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Started by ManofDawnLight, April 27, 2014, 09:35:35 PM

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I'm one who likes to write creatively and uniquely.  The more unique the story, usually the more eager I am.  If you have a good idea, or like one of my own, please message me so we can start writing good stories together.  Story is why I do this.  Sex in the story is a bonus (a preferred bonus, admittedly.)

I am one who believes that at some point, dialogue has to be dominant.  Simply writing five paragraphs of inner dialogue for every "Yes" response gets tedious.  I do prefer to type a lot, but not if it gets in the way of the story.  I'd prefer to start off with a one shot to make sure we are compatible.  If you want a long story, I love those too.  If you say you want a long story, but after the first hot scene our characters have together you find yourself losing interest and eventually drop the story, I'd rather not experience that again.  I'm probably going to be much more selective in my choices than I have been in the past, and if I say no to you, I'm not insulting you.  I just don't have as much time to spare anymore.

1.   Cooperation.  We’re working together to make a good story.  If I do something you don’t like and vice versa, we need to tell each other.
2.   Be creative.  The more descriptive and unique, the better.
3.   Write more than one-word responses.  I understand that some situations require only a small response, but not every single one.  I don’t want to have to carry the whole story on my back, and you shouldn’t either.

1.   Don’t give me personal information, and don’t expect any.  I’m not doing this to get an internet lover.  I’m doing it for good storyplay and the fun.
2.   Don’t ignore the sexual parameters we set up together.  You want to do something strange?  Ask first.  And accept it if I say no.
3.   Don’t just leave the story without notice.  If you have RL stuff to deal with, or simply want to end the story, tell me.  I’ll understand.

Some of my on's:  dominant women, half-animal mystical beings, genitalia worship, intelligent dialogue, monster/animal mentality, hunting mates, mental/social manipulation and blackmail, some S&M, romance, and gentility.

Some of my off's:  man-man (unless stated otherwise; I can be curious), anal, stereotypical submissive women (be unique about it, not the usual crying Japanese neon hair type), sexual organ permanent damage.

Okay, so now that we’ve got that over with, here are some of my ideas.  I’ll add more in the future.  (Just so you know, not all of my stories have to deal with high fantasy stories)

x              Castlevania.  I know it's nerdy, but I've always had a place in my heart for the Succubus.  I would love to play a storyline in which I'm either Dracula or (more interestingly)              one of the other many denizens/bosses in the game universe.  I'd like to base the surroundings on Symphony of the Night, and we can even play out the game's storyline as we finish our own.

x              I don't know why, but this image gives me shivers down the spine.  This can be more for inspiration rather than something close to what it's depicting.

x            The Lost Boys.  More so, I'd like to play out the fear nothing, anarchy riddled, live today and die tomorrow attitude that all those children of the night experienced.  And hell, it would even be cool to play out some sort of hunter situation, possibly even killing my character.  I don't care, just as long as the ride is a wild one.  (NOT THE SEQUELS!)

x           My character is an athletic, intelligent, good-looking guy who loves to bar hop and have a good time.  However, when he gets drunk, his true desires come out.  He has an insatiable craving for BBW.  This particular night, he's separated from his usual buddies and has found himself in a bar where your character is.  He's also a sucker for S&M.  Your choice: he loves to be tortured by women, or he loves to physically punish and degrade women.  Not tried this before, but I'm curious.

x           Wolves are not the only werecreatures in the night.  During a rather dark and evil night, my werewolf is trying to fight back the denizens of hell when he finds a female werecat fighting the same fight as him.  She is a respectable warrior, and something within him desires her.  It's against all their traditions, and a major taboo, but he cannot stop but yearn for her.  He must have her at any cost.  (Could be a half-NC story, or there could be a romantic involvement here.)

x          It's All Hallow's Eve, and every creature in the forest (mythical or otherwise) is outside partying.  Specifically, a troop of female centaurs are celebrating around a large fire, and when they had their fill of ale, they run off into the darkness to find themselves a perfect mate.  Only your character doesn't find a male centaur.  She finds a male _______.   It's very unusual, but with the passions flying and the ale still in her belly, she goes for it.  (We can decided if my character is a human or not).

x          A woman who has been oppressed all her life by her backstabbing, silver spoon in mouth relatives can't take it anymore.  She has had enough and realizing she has no true power over them, she had decided to look to the black arts.  But not the usual black arts.  Ancient Irish lore that has been passed down to her through the generations.  She has found a way to resurrect the spirit of a Fomor, a very powerful one at that.  When she does, he is very appreciative to her, but reveals that all his powers have to do with sex.  How will she ask him to help her on her warpath to revenge?  And will she taste of the forbidden fruit herself?  (Wide range as to story and limits.)

x         Final Fantasy 7:  (Recently had this story ended, and I would like to start over)  After the events of Dirge of Cerberus, Vincent Valentine takes refuge on a deserted island to reflect on his place in the world.  However, Jenova infected soldiers are being hunted down by unknown forces, and Cloud seems to think Vincent might have an invaluable inside perspective as to what might be going on.  Busy as he is, and knowing how stubborn Vincent can be, Yuffie has volunteered to recruit Vincent once again.  However, something is different.  With Vincent no longer pinning over his lost love, Yuffie feels something awaken inside of her for the quiet man she always loved.  Can she awaken the same feeling in a man who is afraid of his own heart?

x       It's the early colonial times in the Americas, and there are many forms of punishments for disrupting the social order.  One such treatment is to be put into a wood shackle (I forget the name for it) where your head and hands are bound and your left standing sort of at a bent over position.  What people don't realize is that when a woman was put into one of these, she was usually raped many times since she wouldn't be able to identify her assailant.  I would like to play out one of these assailants, perhaps younger than your character, who has always had an infatuation with the woman but never had the courage to speak up.  Perhaps your character wanted to be put into the shackles.  Perhaps she secretly desired the feel of a stranger ramming her from behind.

x   In a universe where the supernatural is commonplace, the United States government has formed a special task force.  My character is human, but with a few guns made from the mutant braniacs, he hunts the night for offenders.  His detective work leads him to a particularly sinister woman.  Her powers make her dangerous, and her looks make her more so.  But in his investigation, he begins to understand her, and when they meet, its fireworks.  Will he turn her in?  Will she kill him before then?

x   Jennifer is a wallstreet business woman who recently had a heart attack before she was even thirty.  Doctors say it was the stress, so they prescribed her many drugs and told her to take a vacation away from people.  She decided to hole up in the family cabin on the family land; a family she hadn't talked to in a decade.  She remembered her grandmother talking about the fae folk who lived in the woods and held magical powers, but she didn't believe in it.  However, as a way to honor her grandmother, she left out a bowl of milk outside overnight.  This is what starts it.  We can decide as to what kind of creature he is together, but most likely some kind of Kind Folk/Fae.

x    Ricther is a sailor by birth and by nature.  He lives more on water catching fish off the coast than on land.  But lately, he caught a terrible case of ammonia and was told to stay on land.  He's seen many strange things over the years at sea, but the returning one was a merewoman with the skin and hair of an octopus, huge black eyes, and two finned legs.  Now that he's landbound and can only visit the coast, she comes to him night after night, singing her music.  It's an attraction beyond reason, and he's bewitched by the sea woman's charms.

x     Why do only the girls get to screw animals?  My character is an animorph slave hunter, scouring the world for rare exotic breeds and then selling them on the black market.  However, this hunt is special.  It is for him.  Years of watching the female animorphs' bodies has made him curious, and since his member is quite larger than most humans, he's needing a more "accommodating" partner.  Exactly what kind of animorph is up to you, but I prefer it to be a beautiful one, not creepy.  This is probably a one-shot, but you can change my mind.

x     Demon Horse:  The time is somewhere between the Renaissance and the Victorian Era.  Your character is of the English high class, and she knows it too.  She is greedy, boastful, vain, and cruel.  Specifically, she is cruel to her horse.  She rides it constantly, refusing to give it water or food until the day is through.  If the horse fails to jump over every obstacle, she whips it in the face.  If the horse acts like its going to buck her off or even run away, she has it wrangled by her servants and kept in a dark room for days.  She is determined to make it the perfect beast of burden, even if it kills the horse.  This injustice could not go on forever without punishment.  The ancient spirit of Hippeia comes down from the heavens and watches the woman mistreat her pet.  Angered by this injustice, the Hippeia transforms into the horse in question, spiriting the beast away to a land of plenty.  When the woman rides what she thinks is her horse, it runs away at the speed of sound, ignoring her orders.  When they are far away from civilization, the horse transforms into a half-human being and will cruelly mount the woman as she cruelly mounted her horse.  Of course, not in the same manner.

x   A relatively normal story.  My character has failed in life.  His career is non-existent, his marriage is no more, and his friends have all left him.  After living on his own and gathering enough money, he takes a trip over to Crete.  Greece has always been a place of wonder for him, especially their myths, and so he figures he might as well have one experience worth having that he'll remember for the rest of his life.  He doesn't really have much money after the trip, but he was able to find a small shack that a family rents out for a very low price.  He's near a big city as well as a beach.  Now, all he needs is the experience.  You play the voluptuous, goddess-like GREEK woman who finds my character utterly irresistible.  There's something magical about him, and no one in the world can see it but you.  The kicker, you don't speak a word of English.  Yet, the language they speak together requires no words.

x   I recently saw a homemade porn clip that interested me.  It was S&M, and a little to painful for my tastes, but the interaction between the man and woman was interesting.  He started off locking her up with her hands above her head in a closet and then proceeded to slap her breasts with the end of his belt (not buckle end).  The whole time he would say, "Thank me for the one thousand dollars I gave you", to which she would say "Thank you for the one thousand dollars you gave me".  She wasn't crying.  She wasn't fearful.  She looked confused, degraded, and somewhat like she enjoyed it all.  Even when he went behind her and was fucking her as she was standing up, still chained to a bar in the closet.  I was curious about how the story leading up to this would be like.  Of course we would play the story itself too.

x    Don't know what it is about this woman...(not nudity)

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But I find her very desirable.  We can figure out a storyline later.

x   I find the idea of a horse man, not centaur, but horse-man interesting.  Head of a horse that is somewhat more compact than the real thing, covered in hair, hooves, and horse genitalia.  I see many possibilities with this path.  One being that perhaps a village is preparing to be assaulted by vikings, and they beg for the horse-man's assistance, even promising him one of their most beautiful maiden's.  He is naturally attracted to human women, but humanity's disgust of his nature has made him sour and secluded.  Perhaps this maiden is the only one capable of returning his humanity.  Or the reverse happens and the horsemen are pillaging villages and my horseman character finds your human woman very attractive.

x    I recently found an image of a gnoll (hyena-man).  I liked it except one little detail, photoshopped the detail out, and ended up with a very nice image.  It's a gnoll that has a wet cock and has just finished with his human slave woman who he used her own five foot braid as a sort of noose around her neck as they mated.  They're licking each other as his cum leaks out of her.  Both seemed to have enjoyed it very much.  I would like to play a story where a gnoll is either a combatant in a sort of gladiator event and is the victor, and your character is the rich nobility who can't help her physical desires to be desecrated by such a beast, or perhaps my gnoll has just raided a traveling sex trade in which your character was a reluctant slave but finds the nature (and his anatomy) of the gnoll irresistible.  Again, I have the image if you wish to see it.

x   Reverse sacrifice the Princess.  This time, it's a female beast who must have a human male to be sacrificed to her sexually in order to keep her appeased.  Medusa, Dragon, Orc, whatever.  We can figure out a species.  But the idea will be that the male is a slave.  Binding a plus.

x                Someone introduced me to the world of cum inflation and bodily inflation in a sense of supernatural S&M.  If you know what I'm talking about, give me a text and we'll figure something out.

x   In this dimension, humanity is technologically advanced to the point of interdimensional transportation.  One of these escapades has opened a world where the inhabitants are actual angels.  Ivory, celestial beings with wings capable of flight and other magical powers.  They are very intelligent, reflexes beyond human capacity, and stronger than five musclemen put together.  To the Unified Nations of Earth, this is frightening.  The angel’s intentions are not truly known, nor do the humans know what to do with the angels.  The most curious biological element of the angels is that while they have both sexes, the males look exactly like the females: curves, breasts, and soft skin.  A fact that is very confusing to most.
         The Angels and the UNE have come to an understanding.  The Angels will send a diplomat to visit Earth and asses the potential danger the humans serve towards the Angels, while explaining his culture and sciences to whatever escort the UNE decides appropriate.  It is an uneasy understanding, but it is the only way to see if an alliance is possible between the two worlds.  You (the female) would play the elected escort.  I would play the angel.  In our travels through the futuristic earth, my character would gradually find yours to be...attractive.  As yous would mine.  It is a very big taboo for the Angels to breed outside of controlled conditions, and the UNE would consider it a cross-contamination of epic proportions.  However, there's something about the other that draws them together.  Will the follow the laws of their species or become victims to their passions?

x     Legacy of Kain:  Long after the betrayal of Raziel, but before his return.  Dumah is gaining in power, and the other clans are in fear of being overrun.  Lorek, a sergeant of General Dumah, is tiring of his centuries of unlife.  All it is is war this and war that.  The bloodline of Dumah care nothing of art or culture, but are consumed by war.  It's not as if the other clans are any better.  So, Lorek has learned how to temporarily disguise his body's evolution and walk amongst the mortals.  Walking around in a city protected by water, he accidentally peers through a window in the sacred palace.  He sees a woman of royal blood bathing in the purest of elements.  He must have her.  She is the antithesis of his existence, and somehow, deep inside, he feels as if she can save him.

x     Zelda, the Zora:  Ever since I saw them, I've always had some attraction to the submersible species.  I would like to play a story where I the hero, either Link or someone else, saves the princes/queen (Rutela?), and their physical attraction to each other is immediate.  It's wrong.  It's forbidden.  But they cannot deny their urges.  We can talk about a storyline if you have interest in this.

x     Final Fantasy 7:  As messed up as this is, I saw a picture of Red XIII mounting Tifa...and I liked it.  I would like to try to follow this kind of story where Red is tired of living alone, and Tifa is finally ready to move on from her passion for Cloud.  Together, they travel to exotic places, and they find they have a passion for one another.  But can they overlook their species and find a way to love each other?

x   Deep within the hills and forests of the Carpathian Mountains, the evil vampire clan of Tzimisce still reigns supreme.  These creatures were accused of consorting with the devil, molding the flesh into unspeakable monstrosities, and building temples of sin.  Of course none of the other clans would dare oppose them.  Not even the werewolves could claim back the land from the fleshmoulders, and the church had better things to do than lose its human armies in a pointless war.  One vampire, a Master above most of his clan, he has captured a guest and invited her into his home.  He plans to torture her in a most devious way; through the body's pleasure centers.  He will violate and penetrate this woman over and over again, until he has decided if she's worthy of his royal blood.

If none of these are to your liking, I am open to more suggestions, and I have a few pictures I've found online of women whom I'd love to be with in a story.
Short stories for now.  Light posts.

I am returning slowly.


I'd prefer to start off with a one-shot with a player I've never gamed with.  We can choose any of my ideas or yours to make one.  After that, I'm open to longer plotlines.
Short stories for now.  Light posts.

I am returning slowly.