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May 15, 2021, 07:43:07 pm

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Author Topic: Atlas City Empires (Organized crime themed RP)  (Read 690 times)

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Atlas City Empires (Organized crime themed RP)
« on: April 16, 2014, 07:33:47 pm »
Atlas City Empires

The year is 2032, and the world has not changed that much from the early 2000s. Humanity is still stuck on earth, trying their best to scrounge up whatever resources they can from the planet before it eventually dries up. Despite advances in technology, the world still runs on money, and at this time, a majority of the world's monetary might is held not by any nations, but by international bussiness entities. The mega corporations. These companies are like a nation unto themselves, each one possessing their own power structures and military might.

In the year 2021, one of these corporations, Atlas corp, established Atlas City. A free trade area built on an artificial island in the pacific ocean, the city became a vital connecting point between the American continent and Asia. It also became the home of many smaller corporations who realizes full well the possibilities that exist in a land untouched by international laws. Alas, like moths drawn to flames, big bussiness soon draws the attention of organized crimes into the city. From the Yakuzas, to the Cosa Nostra, Atlas city is home to many underworld organizations, big and small.

Atlas corp tolerates the pressence of these criminal organizations as long as they do not bring problems to the city. It also helps that each of the bigger organizations rake in a considerable ammount of money into the region, making Atlas city an economic powerhouse, a land divided by many small empires. These empires exist in a constant state of chaos, alliances and vendettas are declared at a moment's notice and ends just as abruptly. To live in Atlas City is to live amongst a secret war that is fought in the shadows between men and women who were born in the dark and will one day die in the dark. Some of them are lucky enough to rise higher than others, but it is still a life of constant danger and death might lie around every well-paved corner of the city.



The Yakuzas

The Kuraya Yakuza clan rules the entertainment district, which includes bussinesses such as brothels, bars and the pornography industry. They are led by the two brothers, the Dragon and the Oni. An organization that puts value in tradition, they have a strict chain of command in place and their men are fiercely loyal.

-Rise of the dragon-
Kuraya Retsu is the younger brother of the head of the Kuraya Yakuzas. Despite being born into a life of crime, his passion has always been something more artistic. Retsu wanted to become a filmmaker, and this led to his brother appointing him as being the head of the Kuraya's pornography industry, thinking that this will keep him out of the frontlines.

An easy man to get along with, Retsu is well liked amongst his peers and even more so by the actresses who he seems to take good care of. Will Retsu survive the underworld despite his Naivete? Or will it cost him?

Partner ideas
-An up and coming pornstar tries to further her career by seducing Retsu. Little did she know that the young man is quite hard to satisfy.

-A woman is tasked by Retsu's older brother to keep an eye on the young man and to guide him in the family bussiness and to help him in his day to day life.

-The Oni Reigns Supreme-
Kuraya Youichiro, the Oni, is a feared figure amongst the Atlas city underworld. The man's legend has grown to the point where it is hard to tell which stories about him are true and which are merely myths. It was even said that he survived three shots to the head once during an ambush by the Cosa Nostra. Ruthless and vengeful, the Yakuza has flourished under his leadership.

Despite his cold and remorseless attitude towards his enemies, the Oni is a man who cares about his subordinates and would go out of his way to ensure that they are well rewarded for their deeds. He also has a weakness for a pretty woman, especially redheads. Somewhat of a legend amongst the ladies of the redlight district, it was once said that the Oni procured the services of 11 escort ladies in one night and fucked every single one to the point of sexual exhaustion. Of course, this might just be another one of his myths..alongside his alleged foot-long cock.

Partner Ideas
-The head of a rival gang is constantly at odds with the Oni, this results in some kind of sexual tension during their meetings, one day, an indecent proposal was made.  In addition to a bussiness transaction, the two will seal the deal with a night of no-strings-attached sex

-The wife of a rival gang's head caught the eyes of the Oni, and what the Oni wants, the Oni gets. It also helps that the lady is intrigued by the legends of the Oni's sexual prowess.

The Cosa Nostra

The Altieri Family is a financial powerhouse that owns a few hotels and casinos in Atlas city. They have a very good relationship with Atlas corp and is wealthy enough to bribe their way through most things. To become an officer in the family, one must either be born an Altieri or marry into the family.

-Amor Fati-
Don Destino of the Altieri family is a mysterious figure indeed. His bussines accument has led to the Family's financial success and there are those who says he can see the future. An elegant and attractive man, he is desired by many woman in Atlas city, not only because of his sex appeal, but because marrying him would make a woman into the matriarch of the entire Family and provide her with a life of luxury and indulgence.

Partner Ideas
-As her last mission before getting married, an Interpol Agent is tasked to infilitrate the family by getting close to Don Destino, but will his sexual prowess and wealth tempt her to forget her mission and be his completely?