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bored and looking for new rp's

Started by Jarl Tiberius, August 31, 2008, 11:22:38 AM

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Jarl Tiberius

Not tagging because I am open to suggestions.

Cruelest Lover

The story is about a girl in early twenties; broken to bits by her past love affairs. She was sick of men, sick of their promises which never came, sick of their lies and their betrayal.

The prettiest girl had lost her faith in love. At days she seemed like an angel, brining joy to everyone with her charming smile but at night she often pulled her pillow over her face and cried herself to sleep.

She desired someone to talk, someone she can come home to after an exhausting day, someone she can walk along on the beach, and someone to protect her from the stone cold floor.     

The answer was simple…a Robot.

Months and the robot was always there…as she desired, to hold her hand, to walk along with her and soon she realized that she was in love again….but robots can’t love in return!

Though she was battered and misused by her past lover’s but at least they were real and had the power to love and feel. Of all the lovers she could recall, the robot was cruelest one of all.

I wish to play the robot; the story doesn’t seem to be getting any erotic but open. 

A lonely me, a lonely you

Do you think you can be lonely?

She desired to plow apart by thunder, she wished to be eaten by the wind and dissolve into light. That’s what lonesome does!

If you think you can be lonely then you have never actually felt it!

She was in her early 40’s, a business tycoon and a famous personality in most of the Europe but there was a massive price she paid for that luxurious life. At 24 she left her husband the only love of her life, she didn’t desire him anymore; she didn’t desire to be a wife or a mother. She had dreams…ambitions!

But after 20 years those street lights she often peeked from her cabin seemed more alive to her. Those teardrops on her cheeks, that silence of her sorrows and solitude of nights…yes, she regretted it.

She desired to live her life again and only a genie could make her dreams come true.

I wish to play the genie.

Silence of the desert

She was young, careless and adventures. She loved reading, music and traveling. She was self efficient, she didn’t require anyone else.

She traveled most of the world from Europe to Asia but always desired to witness the silent beauty of Arabian Desert. She could hear it was calling her name, she couldn’t wait any longer.

Certainly the self efficient girl didn’t require a guide but it was not Europe or Asia. Pretty white girls were favorites in those areas and behind those tall walls nothing was unfair. The alone girl was kidnapped, tortured and was sent to a slave market.

But fortunately a gentle man bought her and desired to help her. She had to stay in his palace for few days while he arranged her departure.

I am thinking of a D/s love story and there is no reason for erotica in this but open.     

China Doll

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Jarl Tiberius

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China Doll

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~I write for the same reason I breathe, because if I didn't, I would die~

Jarl Tiberius

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Jarl Tiberius

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Hmmm. I am quite interested in the last plot. If you're still looking for that one, would you mind PMing me and we can toss some ideas around? :)
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I would be interested in doing cruelest lover with you.  Let me know.  I think its a fantastic story idea.