once when Moon Knight outwits the monstrous foe.
The situation escalates though and a second encounter sees Echo sacrificing herself for Moon Knight. This sends him into a berserker rage where the Wolverine personality takes over, killing Spiderman and Captain America. And surprisingly it is Moon Knight that mauls the nemesis of the likes of Thor.
In the aftermath Moon Knight has to deal with Nefaria’s daughter Madame Masque who steals Ultron’s Head. Almost defeated, Moon Knight gains an Echo personality that urges him to keep fighting and he does indeed defeat the lethal Madame Masque.
Afterwards Count Nefaria, exposed as the criminal he is due to the evidens gathered by Moon Knight goes on a murderous rampage.

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Defeating Moon Knight, he is tricked and led into a trap prepared by Marc Spector. Outside he attacked by the Avengers and Thor takes out the supervillain.
Afterwards  Spector meets up with Tony Stark and develops an Iron Man personality.
Eventually he leaves Hollywood and returns home.

During the war between the Avengers and the X-Men, Moon Knight teams up with Falcon and She-Hulk but Moon Knight is defeated by Rogue.

Recently Moon Knight has regained most of his sanity and once more is urged onwards by Khonshu to fight evil as Moon Knight. Once again he is aided by Frenchie and it is hoped that he will maintain this stability. But as the past has shown, he is rarely given the peace he needs to fully heal from his horrible past…

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Can I play anti vemon if I make up a good back story

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REAL NAME: Jennifer Susan Walters
AGE: 37
HEIGHT: 5'10" [Human Form] 6'7" [She-Hulk]
WEIGHT: 150 lbs [Human Form] 700 lbs [She-Hulk]
AFFILIATION: The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, Lady Liberators, Magistrati



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UCLA Dorms, 1990's

The music continues to blast away as the beat goes on. The energy of the youth fills the air. They're laughing and having a good time in general. Its a perpetual summer of love when all the time you are filled with eternal hope and idealistic notions about the world which surrounds you. Few halls down from your dorm, the loud music, with its almost overpowering ability flows freely and so does the beer and ecstasy and god knows what else. All of them seem to be there. Janet from the first floor with her boyfriend Bobby, Clarice and Natasha and everyone else you have ever known. You don't know the person who's throwing this party but then again should you even care? You would never be invited to that thing anyways. But then again what would you have done even if you were? You're too nervous to even approach people unless you're discussing law with them. Heck they probably didn't even knew you were around these quarters.

Okay, so you lied to yourself. You do know who is throwing the party. Its Jean, yes that French guy who has been in here for last year or so. For a Frenchman he speaks remarkably good English. Just how many times you have looked at his fine European looks, that scruffy thing he has going with the thin beard. So chic. Just how many times you have thought about approaching him. Telling him for once what you feel. Maybe ask for a coffee? Norma has already went out with him and apparently is now 'over' him moving towards other pastures. You have no idea how the hell people go about such things. But what matters at the end of the day is that you chickened out. You lacked confidence. You were afraid that he might not be interested. Afraid of rejection. Countless times you passed him through the corridors as he conversed with other girls. Laughing with them, flirting with them as you stood haplessly clutching on to your books. And now here you are, studying the history of criminal law and musing over all that could have been but has not. Hypothetical scenarios all of them, strands of possibility emerging from a singular thread of time. Different paths which timeline could have taken but has not. You let out a sigh, looking at the pile of the books lying next to your desk. Dismissing these thoughts running through your mind with a wave of hand you look back at your notebook whilst chewing on Nissin's Top Ramen. Your staple food since so long. Their bland taste has practically wiped out any sensation your taste buds might have anymore as you attempt to focus again. Albeit the music proves to be far too distracting.

You know where you are? You're down in the jungle baby, you're gonna dieee!

The words went in a screech and music amped up all the more. Now it was almost overbearing. Words you're scribbling mingle with those of the music. You muse about the approaching finals in coming few months. Projects, presentations, deadlines your mind is in a mush right now. With a groan you push back the chair, turning away from the small table lamp for once. Your gaze lingers of the neatly maintained dorm. The Vandals poster put there by Marie makes you roll your eyes. Its tentacle monster holding a guitar has always creeped you out a bit. You drag yourself to the bathroom before stuffing your ears with large chunks of cotton and taking some aspirin. There. That ought to solve the issue. Just block the fuck out of that silly world outside. World which probably wasn't worth your time and attention. Washing your hands, you gaze at the reflection in the mirror. A young, waif like girl stares back at you. Her spectacles almost falling off her nose which you promptly adjust and upon drying your hands, you walk out, resuming where you had stopped at the table.

“The Alien Registration Act of 1940, also known by its more popular nickname of Smith Act is a statute which granted the state wide powers for prosecuting and handing out criminal penalties for anyone who would attempt to overthrow or possessed the threat of overthrowing the United States government and compulsory registration for non-citizen adults with the government. An attempt to control vast illegal immigration which had occurred and disruptive forces which had taken root in the heart of the nation thereby threatening the democracy with deeds such as espionage, covert activities and lawlessness in general. The Act and the legal proceedings which were initiated under it drew considerable amount of controversy. It was also notorious for trials involving leaders of the United States Communist Party and their eventual convictions before ultimately a series of Supreme Court decisions rendered the convictions handed out under the legislation as unconstitutional. Despite of several amendments, even today the act grants the government wide powers which are open for usage for multiple purposes, which many liberals have protested against as of being of an unusually autocratic nature and opposing it vehemently, especially during its heyday.”

You let out a yawn as you reread the introduction you have written for the paper you're working on. Faint beats of the music still manage to penetrate your eardrums as you try to ignore it all, the loneliness of an overbearing kind, wishing for the night to end already....

UCLA, Graduation Ceremony

The ceremony. The moment which every one has been waiting for. All those years of hard work put in, nights spent hunched over the tables finding citations and precedents, interpreting innumerable statutes whilst caffeinating yourself to the extreme finally comes to a climax. Everyone is laughing, bright notions of the future ahead. Finally an entry into the adult world with your own share of responsibilities and things to juggle. They all stand in their robes with grins on their faces, each name announced in succession one after another. You sit in your place, eagerly waiting. Everyone else, they seem so foreign to you as the past several years whizz by you. Most of them brief acquaintances, people, who hardly remember you and people who you are keen to forget once you walk out of here. One chapter closed and another one opened. Plain and simple. Professor Schneider stands at the podium, announcing one name after another. As immaculately dressed as ever. The auditorium alive with people.

“Now, finally graduating from the top ten percent in the class, Miss Jennifer Walters!” He motions towards you, as you stand up with an awkward smile. Everyone's eyes are fixated on you. Yes, you are the one who has cracked the top ten percent. The elites who are stand above everyone in getting their degree. People are whispering in their ear about you, probably having missed you for most part, except those in the debate club who are far and few. You walk on the stage and shake hands. He hands you the degree, the piece of paper so valuable that you had strived like anything for it.

“Summ cum Laude and awarded Order of the Coif!” He announces with a proud grin. You were always his favorite. “Jennifer, you are a chosen one.” As he always used to say. The one who was destined to break barriers with her sharp mind. Throughout these years of anonymity and self-doubt Professor Schneider has always been there for you whenever you needed his help. Its an honor to receive this at his hands and to enter the elite class which the Order of the Coif are. Silence graces the room before it all breaks into an applause. A mild sigh escapes your lips as you mumble out a “Thank you!” before scurrying down, leaving most wondering just who was the one who pulled this feat off. Janet chuckles at some of them. Everyone is now doing the very thing which they always seem to do around here. Plan yet another crazy party and get wasted. You almost ponder for a moment about joining the lot but then decide against it until your gaze finally settles on daddy and mommy who are clapping proudly from the back, a grin on their faces. Turns out daddy could make it after all! You motion for them to come outside and so they does, almost running up to you.

How happy he's looking right now. Eyes beaming with life of the sort which you have not seen in the longest of times. Its a rough life he leads, constantly having to deal with the scum and degenerate amongst the population. To weed them out, to witness all the horrors which the humanity was capable of merely for some minor gains...those are not an easy boots to fill which are worn by Sheriff Morris Walters. Mother, whilst is her usual calm and controlled self. Admiration twinkles in her green eyes. Jades, which you inherited from her. She beams with pride whilst always being the more expressive one, daddy is unable to control his emotions. He hugs you, holding your frail form in his tight, powerful grip..almost squeezing you. “Jenny! This is the happiest day of my life! So proud of you baby. My daughter, finally a lawyer, what she had always dreamed off! Elaine is too so happy right now, you know?” Enthusiasm bursts from his voice. Others are somewhat laughing at this sight but really, he could care less right now and to be honest, so would you. If they want to judge, let them go for're his little girl. Always have been and always will be no matter what happens. Family is what you three are. For once you're not worried about what judgments which might be passed on you right now and smile at him.

“Thanks Daddy.” Was all you find yourself mumbling, overcome with emotion which is of an almost exhaustive variety. Quickly mommy pulls out a Polaroid camera. Motioning you to move towards the left a little so that she can get a proper view. “Now move a bit, we have to click a picture of this moment! Just look ahead a bit baby and yeah!” He clicks the picture. The device makes a whirring sound and an image pops up. It takes some time to dry before finally becoming visible. You stand looking at yourself, holding the degree up, its shiny red ribbon with blue skies behind you with not a cloud in sight. Lush, green lawns of the campus surround you with its architecture bearing an old world charm. A calm look graces your face. The picture is passed on to Morris by Elaine and he holds up the picture happily in front of you.

“We have to frame this!” He exclaims. “But first, we're all going for a nice family lunch!!” You nod at him and grin for the first time in a long time. These are good times. Memories to be cherished and thats what you decide to do. Make the most of it and treasure. This time, its you who initiate the hug, holding on to him tightly.

“I've missed you daddy...and mommy, so much...” Tears swelling in your eyes which you push back with an effort.

Los Angeles, California


“The hearing is adjourned till next week.” Came down the hammer of the judge as you stand up, grabbing your case papers before arranging them nearly in the briefcase whilst her client, Lou Monkton was once again escorted into custody. The man almost looks pleadingly at you, not really happy to go in the custody yet again. Bail already having been denied to him. Its a tough spot for him to be in, but you're fighting tooth and nail for him. Lou Monkton, in his mid thirties. A small time drug pusher with aspirations to hit it big. Latino who came to the United States several years ago by crossing the border. Currently being tried for murder of one Dana Briggs. One of the numerous bodyguards of Nicholas Trask, who is zealously advocating life sentence for Lou by helping the prosecution on all counts. Normally, you would have despised a guy like this, but at Rodman & Marsh he's just in the role of a client for you. Which means it becomes your duty to defend him come what may and to fail at that, is the sin of the gravest sort for a lawyer. An idealist that you are, you prefer to dwell on those notions instead of letting the harsh realities of life penetrate your existence.

But this is one case where a wrong guy has been nabbed. You know it because Lou has an air tight alibi. He wasn't even in the city when that took place. He's registered in a hotel room in San Francisco at that time. Albeit a firearm registered in his name is found over there, incriminating evidence indeed. But he knows who the real killer behind it all is. His influence has been on the rise, and the biggest shark of them all, Nicholas Trask has found it unbearable. There have been skirmishes. Battles fought again and again for turf. Business deals ruined, body count rising and rivers of blood running down the seedier portions of the city. Even Lou knows its all Trask. Your father has told you about him and how he's working to bring him down. Cops have questioned Trask countless times, and there is strong shadow of doubt hanging on him, but he's refusing to come in the front. He needs to make a mistake. This is all too easy. You cannot leg him go off the hook. Maybe a small time crook can go away who also happens to be your client, but this is also an opportunity to fry the big fish and have your day at the court. But Trask hides. Behind his legal team, his rights and all that bullshit.

Yet you have gone ahead with the craziest possible plan. You have to examine him at the witness box. You have been pondering it for a long time before finally  mentioning it during the closing of the hearing hours today. The words of yours which are going to have far reaching effects which you can't even dream about when you uttered them. “I wish to examine Mr. Nicholas Trask who despite of being prescribed on the witness list so far has refused to come forth on the numerous grounds ranging from his ill health to work related travels amongst numerous things.” Hence, the next date. But meanwhile, through one of Lou's spread some poison on the streets. That you have something on Trask. A piece of evidence which shall bring him down for good. Being withheld by the defense until the appropriate time. Word travels fast in these quarters. But such a fine day it is, an idyllic weekend looks ahead of you. On your way by you almost stumble into Leonard Carlyle, one of the up and coming public prosecutors with whom you have clashed few times in the court. He's cute, you think he likes you but much like you behind those glasses of his hides an insecure man, always struggling with words unless its in the court of law. An awkward pair you both are, and you just mumble both a 'Hi' and 'Goodbye' to him before walking out and he does the same. Now you curse yourself for never having courage to go for what you want. Just fucking grab it you weakling! How much you wish you were somebody else, someone who had confidence, wasn't constantly worried about how she looked.

You do your best to push those thoughts away for the time being. Bruce is in town...and how long it has been. Several years since you two met last time. Except random phone conversations that is. Its difficult to stay in touch really. Work consumes both of you, its the sole motivation which you have in your otherwise drab and bland life. But this weekend looks bright and lazy...and fun. Waves of nostalgia crash on the shores of your mind scape. You take a stop at the office to dump all of your briefs and papers and thats the place where Bruce is meant to meet you and a voice hits your eardrums from behind. “You need any help with that kiddo? Them things seem to be as big as you!”  There he is. Doc as you like to call him. A homage to the old times you spent together. Summer evenings spent munching on popcorn and watching trashy films, listening to indie rock endlessly and debating over whose mixtape was for more fun. Good times those. “Doc!” you exclaim with joy. Stories both of you have and confessions to go with them. They shock you, but you want to help. He's like a brother, heck..he's more than that to you. He's family. Guilt haunts him, in place of this one hopeful, idealistic man stands a depressed, self-loathing soul who longs for companionship. Someone to open up to. There has to be a way.

You drive Bruce to your home, worry overtaking you now. He's reluctant to come to your place but you shush him, telling him to believe. There will be a way. En route you tell him your latest antics. He warns you of danger, but you laugh it away. You live danger every single day. You tell him of the plan which you have set in motion. He flinches at it. Warning you about playing with fire. “You're in serious danger Jen. These guys, they shall go to any lengths!” He warns you but you dismiss his warnings as you pull over in the drive way, walking out. “Nothing to worry about Bruce...” The words are last you utter. Cut short as you feel something hot penetrate you from the back. A stinging sensation. Again...and again. Your eyes widen...but you know all too well who that is. Gunshots ring in the air. Bruce rushes in, but the mobsters? They are already fleeing, their goal accomplished. He carries you inside, blood and life slowly but surely seeping away from you with every passing moment. Frustrated, he notices your neighbor, Dr. Fenton's house and breaks in. Your life is flashing before you. What a pathetic existence yours has been. The eternal back bencher, a shy, mousy entity who was always too nice. You hate yourself like you have never hated yourself before in that moment for not being able to live life to the fullest until it all fades to black.

Little do you know that it is a beginning of something unique which shall change your life in every way imaginable.


Death greets you. You're certain of that...and yet suddenly your find your eyes pop open. No tunnels of light for you there. But only a return to the present. You marvel just what happened as Bruce sits next to you. His face finally lighting up as he calls in the cops. You're still in a daze to think straight really. They load you off in an ambulance before whisking you away to the hospital. This is the last time you'll see of Bruce for a long, long time to come. Hospital is dull. Its monochromatic patterns choke you on a mental level. The smell of disinfectants dominates the air, overpowering it is. Its the first time in last thirty hours that you're not pumped with sedatives. You sit up, still somewhat groggy. Something, feels off. Something is just not right, maybe its the meds, maybe its the exhaustion and sheer emotional trauma you've been forced to endure. You regret not being careful enough previously, but now once again the case haunts your mind. You wonder when they're going to let you out as this is a matter which you cannot afford to let be stalled when clicking sound of boots can be heard in the distance. Three people walk in.

“Good day Miss Walters. We're pleased with your recovery, we were almost scared that we might lose you. I hope you're feeling comfortable?” Such sweet words, but they are laced with venom, his colleagues smile at you. But your mind feeds you a singular emotion at their sight. Paranoia you experience. “Who are you? I don't remember seeing you when I was brought in...” You murmur but one of them, the leader shakes his head. His pale blue eyes flashing. “You're just too tired Miss Walters, thats all. But not to worry, its time for your medicine. We've got just the thing which shall fix you up for good and shall never make you as good as new.” Her exclaims with a cheerful grin. You shake your head furiously. No! “You're not my doctor! I remember vividly Dr. Chapman visited me, why would I even need three doctors to attend me if I am doing so well?!” You blabber out but its all too late. The leader snickers and immediately, the other two hold your arms down, keeping you pinned on the bed as he pours a yellowish liquid on a rag. You begin to scream. Anger and frustration building inside you, but it proves to be useless as the rag is firmly planted on your mouth and pressed down hard.

“Bite the bullet baby!” Snickers the one choking the life out of you. “She's a tough one ain't she?” Quips another whilst the third one joins in the fray. “Oh its so much more fun when they struggle!” Their laughter ringing all over the room and then the most incredible of things happens. You feel a change overcome you. Your pulse quickens, breathing becomes heavy, heartbeats shoot up like anything. A sudden rush takes all over your body, rippling sensation moving through it. All of that anger which had been pent up inside you channels itself in the most unexpected of ways. You undergo a metamorphosis. Your muscles rip out, body twitching and twisting. The skin taking on a jade color as you feel something new move through your psyche. Something which you have longed for so long. Power. That is the sensation, your height rises up to nearly seven feet and strength is compounded to god knows how many times. Suddenly you're able to throw the men holding you down away with ease as if they were mere flies buzzing around you. “Now lets see how much I enjoy seeing you struggle and squirm against me!” Rage is unleashed. A feeling most incredible, you're throbbing with power. The transformation such an incredible high. They struggle, they attempt to escape but ultimately you dominate them with your sheer power, before throwing them to the cops upon getting a confession before you vanish away, leaving a trail of chaos and destruction.

But just how satisfactory it feels. You know its a sensation you crave again and again and again. Difficult it may be, but to become that dominant being. The one who controls everything and everyone who surrounds her instead of letting the environment dictate her and who she shall be is one of your deepest desires since a long time. You have just achieved it and that is when you realize something which you mumble out loud as you retreat back to your human self in another hospital room.<p>

“Whatever Jennifer Walters can’t handle… the She-Hulk will do!”

ournal Entry dated 24th April, 2008/center]

So here we were, at the shoot for the Vogue who wanted to dress me up in a Yves Saint Laurent. To be working for GLK&H and be a part of this at the same time? Oh man that was like a dream come true! It was meant to be a lawyer themed shoot done in monochromes. The whole power suits and all that kind of shit you know? Yves Saint Laurent man! Thats like the epitome of badass. So here I was standing holding a brief in my hand, dressed up to the max in this suiting, jades showing themselves off with proudly as I lazily flexed my bicep to strength the fabric which I wore just enough to its limits but not to the extent of tearing it off and smirked at bunch of male models who were meant to be my 'interns' for the shoot. The ambiance of the set, chic. Its Bauhaus designs all over, harking straight back to the 1930's coupled with certain Art Deco architecture. A marriage of two contrasting styles we're residing in right now. I can't help but, literally ogle and mentally fuck the brains out of this Danish model on the shoot. Karsten. He's been on those damn lists everywhere man. Amongst top 10 desirable men and all the good stuff. He's got this cute, sensitive yet confident appeal to him, just the kind of man who would keep me good company. I had plans for him, some serious, kinky plans.

Cameras click away. Powerful flashes they are, we are told to do the retakes of things every now and then. The photographer yelling, encouraging us to get in the zone.

“Give me some of that fire! That power which you possess!” He shouts. Every time he does, I curse from the inside. I can show you some power baby. Isn't seven hundred pounds of rippling muscles capable of even turning the likes of Hercules into a whining little sissy if they wished to good enough? I'm almost getting impatient. Now, I fucking adore being the center of the universe, heck I am meant to be that but to be preached like this guy is doing? Like hell if thats my style. Karsten notices my impatience and just gives me a quick nod to cool down a little and take things in their stride. I take a deep breath and wink back at him, the cameras continue to click. We are now in different poses when out of the blue the doors burst open and bunch of guys holding firearms and in black suits enter. Yes, even in there too! Would you fucking believe that? I mean, can't a girl have a quiet day off, look all handsome and have her own share of fun? Apparently, the answer to that is eternally no. It turns out, their target is Victor Johnson. The blonde who is the current 'it' boy of the press. He's the controversial brat who can't keep out of trouble and such a media darling. Right now, he's simply too damn high on cocaine and is sprawled in a chair, doing his best possible impression of 90's heroin chic and failing at it if you ask me.

“Hands up everybody! You two, get him!” Commands one of the gun toting guys. Now seriously why in the name of all the gods in the universe anyone would want to kidnap Victor Johnson? But apparently they do. Some gunshots are fired, people are shrieking and trembling but they comply. But now you must be wondering, just how the fuck they didn't spot me? Well you see, yours truly had shifted back to Jennifer just in time. I almost plead to them, taking few steps further. “Please..don't hurt anybody, I beg you...we're just going about our work over here!” There are four of them, one holds Victor, another one is holding the camerman, J. Krieger he likes to call himself. But they have no mercy, one of them smacks me in the face. hard. “Shut your trap woman, and let us do our work!” He growls out. I fall down at his feet, but by now a twisted grin is appearing on my face. I snicker before mouthing out the words. “Big mistake shithead!” As before they would know anything, the change has occurred and in an instant I grab both Krieger and Victor and dump them behind me. I am grazed by bullets but really, they can barely do anything to me. I laugh in the face of these inept fools.

“You really shouldn't have ruined my suit you know? I just got to wear it...and it was meant to be a complimentary gift to me!” I grab one of them by throat with a single hand before throwing him on top of others like he was some bug. They tumble down on each other. Cops are called, arrests are made. Turns out, they are part of some zany celebrity worshiping cult who believe Victor Johnson is their savior and admire celebrities from every generation. Marilyn Monroe, Jeanne Moreau, Bridgette Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna...influential beings they seek and admire in a zealous way, hailing them as messengers who are meant to save us commonfolk. I wonder if I was on their list. Poor Victor, simply didn't have an idea of what he had just gone through as he was lost in his own drug induced utopia reality. But most importantly, She-Hulk had saved the day again! I was given a new suit and then we finished off the shoot. Karsten, was flabbergasted and so were all the hunks in the room. We had this giant wrapping up party at the Sigma 7 and where me and Karsten had a jolly good time dancing and then I took him over to my apartment and fucked each others brains out like we were animals!

Only odd bit was to find myself having changed into Jen again the next morning as I was waking up really. But thank god he was still asleep so I reverted back to Shulkie, and nudged that sprawling form of his on top of my with a mere shake of my chest sending him flying downwards a little. Oh man, just how cute he looked with all that surprise. Now here I sit, finishing off this entry before I head down to work at the firm whilst Karsten is out getting some groceries. Turns out, he has some Danish delicacies with which he wants to spoil me when I come back. Such a charmer, really. God, I love this. I kick ass, take names, have my dream job, the hottest guy in the town, just another regular day at the office!

<3 [strike]Jennifer[/strike], She-Hulk.

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A, Powers


As a result of the blood transfusion which Jennifer received from Bruce Banner, it gave her the ability to alter her form into that of the female Hulk. But unlike Bruce who nearly turns into a rampaging maniac at times when he transforms, Jennifer is capable of retaining her intellect and wits, thereby retaining her complete personality as She-Hulk without having any kind of blackouts or bouts of violence. Also the transformation is something which is completely in her control, making her capable of switching to whichever form she wishes to at will.

Super Strength

Much like her cousin, Jen possesses super strength which means she can literally wreck anything which stands in her way. The strength is even more enhanced by strong emotions such as rage, passion..or even fear at times. Also the power is amplified directly in co-relation to her physical strength in human form. So, more the physical strength of Jennifer Walters, more powerful the Jade Giantess becomes. Over the years, She-Hulk has trained intensely, which has made her stronger than most of the beings she has encountered. Her strength has manifested into also giving her ability to cross substantial distances through her leaps and bounds.

Superhuman Durability

 She-Hulk is immune any force, diseases and is able to survive in any sort of it highest possible temperatures which would be enough to cause fires or the cold ones enough to freeze others to death or even simply eliminate any and every kind of life form known to mankind. Her body can take all sorts of impacts and beatings without suffering any sort of damage.

Superhuman Speed & Stamina

The sheer muscular strength which she has gained due to the impressive physical development in her She-Hulk form, she gains a boost and can rather effortlessly outrun the finest of human athletes, rather easily surpassing them without even breaking a sweat. She-Hulk's highly advanced musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human. She can exert herself at peak capacity for about 48 hours before fatigue begins to impair her performance.

Regenerative Healing

Though durable, She-Hulk is prone to damage just like every other person if struck with something substantially powerful. However whenever the damage is something which she has suffered for her tissues or simple wounds she is capable of healing them in a exponentially short period of time. An ability which took her a long time to master but finally she was able to control it the way she always wanted to.

B, Abilities


Jennifer is an excellent lawyer holding a degree in criminal law, and was member of Order of Coif. However her specialty these days lies in the field of Superhuman Law. A field in which she is able to bring her own experience of a superhero and thereby offer a unique insight, making her a highly sought after lawyer.


Much contrary to the carefree, party-animal image which she tends to project, She-Hulk is an extremely intelligent woman, possessing above-average intellect and can be quite an intellectual when she needs to be. She's an alumnus of UCLA, completing her jurist doctor and then moving on to Harvard Law School for the masters. Her knowledge extends beyond the sphere of law as Jennifer, being the intellectual that she has always been has always been an information powerhouse, using her natural gift to its maximum effect.

Martial Arts

Over the years of adventuring as a superhero, Jen has been a part of several teams and has trained with many of them. She has trained with the weights of The Thing, helped by Captain America in utilizing her potentially to an even more precise degree amongst many. As a result of that Jennifer is expert in martial arts and hand to hand combat. Even in her human form when need arises is capable of taking on men much more larger than her and dispose them off. She's a skilled firearms user, having proficiency in several weapons. Although, in her human form she would exhibit much more pacifist tendencies, preferring to keep things as peaceful and violence free as possible.

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In her human form, Jennifer is as vulnerable to attack as any normal human and is prone to even a quick death if her opponents strike with sufficient planning and stealth, thereby preventing her into turning into She-Hulk. This, in turn means a quick, rapid-fire death for her. This is an important weakness which could be exploited by an enemy who can either attack her before she could change as mentioned above or attack her in any kind of controlled environment which prevents Jennifer from using her powers if situation calls for it.

Impulsive Nature

As a product of her impulsive nature, there are times when She-Hulk does some things which she might end up regretting later on despite of her obviously good intentions. Its a classic case of emotion overcoming reason which can be employed as a tool to cajole She-Hulk into a compromising situation by her opponents by constructing elaborate mirages or mind games to play with her.


She-Hulk though immune to any attacks, is not immune to magic which leaves her open for attacks from celestial or supernatural beings. Particularly in cases of attacks operating on a mental plane which can wreck havoc on her already fragile psychological balance.


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For a long time, Jennifer was this meek and mousy woman who despite of being an intelligent person had severe issues with self-confidence. She was often afraid to speak her mind or to open up to others..which basically hampered her relations with other people and affected her social life greatly, effectively making her somewhat of an outsider to the typical happenings due to her inability to relate to others. Always the invisible one, someone who most wouldn't throw a second glance that was what she was. Except in those moments when her intellect made her shine like a diamond in the rough. She wished to do so many things...but just could not. Left fantasizing about all the things she would do if only she had the courage to go for it.

When the transformation to She-Hulk happened it served as a release to all of her desires which had been suppressed for far too long. She-Hulk was everything which Jen had always wanted to be but was unable to due to one or the other reason. She was strong, confident..outgoing and knew just how to take charge of the situation and drive it the way she wanted to. In She-Hulk form she was aggressive..working much more on her impulses and taking the sort of risks which Jen would never even dreamed of taking. Being She-Hulk allowed Jennifer to live out all the fantasies which she has wished for and so much more.

Due to this boost in the confidence and in general the way her life took a turn for the better..Jen felt more comfortable in her green form for a long time, often being afraid of returning back to her human form due to her own fears that she would be ignored for being the sort of shy, unsure individual she was. But eventually she realized that she had to confront her fears and overcome them. The very sort of thing She-Hulk would've done without least bit of hesitation and that's what she sought to do by seeking to balance out between both of her opposite personalities and improving her life. The new Jen was much more assertive..could hold her ground and wasn't pushed around by anybody.

Jennifer has always been the proverbial geeky, good girl who couldn't even dream of hurting a fly. Always been one who was almost too nice to others which has allowed her to be pushed over at times. On the contrary, She-Hulk is extremely sarcastic, loves to have a good time and perceives life as one big party. Shulkie is the one who is virtually all the time in the driving seat of the situation and her philosophy is either my way or the high way. But in both forms she is passionate about people she cares about and often her thinking is governed more by emotions than by logic which can lead her to take the craziest possible risks, while in Jen's case it's the logic which triumphs.

Either ways, both Jade Giantess and Jennifer Walters are sides of hers who are good at heart, despite the contrasting ways in which they would approach things. Both are committed and driven women who strive to do what is ultimately the right thing and She-Hulk or not, if situation calls for it, Jennifer would not hesitate to put herself in the line of fire, even playing the ultimate game of death if thats what its going to take to save the world and the innocent lives around her.

She has always been a fiercely independent woman since a young age, and the last thing she wants is to be ordered around by others what to do. She is proud of who she is, especially in the Jade Giantess form as every now and then all the securities which have always crept inside her mind as Jen Walters tend to make a return, particularly in certain moments of self doubt when she's faced with odds which she feels are beyond her control, especially as Jen. Maintaining a balance between her two personalities can be tiresome for her at times, but it's something which she has accepted as part and parcel of her life as Jade Giantess and loves both sides of her personality equally despite of her preference towards spending time in green form as much as possible.


Personal Weaponry: None

Special Weaponry: None

KNOWN ENEMIES: Titania, Absorbing Man, Champion of Universe etc.