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January 20, 2021, 10:15:01 PM

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Author Topic: Close Encounters [M lf F, Sci-Fi (Aliens), Varies]  (Read 531 times)

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Close Encounters [M lf F, Sci-Fi (Aliens), Varies]
« on: April 28, 2014, 03:22:27 PM »
So I had a trio of solo RP ideas. All of them have something in common, all of them involve alien life forms. None of these are set in stone but if you are interested, ladies, let me know.

Quote from: The Leisure Suit From Beyond!
Light to Bondage, Impreg
Kan'nar of the Vishanti People has just made an incredible discovery. His own species devastated by an interstellar war, his search for anything that can help his people has led to the discovery of an interesting little class 5 world. The beings are a primitive species barely capable of some rudimentary hydrocarbon transportation and only barely starting to make some key medical discoveries.

What's so exciting about this race however is that they're surprisingly similar to his own biochemically and physiologically. He could even pass for one of them with a little of the biotech of his species. They are, however, much more obsessed with their own mating. Heck, watching each other mate seems to have recently taken off as a form of entertainment called "pornography". Maybe his people could use that...

On Earth in the 1970's, the newest hotshot male porn actor has a secret - he's actually an alien trying to impregnate as many human women as he can with hybrids so he can study the results.

Quote from: Animus
NC, Impreg
Astronaut Caleb Turner didn't come back from space alone. Infected with an alien parasite while on Mars, the life form he's become has become the ultimate alpha male, dominating and impregnating women with frightening efficiency. Especially frightening when you ask yourself what is he an alpha male off...

Quote from: Invasion from Earth
Light to Bondage
Astronaut Randy Saunders wasn't expecting this at all, it seems to defy physics!

While on a mission to Pluto, a spatial anomaly has done what he thought was impossible and propelled him 500 light years from Earth. Crash landing on a planet known as Kepler-186f to humans, the local lifeforms take pity on the alien to their world - or at least many do at any rate. When he awakens in the alien hospital with no way home, Randy tries to make the most if the situation. Discovering a planet where technology is incredibly advanced but society has stagnated to something similar to what Earth would of been like in the 1950's, Randy accidentally "conquers" the planet by accidentally starting off a new social and sexual revolution among its people. Assuming the world's authorities don't kill him and his followers for it first.
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