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Author Topic: Back in Action [seeking women]  (Read 364 times)

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Back in Action [seeking women]
« on: April 23, 2014, 11:28:54 PM »
Alright so I'm back on Elliquiy after a hiatus and I complete revamped my Ons/Offs.  Now that I'm back I'm craving some juicy role plays.  I am looking for female writing partners to partake in mainly smut based role plays since I get my fill of plot/story-based role plays elsewhere.  So I'm shamelessly saying that I'm here to get kinky.  This does not mean that I don't like story and plot, I love them both.  Even a RP set up to have a lot of sex scenes still has a plot and a story behind it, so I'm not saying that we cast it out I'm just looking for a good balance between the two if not leaning more slightly toward the smut. 

I'm looking for women that don't mind reading and writing at least a couple of paragraphs.  Quality is always better than quantity, but there comes a point where a little bits of text cannot hope to achieve quality.  So I'm looking for someone that likes the juicy details like I do.  Don't be afraid to describe the surroundings, what your character is wearing, thinking, feeling or doing.  Also don't hold back on those naughty and lewd descriptions during the sex scenes.

Below I have a few ideas listed just to get me started but I would be more than happy to consider any role play ideas you have.  If you are interested in any of my ideas or perhaps think we can hit it off good with our RP styles and kinks then please send me a PM.  If you would like to suggest ideas of your own, tweak one of mine or would like to work together to create something fun and exciting then that's all fine with me.   If the two of us had a role play in the past and you think it might be fun to revisit it then also feel free to ask me.

Unique Academy Based RP - A link to an old RP search of mine, something I'm definitely still interested in.  The TL;DR version of it:  Basically a school of the gifted featuring our characters as students.  They spar/train together and that turns into sweaty rompings, they attend sex parties/orgies, have fun all over campus, so on and so forth.

Older Women/Younger Male - A generic pairing really, the general idea being she is in a loveless marriage and sexually starved then along comes this young stud to make her feel young again and give her a sexual experience like never before.  The pairing, setting and scene can vary greatly depending on preference.  Could be step son/step mother, they could be neighbors, maybe even a teacher/student type scenario.  She could be an older woman returning to college and he gives her a true college experience.  We could do a fantasy setting and perhaps have a royal knight pleasure his Queen.  If you have any pairings or role play ideas involving a younger male and older female then please toss them at me.

Brother x Sister - Really my one and true favorite incest pairing.  If you have any ideas for such a pairing then feel free to pitch them to me.  The general idea I had was that the sister has a crush on her older brother.  She gets jealous seeing him with other girls and hearing the moans coming from his room.  Maybe she has had sexual experiences of her own but all of them lacking, but judging by the cries of ecstasy her brother milks from the women he beds it's clear he knows how to pleasure a woman.  The brother could certainly be attracted to his sister as well but has simply never made a move because one - it's incest, and two he has no idea she is into him and has been spying on him.  So the role play could take several turns and start with different scenes.  One I have in mind is that before the sister works up the courage to do anything her brother moves away to his own apartment thus forcing her to go out there and get a bit forward by dressing provocatively and teasing him.  Maybe she stays with him for a few days and walks around the house naked after taking a shower or wears nothing but his shirts/boxers, so on and so forth.

The Masquerade - Either at some college party where the theme is to wear masks or a Halloween party, a couple ends up hooking up.  They dance and grind, their hands flow all over each others bodies, they get heavy into making out and foreplay until finally they find someplace to take it all the way.  Come morning they wake up together and take off their masks and find out they know each other - maybe even related?
The two of them exchange numbers and decide to hook up again and again, but they want to keep the game and mystery alive thus they meet up in places wearing their same mask and enjoying their carefree time together.  Even going as far to perhaps record their passionate sessions and post the videos online as a mysterious masked couple.  They could end up learning each others identity and just continue to wear masks or perhaps other items to spice things up or maybe they are content without knowing each others true faces and identities.  Maybe one even has something they are hiding from the other.

Post Apocalyptic - A grimy and dirty setting which could have various different set ups.  Could be include something such as zombies and mutants, or include a more barbaric human side with raiders and bandits.  The last of the humans are breaking off into colonies and gangs.  Perhaps I am a male with a mutation that has caused my body to change somehow into something more beast/monster like?  We could introduce fantasy races as well or even aliens.  Our characters could be traveling and surviving together, how they come to be together or meet is up for discussion.  They could be related or knew each other before the apocalypse.

Prototype - This could be either a space/sci-fi setting or perhaps something post apocalyptic.  Basically your female character would stumble across my character in a state of hibernation within a stasis tank.  Releasing him she finds out that he has no memory of who he is or even his name, he does not even know how he got there or why.  As such he is more straight forward, brutally honest and acts upon instinct.  This strange male character could be of a different race or have the appearance of just a large, muscular human male.  As he travels with the female though and serves whatever purpose he slowly starts to discover that he has incredible powers and capabilities...turns out he was made to be a biological weapon of war, a super mutant/soldier.

Arranged Marriage - While I titled this idea "arranged marriage" it's not what you think.  The idea is that a princess is reluctant to marry the other prince.  She has developed feelings and lust toward her personal Knight whom escorts her everywhere - that would by my character of course.  I would prefer your character to be a human or elf princess but my character's race is open for discussion.  He could be of the same race as her or perhaps an Orc, Demon or maybe even a Wolf Anthro that serves and protects her as one of the Kingdoms strongest and finest Knights.  So the role play would revolve around their secret relationship and how even though she is forced to marry some prince he can never truly win over her heart, mind or body the way the Knight has.

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Re: Back in Action [seeking women]
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2014, 10:02:17 AM »

Supernatural - I would love to do a role play in the Supernatural universe, perhaps one where our characters are hunters but maybe the more unconventional type than just regular human hunts.  Some ideas that come to mind is my character being gifted and having powers fueled by drinking demon blood - much like that of Sam.  So he would be traveling with a female demon companion so kind of like an original character take on Sam x Ruby.  Though I would not mind doing some kind of pairing in which one of our characters is a vampire.  It's up for discussion really.

Skyrim - One of my favorite games of all time from Elder Scrolls.  I have logged...well an insane amount of hours playing this game so I'm looking for someone that shares my passion and has a good knowledge of it as well.  I would like for our characters to be travel partners/companions that adventure together throughout the land of Skyrim and complete quests and what not together for the sake of earning wealth.  We can follow some of the actual plot and quests from the game or we can make up something of our own and go along with it, or maybe even a mixture.  Looking for romance with this, full of sexual tension, passion, lust and rough sex but also having its more vanilla moments such as cuddling next to a fire on the cold mountain tops.  Race/skills/etc are all open for discussion with this one.  If you are interested then please send me a PM so we can discuss the details and flesh out something fun for the both of us.

Harry Potter - Big fan of Harry Potter though I don't have any concrete ideas.  I think I would prefer to do a school setting of some kind - perhaps I could play a male student in Slytherin that comes from a family of Death Eaters.  What role your character plays would be up to you, maybe a Gryffindor girl that has a thing for bad boys?  My character could be somewhat of a troublemaker, he does not really like authority to say the least.  At the same time he wants to walk his own path rather than follow the Death Eater path set by his family.

Naruto -  Alright so I have really been craving a ninja role play and pairing...particularly in the Naruto universe..  I would like for our characters to be in a squad together and obviously old enough for Elliquiy's rules so I'm thinking they would be either Chuunin or Jounin in rank.  The role play would consist of them going on several missions, over coming certain obstacles and opponents together and of course their relationship seeping through here and there.  I think their relationship would form more out of lust first with both of them relieving some sexual tension and all of that, getting all rough and passionate.  Then it could blossom into something more like a romance.  We can add as many twists and turns as we want down the line - such as a possible pregnancy, maybe one of them is a jinchuuriki or has a kekkai genkai, so on and so forth..

Digimon - I would not mind a role play involving a certain romance either between two Digimon Tamers or a female Tamer and her Digimon.  Now it could go either way here, but either way I would like a partner to play a female tamer and then I would either play a male tamer whom travels around with her or her male Digimon partner.  It would be a definite romance of course as they share an instant connection and strong bond.  What digimon is used is up for discussion as well as what form the sexual acts are performed.  We can make the digimon appear more humanoid/anthro-like if needed.  The plot can also be discussed as to what challenges they meet and all of that.

Fullmetal Alchemist - The idea is that my character would be a powerful chimera, a human crossed with some other animal. Who your female character is and how the two of them hook up is up for discussion. Maybe after getting out of the laboratory he is assigned a female alchemist as a partner and the two of them go on missions together, basically going wherever the state assigns them. He could be getting use to his new body, while it is powerful it is strange and he also suffers from beast-like instincts from the animal he was fused with. The instincts give him urges of hunger, aggression, and lust. Our characters could have known each other beforehand or not, or maybe they were even siblings. The plot and mostly everything is up for discussion, she would not even have to be an alchemist but perhaps could be a high ranking soldier/officer, or maybe nothing like that at all depending on your preference.

X-Men Inspired - This does not necessarily have to be in a setting similar to X-Men at all. The only thing I'm really looking for is that our two characters go to a school for those gifted with extraordinary powers. A school where besides learning math they also learn how to use their powers and they learn combat strategies and more. I was thinking our two characters could have grown up together, maybe the two of them have even been troublemakers of sorts by getting into fights and what not. I see the setting being kind of gang oriented as in many teenagers/young adults establish and join gangs with their powers and think they are above the law. There could be fights for territory and more. I see the law enforcement being a bit more militarized and perhaps brutal...maybe even the academy they attend as established some form of corporal punishment as well so instead of expelling kids they give them physical punishment and teachers/security guards are allowed to fight back. So the setting as a whole is much difference because everyone has powers, everything sort of turns into a competition or power and strength, even the control for school grounds since some student gangs may want to overthrow the staff. I would see our characters as unlikely heroes. They like to do what they want, but they have a sense of morals and protect the innocent. This means they fight against students and gangs that try to take advantage of others so that there is a balance, but they don't necessarily straight up side with the teachers/staff/law enforcers because they know many of them are corrupt as well. It would be interesting if beyond the fighting tournaments and competitions that there were also sex parties and orgies on campus, everyone being a bit more open sexually and comfortable with their bodies. Our characters could attend one, maybe there are some competitions such as which couple can fuck the longest, or which can produce the most cum by the end of the night, etc. I also see our characters as sparring partners, only when they get heated in combat it turns into a hot and heavy romping.

Attack on Titan - Nothing too detailed here other than I'm just looking for our characters to be on the same squad together.  Through all the sadness, pain and suffering there is some good to be had.  A romance develops between our characters, something to help them get through the days as they comfort each other with warm bodies and the passionate throws of mind blowing sex.

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