What's wrong with them? m for female

Started by seeker619, April 18, 2014, 06:55:00 AM

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Two teenagers on separate blocks and each on summer vacation before senior year at high school wake up late and and find the radio stations are playing music but there are no disk joc.keys, worse no one is answering their cell phones. The television stations playing reruns are on by no live news stations.  On their separate blocks nobody is outside.  No one mowing lawns, no one fixing cars in fact they do not even hear any cars in the distance.  Each makes it to a store finding cars on the road all wrecked having no survivors and in the stores everyone looks fine with the exception that they are all dead.  Eventually they find each other and they hug like they were old acquaintances although they have never met.

Together they form a bond as they search for others like themselves.  Weeks go by and no one alive is found yet one thing more is very wrong.  None of the bodies has begun to rot.  Are they in suspended animation?  If so by whom and why and how are they not affected.  Together they must search and things only get stranger.  Or could they?

Would be willing to hear more ideas on this as it is loosely tied together with no answers clear.