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January 31, 2023, 11:35:35 am

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Author Topic: [M/M] [Therapist/Patient] [Dark. Psychological] Not a victim, but the survivor  (Read 846 times)

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If this idea sparks your interest please send me a PM. Don't post your interest in this thread. Thank you.

He’s Not a Victim. He’s the Survivor
M/M. Therapist/Patient. Psychological. Crime. Dark themes.

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It happened a long time ago, but the details are still so fresh in his mind. He hasn’t been able to forgot anything. He still remembers the dread that had swallowed him whole when he’d woken up in an unfamiliar place and realized he’d been taken from his home. And he still recalls how the drug he’d been slipped had made his mind slushy, his tongue loose, and his body lax. Sometimes he swears he can still feel the silky texture of the blindfold wrapped around his eyes, and the snug tightness of the restraints around his wrists and ankles that had kept him in place while his abductor had caressed him while murmuring heavy affection and questions into his ear.

The entire ordeal should have ended with him dead and his body transformed into a gory display of a serial killer’s horrific artistic taste. But it didn’t. Instead it ended with a kiss pressed against his brow and the arrival of the police a few hours later. He still doesn’t understand why he survived when all those other young men were murdered. The detectives called him a survivor and said he was lucky.

But it didn’t feel like luck.

After the ordeal he had to go back to his normal life. He could have thrust himself into the spotlight and profited off being the so called last almost-victim of a sensational serial killer that eluded capture and justice – but he didn’t. He tried to move on and he tried to recover from it, but he couldn’t do it alone. The anxiety, the stress, the fear, the insomnia, and the increasing rate of panic attacks lead him to seek out professional help. Another dash of luck gets him into the office of a highly respected and renowned therapist. Right away the patient feels something might be a little off with the man, but he ignores it. The therapist is as good as everyone says he is and under his excellent care the patient begins to think he really might be able to truly live a normal life again. 

Eventually the therapist begins to suggest some unorthodox therapy methods and his patient consents, believing that his therapist knows best. But a few nagging doubts and a quiet little alarm bell ringing in the back of his mind starts to make him think differently. The patient develops a creeping suspicion that it is his therapist, and not his memories and his anxiety, might be the real danger to him.

Pertinent Information
  • Sometimes I post daily, but sometimes it might be a week or two before I reply. And when real life happens it happens. I’m looking for a writing partner that will be content with a relaxed pace for the story.
  • Forum only. I love to use YIM or PMs to discuss details about the story or ask/answer questions, but not for writing out scenes.
  • I have the character that I’d like to write in this story fleshed out in my head. I can change a few little details about him if a partner asks, but overall he’s going to come as he is.
  • I’m looking for someone interested in writing the therapist in this story. My writing partner has freedom in creating him. They can choose their name, appearance, personality, etc. All I ask is that he have genuine if very dark interest and affection for my own character.
  • I’m happy to rework some of the premise or add in brand new elements according to my partner’s interests. We’ll just have to talk about it! I want to collaborate on a story beyond what has been laid out so far. What I’m really looking for in this story is some seriously dark themes and a very twisted relationship between the therapist and their patient.
  • Yes, this is shamelessly inspired by NBC's Hannibal.
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