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April 17, 2021, 03:08:39 am

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Author Topic: Empty World/ Looking for three bi female characters (impreg/teen male )  (Read 497 times)

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Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Prefer female writers

Please note my male character will be younger than the females,(by at least 6 years ) I would prefer to play him as 16 however I am aware that not everyone is comfortable with that so happy to have my guy be 18 if even one of my fellow writers prefers that.

Please no one liners

Rl happens , heaven knows it keeps happening to me, but I would prefer a steady post rate of 2-3 posts per week

The female characters will have treated my character as a younger brother/maybe even as a son so a big part of the story is the changing dynamic as he comes of age and wants to start being 'the man' of the house.  Also want to explore the relationship the three women have with each other (since they all sleep together and have formed deep and meaningful feelings for each other) now that (first one and ultimately all) will begin having sex with my character.

If the story kicks off there is a wider plot afoot that will require npc females and males...more on that below in the back story stuff

Your character's, without wishing to dictate too much I do have the following roles

Looking for them to be between 24-35

Would like at least one to have never been with a male before either by preference or circumstance , while another had been with lots of men before the disappearance

Back Story

The world has suddenly depopulated no one knows why and no one knows how few people are left on the planet(less than 800 people in North America and less than 10000 people are on the planet) , our group comprises three women and my male character, we all found each other in the first few days and except for one light plane that flew over our house two years ago and a handful of times we have heard cars go by in the far distance, we have had no contact with anyone else. Four (six if you want my guy to be 18)years have passed...

What our characters don't know is that not only has the world depopulated but the ratio of males to females is completely out of whack...of the less than 800 people in North America at the time of the disappearance there is one male per ten females.

Two major communities have formed in North America , one in Northern California (with 133 adults /seven males) and one in Georgia (157 adults /12 males) One community has put their men on a pedestal the other has voided men of all rights. Both communities are at the time our story begins actively searching for new members especially men and they have also had several strained contacts with each some point both groups are going to encounter our little group but I don't want that happening until all your characters have had at least one child to my guy (so yeah there will be time jumps to keep the story moving forward)

We will be based on a farm in Ohio they'll have power thanks to wind tower and will have a barn full of things raided from various storage buildings in nearby cities as well as various farm animals, an orchard and a large vegetable garden so they won't be wanting for much except more hours in the day.
Wild Animals have expanded their territory and large packs of wild dogs roam the countryside so all characters will be at least familiar with guns.


If you are interested please post to the thread  if I get two women interested I'll generate a bio sheet , please note I do prefer at least one character photo

Any questions please ask
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Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Just seeing if there is interest in this having modified some of the character requirements

A note on my characters age , I really do prefer him to be 16 but that is not an absolute whilst in many countries and territories 16 is the age of consent I know some people have issues with under 18's being involved in sexual situations...I totally respect that so if you are interested but want my guy to be problem

Also , yes this is a harem type story , at some point my guy will share a bed with all three women at the same time but I don't see that happening in the first few posts or indeed several pages into the story.

Offline eiselmannTopic starter

Re: Empty World/ Looking for three bi female characters (impreg/teen male )
« Reply #2 on: August 02, 2014, 07:11:23 pm »
Just seeing if this can gather any interest , really want to do the story and as mentioned with regards to my characters age happy for him to be 18 if anyone prefers that.

Happy to answer any questions or look to include any ideas you may have