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September 20, 2017, 10:04:06 AM
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Author Topic: Looking Longingly for Lovely Lustful Lactating Ladies (Not you, your character)  (Read 1640 times)

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So, I have my normal request thread-->

Buuuuuuuuuuuuut I figured because I was craving this oh so badly and that I wanted to make sure that anyone coming to take a look would be someone that was equally interested in this, I'd make a separate one.

I don't know whether it's spring, or a plethora of other reasons as to why I'm wanting something with Lactation in it, but lets just say it's something that I can't get away from it seems and it's a wonderful "On" of mine.

Unfortunately I either can't find anyone that I'd like to play with that would have this kink in the RP, oooooor we start an RP and the partner that I thought was going to be it bails for whatever reason (usually it's they leave never to return.  Life I'd assume).

How are we going to get a story with Lactation in it?

It could be a number of things, here's just a few that popped into my mind while writing this:

Mother x Son RP (incest if you're one for that with the ages appropriate to the site of course.)
Could be induced by Magic (curse or spell, wanted or unwanted), chemicals/drugs, could have had a child previously and never lost the ability to create milk, could be pregnant, could even be a Cow Anthro who naturally does so, well because she's a cow.

I'm male and would be playing a male character, and I'd be looking to play opposite a female character.  I normally would also expect to play opposite a female player. Only very rarely do I deviate from such.

Some people are keen on having non-con, I know I was involved with an RP once where a woman was captured, given drugs and forced to produce milk.  I'm alright with something like that if she enjoys it in the end.  An rp where the woman never gets aroused and just cries all the time doesn't float my boat.

I'd really prefer the relationship to be much more consensual and passionate.

As my other request thread states, 2+ paragraphs with good detail is needed from my partner as well as an understanding on both sides that we will do our best to post for each other when we can but work and life gets in the way.  By no means am I going to be upset if you haven't posted in a month as long as you let me know what's up.  What I can't stand is someone not posting for a month but posting to a whole bunch of other RP's.  I don't think this kink is too hard to have a "muse " for.

Not to mention, I'd prefer if the RP started WITH the lactation already in place, in other words it's already something she can do, however if the right partner has the right story, character and attitude and isn't afraid to describe how their characters breasts become painful and swollen with the newfound milk collecting in her flesh, then, I'd be up for discussion about how my partner wants to approach things.


PM me if you would.  I tend to only RP on Forums as it's the easiest way to keep track of the RP.  If you want a list of On's/Off's to see if we're further compatible, check out my other request thread.


- Countdown
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Id like to express my interest. Assuming that im interested in a fantasy style roleplay, what kinks would you like to involve?

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Still looking for stories involving this kink. You got a good idea?  Hit me!

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Have some ideas?  Hit me up for this one.

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About time for a bump...

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The more different the better!

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