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Author Topic: Xenophylia's Serpentine Embrace (and other ideas) [MUL]  (Read 1046 times)

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Offline xenophyliaTopic starter

Xenophylia's Serpentine Embrace (and other ideas) [MUL]
« on: August 30, 2008, 01:27:52 pm »
Hi.  I'm new here, but trying to find some partners who, like me, have a snake fetish.  I am willing to play both as pred or victim.  Furry characters are welcome, as well as humans.  Also enjoy playing Lamia/Naga RPs, either as the pred or the victim.  If there's anyone out there who has a similar interest, drop me a pm and we'll see what happens!  X.

Possible scenarios that have come to mind: (many more to come)

1. A naga captures an anthro (partner's choice as to specifics) as prey, but before he kills her he develops a soft spot for her.  The two eventually become mates.  The RP takes place as their life together evolves in the forest.  Can be as long or short as the spirit moves us.

2. An ancient race of snake/ human hybrids discovered through the ages that they could reproduce with humans as well as their own species.  Eventually, both sexes came to prefer humans to their own kind.  Over time, the race evolved into two separate species- the naga (males) and the lamia (females).  Not only did they no longer interbreed, but both species developed an animosity toward the other.  As the numbers of each race slowly dwindled, both species rarely came in contact with each other.  The story centers on a surviving naga, who has entered into the world of humans to find a mate.  He chooses a human woman who catches his eye, only to discover that she is, in fact, a lamia.  The two start off as enemies, but then come to develop feelings for each other and decide to try to unite their original species.  Other members of their respective races discover this, and attempt to thwart their plans.  This could be a rather long one.

I'm at this point looking for a female partner for both of these.  I'm also planning to post more ideas HERE as I get the time to write them out, and am open to suggestions on other ideas.  Hugsss and ssssqueeezessss...  X.
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Offline xenophyliaTopic starter

Re: Xenophylia's Serpentine Embrace [MUL]
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2008, 10:51:51 am »
Two ideas that I've tried before, both of which indulge my interest in exotic creatures, but not necessarily serpents.

1. The Journey Home

Two anthro characters (male and female, specifics up to each player's choice) escape from a human "zoo" after being abducted from their distant homeland.  Initially, the players do not know each other so a large part of the RP early on is the discovery of each character- their history, abilities, likes and dislikes.  The two then try to return home.  In their path is an accursed forest, populated by a variety of seductive and deadly creatures.  The story chronicles their adventures in returning to their homeland.  The specifics as to the creatures/ perils encountered are up to the players' individual preferences.  When I've run this in the past, I play the male character and any creatures which are my creation.  Ideally, my partner would play the female and any characters which she contributes. 

2. The Farm

A woman looking for help after getting a flat tire stumbles into a strange, "living" trap.  When she wakes up, she finds she's been taken captive by a mysterious character named "Brumgard"- the curator of what appears to be a farm for exotic creatures.   After a brief (and somewhat forced) erotic encounter, she discovers that he is not entirely human.  In return for her compliance, she is given her freedom- she only needs to find the means of escape from the place.  As she attempts to escape, she comes to realize the place is more than it seems, and has a much more sinister purpose.  Does she survive?  Does she merely escape or attempt to expose Brumgard's "Farm" for what it truly is?  When I've played this in the past, the lead female character is played by my partner.  I, in turn, play Brumgard, and the variety of denizens the woman meets in her efforts to escape- some friendly, some not.  There is also the opportunity here to recruit "guest" players to play some of the creatures, though I've found this easier said than done from past experience.   

The stories are freeform, and the path of these stories not set in advance- it is determined by characters' actions.  I also encourage the player to bring some of her own favorite creatures, which can easily be worked into the story.   
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Offline Transgirlenstein

Re: Xenophylia's Serpentine Embrace [MUL]
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2008, 11:42:44 am »
I have a huge snake fetish as well.  I would like either of these ideas, its good too see someone else here who enjoys ssnakes ;)

Offline xenophyliaTopic starter

Re: Xenophylia's Serpentine Embrace [MUL]
« Reply #3 on: August 31, 2008, 12:09:19 pm »
Hello....yeah its nice to see others who are into the same things, no matter how..uhhh...unusual....that's one of the reasons I joined this forum.  Hoping to find a female partner for these (I'm not crazy about asking people to play cross gender).  In my experience, most guys play women the way they WANT women to be, but not as they really are.  Kind of funny, but it hasn't worked for me in the past.  If I don't get any responses, I may consider it though.  I'll keep you posted!  X.