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January 26, 2021, 07:36:08 PM

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Author Topic: Kingpin [M lf F, Light to Bondage, Superheroes]  (Read 521 times)

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Kingpin [M lf F, Light to Bondage, Superheroes]
« on: April 17, 2014, 04:43:03 PM »
"Damn kids today."

"What's the matter old-timer? Can't take the heat?"

"Really, power related puns? I haven't done one on purpose sense you were in diapers. And for pretty much the same reason, damn kid."

"Oh, what are you going to do about it old man? It's been years since you Iced somebody, I burned more people in one fight then you have frozen your whole life! You don't have the balls, old man."

"And that's another problem with you kids today, you mistake having a power and some daddy issues for having actual balls. You don't get power by having a body count, if you have real power you don't need one."

"I'll show you I have balls, I'm going to burn Mr. BlizzarEEEEEERRRRHHHHHHH!"

"Rule 1 Kid - Don't kill unless you have to, but when you have to don't talk about it, just do it already. Anyone else getting ideas?"

---Mitchell Brown AKA "Mister Blizzard" AKA "Mickey Blue-Eyes"

Mickey was born in 1945, just a few months after the end of World War 2. It was a mistake really. His mother received a telegram telling her that her husband had died, unaware that he was in fact alive and well- just that a clerical error caused a telegram to be sent for every single man in the army with the same name as a different soldier to be sent. Depressed, she began going out into the nightlife and ended up a moll of 40's ice-themed supervillain Dr. Blizzard. By the time she was informed of the error, she was pregnant with Dr. Blizzard's son.

When he returned from the war, Mr. Brown was less then enthusiastic about the idea of raising another man's son. Shortly after Mitchell's birth he kicked the mother and son out of the house. Eventually the pair settled in under the bright lights of Vegas with Mickey's mother a showgirl, eventually graduating to a torch singer. It wasn't an easy life for the two of them, especially with Mickey being an obvious mutant. By the time Mickey was a teenager he got into organized crime to make ends meet- a career that took off when his cold-and-ice powers surfaced.

Forced to use his powers to assist a mob boss that despised mutants, when the original House of Cards scouted him and pitched themselves as a mutants-and-metas answer to a traditional mob family, Mickey joined gladly. Finally given the respect he felt he deserved, he wasn't the most powerful on the team but he was loyal and creative in a pinch. That was enough for them.

Things changed in 1968, when a white female teammate and friend revealed that four members of one of the then newer "hero" teams had almost murdered her black husband and sexually abused her last time she was arrested. Out of loyalty and friendship to her and her husband, Mr. Blizzard tossed aside the campy parka costume, traded it in for a tailored suit, and brutally murdered all 4 of them one at a time. Getting life in prison without the possibility of parole, it was shaping up to be a long time when he discovered that thanks to his lower body temperature he aged much slower then a normal person. Now he's approaching 70 but physically he's still in his mid 20's.

Now known as "Mickey Blue-Eyes", mostly for his appearance of looking like an albino but with bright blue eyes instead of reddish-pink ones, Mickey has matured but still doesn't see anything in polite society worth saving. Mickey did stay in prison because he does have a moral code, if one that doesn't conform to society.

Rule 1 - No killing unless you have to, and when you do just get it over with.
Rule 2 - Respect dames, unless they don't want you to.
Rule 3 - Leave kids out of it.
Rule 4 - Leave families out of it, unless they bring themselves into it.
Rule 5 - When you have friends, do right by them.

And Mickey Blue-Eyes stayed in prison so that his friends could have a normal life, over 40 years just being the good prisoner for the convicted quadruple murder. Maybe if the authorities had let him go when the truth got out things could of been different, but Mickey Blue-Eyes has an advantage nobody else had considered - patience. Effectively immortal thanks to his powers, when his old friends finally died Mickey started putting plans into motion.

Because Mickey Blue-Eyes isn't going to sit in the slammer forever. He's going to be the Boss of Bosses. He's going to carve out a criminal empire of supervillains and normal mooks unlike anything the world has ever seen. He's given up the Parka of his younger days, but only because it covers up his power-suit and the enemies of Mickey Blue-Eyes are going to find out that going against him in some ways is like trying to stop a glacier...

So there's the idea - an age locked mobster from the 60's with ice powers has decided to stop waiting and carve out a criminal empire of his own. Mostly plot, some smut - lots of crime.