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Started by Orochimaru, April 17, 2014, 08:08:33 AM

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I want to try another MxM RP. This time, I want it to be between a class nerd, which would be my character and the class jock. Your character, which is the jock is secretly gay and over the years find my character attractive. Upon being secretly gay, he is also sub in nature. In contrast, my character is dominant in nature, but comes off timid and sanguine, but is also bi-curious; mostly straight though. The setting would be High School and in their senior year. I would also like it to, if possible, be interracial. Like the jock is black. For plot, there really is none that going against the normals for school socials.

PM me if you are interested.


I am still looking, but I will also settle for your character being a possible still in the closet cross dressing, feminine-looking male beside being a jock.


Sounds interesting. Hit me up.
I'd love playing the sub role! I have only played via IM

Let me know what you think.