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Author Topic: Inghippo's ideas  (Read 678 times)

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Inghippo's ideas
« on: April 21, 2014, 08:56:41 AM »
Hello everyone,

These are my ideas for some rp, I'm looking for female partners with female character, If you're interested or wanna share a though just pm so we can discuss about it! :)

- no minimun chars or paragraph required, just feel free to write as you're more comfortable
- I normally prefer PM o email but I could be available for some thread too
- Tell me more about how you like to rp (quotes, sentence style, story idea, characters idea)
- Add any image if you feel that it's good for you or the game


Frank had a new apartment far away from the city, after few days in the new house he discovered a beautiful woman sunbathing in the garden.
She is really hot, blonde and really tall, he couldn't avoid to look at her and spying on her while she was taking the sun.
A day someone rings on Frank's door, she hot blonde appear in front of him with just a towel on herself, her shower was broken and ask to use Frank's bathroom as favor.

* the story can begin withFrank spying on her and then she coming at the door.
* this could be a smutty/teasing rp, we can discuss what will happen after they meet in Frank's apartment
* I don't have a name for her right now but she's blonde, tall and with few years then Frank.


Phil is not the best guy of the universe, he's a lazy liar and often he cheat to his girlfriend with other girls.
Tired of Phil behavior his girlfiend what to get her payback and one night taking advantage of his heavy sleep she put's his cock in a cage and save the key as necklace.
When Phil wake up discover the terrible surprise but that's only the begininning of his girlfriend revenge.

* the story can begin with Phil sleeping or a previous discussion between the two characters
* this could be a smutty/teasing rp, we can discuss what will happen and where is played (just home or even outside)
* I don't have details about her, she will be sure mad at him and want to give him a lesson to change his behavior and get respect

The painter
]Rick Renue is an ex male professional model. He posed for famous photographers and famous brands but after few years he got replaced by younger models and have some trouble in finding a new job. After trying to find a new way for his new career as an actor, he got stuck by the price of his lifestyle and he in need to get some money he found a job as "private model for a painters" even if he don't know who's the client there's a lot of cash for a few hours job so he accept.
When he go to the appointment he found a girl, a painter, who is working on a series of painting for a exhibition and she need a male model to inspire her during her work even with nude poses.

* I've not yet defined the girl character so any input is welcome
* The place is the girl apartment that have to be defined
* For season and time I think this period of the year can be ok

The pool
Summer, august, the big city is empty and hot even by night, Samuel Sear is trying to get some sleep but it's too hot in his apartment to find any peace.
Then he decide to go to the roof of the palace where's a pool hoping to find relief in the cold water. Thinking that the whole place is empty he doesn't care a lot about wearing anything so he jumped in the pool completely naked but after few minute a girl in swimsuit appear, she've some sleeping issue and like to swim the night because this help her relax and sometimes to get some sleep. The two start talking about the reasons who brings them there and how they have just see each other in the palace without caring too much and flirting a little. During all of this conversation Samuel is embarrassed and fear that the girl discover that he's naked in the pool.

* The girl character don't need to be dominant or naive, she can find out sooner or later that Samuel is naked
* I'd like to have some little flirting, teasing light chat between the characters before she discover him
* I've not yet a specific idea on what happens next but I think there are several options that we can discuss

The beach
Joy is a boy living in a city near the sea, he got a job as mechanic for boats. He got a best friend Elisa, they know each other from long time and have grow together in the same city.
The people normally thinks that they're a couple but they prefer to be friends even if sometimes in they past they get some intimate time together.
Elisa asked Joy to came to a new beach a little far from the city in the weekend. Joy accepted, without worries about a day by the sea but when he finally reach the place he found a nudist beach.
In this way Joy discover that Elisa's weird passion about watch and be watched and she wants him to enjoy as well.

* the story can begin with joy arriving at the beach
* First dialog between joy and Elisa would be about her explaining her passion about the nudist world
* Joy would be probably reluctant about undressing himself in public but Elisa would be able to convince him

Poker Party
Dean Dore is a professional poker player. After years of great wins he's rich and well know but still passionate for the game. After winning the last tournament he's approached by a woman who invites him to a one vs one match where the stokes it's no money. For every hand win he can command what he wants to the lady otherwise he'd obey to the lady orders.

* I was thinking about this starting as a strip tease poker session and define some limits to the possible actions
* We can decide how the hands go before or rolling a dice to decide who wins/lose
* The place can be his/her apartment or anything else with some privacy...
* I'd like to make the game interesting with some talk betweens the character during the hand, having some teasing/flirting conversation would be nice

The match
Mark lost his job a month ago, searching for a new job he found an ad who offer 5000$ to the man who's so brave to challenge the champion in a wrestling match: Lady Pandora.
The rules are simple, everything will be put on streaming on the official website and the two fighters will battle removing their clothes, the first who get naked will lose and have to submit for other fighter punishment.

* This story could be a dominant/submissive/switch rp, tell me what role your character will have to decide how the match could work
* No violence, blood, mutilation, toilet games just wrestling, teasing and eventually soft humiliation (If you need just drop a pm so I'll make it even clearer)
* The story will start with the two meeting on the ring, a couple of post to present both the character then we could start to fight

I'll probably update this thread in the future or add more ideas for any question please pm me! :)

Thank for reading this, have fun!
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Re: Inghippo's idea for rp
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2014, 08:27:48 AM »
Updated text and added "The beach" idea

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Re: Inghippo's ideas
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2014, 03:04:06 AM »
*added the match
*updated few texts

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Re: Inghippo's ideas
« Reply #3 on: May 05, 2015, 09:24:02 AM »
added "neighbors"