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July 07, 2022, 12:38:46 pm

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Author Topic: Elven Sex Goddess role play desires  (Read 1036 times)

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Elven Sex Goddess role play desires
« on: April 21, 2014, 08:45:33 am »
F looking for M
First Couple
First Couple

Through out time the world brings together a fated pair, destine to be the first couple.   Many of these mated pairs have fallen into the antiquity of legends and myths of deities and heroes of long past.   Examples of such couples are found in many ancient texts.  Through out various periods of history and cultures.      Examples such as Adam and Eve from the bible,  given as the ultimate first couple.    The ancient pagan mythology of Norse religion with Frey and Freya.  Or the Greek and Roman of Zeus and Hera (Jupiter, Juno).   Or Orsis and Isis.  Still some fall into the status of heroes of legends, for example king Arthur and Guinevere or Mark Anthony and Cleopatra.

Of course there are dozen of other couples, with some even before recorded written word.  That have fallen into the wasteland of desert of forgotten past.     Then there are even those first couples that never come to true fruition.   To stand as the vanguard against the terror of chaos that rears it head upon mother earth, Gaia.   Such couples are far and few between.   
Through such fated couple, of President John F Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.   Who had lost the fight,   who each met untimely deaths and never truly were able to bond as the first couple that they were destine to be.       

Fated to meet,  the first couple no matter where they have grown up, whatever background that they have.  Gaia will always push them towards the first fated meeting.    Even  before the two meet,  they will weeks before begin to feel a onslaught of rising hormones.   As the magic of Gaia slowly begins to infuse into their very makeup of their DNA.    Those rising hormones will be nothing to the intense desire and lust that each will feel when they meet for the very first time.   Each ones voice will be like liquid gold,  sweet honey upon their ears.     Each will be a vision of perfection to the other.   To the world they will seem the perfect couple to those that come in contact with them. 

Through Gaia seems of chaos of random diversity.   As those mistaken creation and evolution  to chaos, is really order.  Chaos is destruction,  it has many names.   Various cultures have  given this chaos of evil.  For destruction is evil different names.    Only one name is needed that truly represents chaos, the Darkness. 

Because of the miss opportunity with the loss of the recent prior couple of JFK and Marilyn.   The world has teetered heavily towards the darkness.   The results are beginning to be seen,   with example of such results of the darkness feeding into the world.    As the Greenland ice walls are falling away melting over a hundred yards a day.   It is not only the dominion of darkness itself with large scale catastrophes.   The darkness draws those to it of greed,  power hungry.  They become agents of the darkness that spreads across the world.   

I am looking for someone to play the male counter part to the first couple.  The story will start out each in their own lifes and areas that they come from in their backgrounds.   Just prior to each heading down to the Miami  and  Key West in Florida for either vacation or  business. 

I am hoping to create a modern fantasy supernatural romance.   I have been ambiguous with laying out powers of the first couple.   With only describing the attraction the pull towards each other unknowingly.  The cause to the first couple, what power lies behind it.   Thinking it be more fun for who ever takes on the other half to join in and help create the parameters of the the first couple and powers. 

The game will be set Bondage: Human Solos.   Through the first couple will not be of a master and slave themselves.    The aspect for villainy of the antagonists trying to break apart the first couple could very well rear the aspect of bondage upon one or the other.   

Opening excerpt

Kelly Shannon dipped into her bag as she holds it open.   Rummaging through its contents looking for her shampoo.   A slight frustration settling in as she realizes she forgot to toss her bottle of shampoo in the bag this morning.    Erika next to her would notice the growing irritation.   The setter of the team would reach into her own bag and pull out her shampoo.   “Here you can borrow mine.”    Kelly would look up and at the other woman and give a sheepish grin as she takes the bottle of shampoo.   “Thank you, your a lifesaver.   

The two then would head into the shower.   As they had just finished a weekly intramural game of beach volleyball at the North street beach.    Kelly being the taller of the two at five foot nine inches in height.   Erika could only reach that height with a good size heel upon a pair of high heels.    One look at Kelly with her long blonde hair and statuesque physique.  One would guess she was a model or in a likewise profession.   The truth the twenty three year old.   Ran her own private investigations agency.   Specializing in finding missing persons, mostly teen runaways.  Her father a former FBI agent,  gave her the background for such.     Through unlike her brothers she had dropped out of college and did not follow the career path of becoming a FBI agent.   Although her brothers had not either.  With one having become an agent in the Secret Service while the other is making it a career as an officer in the Air Force.    Through what each had done was to follow in their father's footsteps in working for the Federal government.   

Erika and most of the teams in the intramural beach volleyball had all played in college volleyball.   Erika had been a teammate of Kelly.   As they had gone to the same school.  Others came from some of the other schools within the conference.     As the two enter the shower to join other league players already showering.   Erika touches on the upcoming trip down to the Florida's Key West.   

“Your going to be able to make it, the tournament down in Key West.   It be great,  we'll have a great time.  I know you don't want to leave,  but the prize for coming in first is $5000, with runner up getting $2500 and third a $1000.  I have to finalize the reservations this night.”

Kelly groans inwardly,  she really like to go.    But she could hardly afford to take off and not be able for business.  She had already borrowed twice from dad.   An lately her hormones have been acting up.   The frustration with the shampoo was due more to her raging hormones.  It was like she is reliving puberty all over again.   

“Alright, I'm going.”

“Great,  the more the better in getting a discount package from the hotel.”

Back into the locker room, as Kelly finishes drying herself off.  She looks to her teammate.   With a puzzled look,  in regards to her comment more the better.    Erika also drying off catches the look and realizes she has puzzled  Kelly.   

“There is four other teams going from the here.  Two others from our league and two from a league on the south side    We're able to get a discount package as were registering as a group.”