All or nothing (A humiliating TF roleplay.)

Started by Jennifer swallows, April 28, 2014, 12:50:30 AM

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Jennifer swallows

OK, Just to warn some of you, This role play is intended to deal with heavy humiliation and possibly extreme examples of some fetishes. (such as bimbo's and sexual slavery.) I plan to play a submissive, so if you are looking for a Master or Mistress, I'm afraid I can't help.

If you haven't read Trisha's All or nothing series, I can link you to the 3 part series. But to give you an example of how the universe works, I'll try my best to explain and hopefully spark some interest.

The role play would be centered on a fictional international bank called mason and mason. A company that has ties to a strange, supernatural ritual to help deiced who is fit enough to work their and advance. No one knows about this outside of member's who have already been considered for a management position, and even then you are not guaranteed a promotion until you have proven your self worthy.

Mason and Mason only allows true "alpha" males to advance in the company. They decide this by performing a ritual where two men enter a ring in front of a captive audience, stark naked and both striving for advancement. If you win, you win a new house, a company car, bigger paycheck and your own office. Also an increased intellect, strength, stamina and a more muscular build. Along with a couple of added inches to your penis.

But if you lose, you will change from a man into a curvy, big breasted bimbo sex slave. You will become the winner's biggest prize, and are forced to do what ever he says.  You are dumb as a post, but still very much aware of what's happened. You are perpetually horny and have a screaming need to serve your master, no matter what he asks of you. You lost, so you lost everything and become HIS.

I really hope I put this in the right section... >_>