[First Ideas Up] Torterrable's Searching Thread [Available]

Started by Torterrable, April 16, 2014, 10:15:02 AM

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I am available for roleplays. This is a somewhat crude thread, and somewhat under construction, but I try.

I play both male and female characters, and I have played a wide range of genres, styles, and people. I do not do structured roleplays as I do not know how to, but I am willing to learn how to roll dice. I typically appreciate science fiction and fantasy more than other genres.

I post a wide range of sizes, but I prefer posts that are longer to those that are shorter. Please feel free to check out my O/Os; the link is in my signature.

Please do not post here. Instead, PM me.

Current Quick One Shot Ideas

  • Milkmaid - The story of a girl and her job of milking men. This one would be a somewhat short scene between the milkmaid girl and the man, with the possibility of developing an odd, perverted relationship between them.
  • Slave - A basic slave type roleplay involving a master. This is not very fleshed out, as I prefer to make this one to my partner's preferences.
  • Amazoness - An amazon woman captures a male and decides to use him as a breeding stud.

Current Longer Ideas

  • Fallen Goddess - Humans create religions through their belief. Religions and gods have come and vanished, with humans none the smarter about what has been happening. Except somehow, one goddess has become truly tangible. She has gone from being a creation of thoughts to a creation of solid flesh, perhaps because she rules over the pleasures of the flesh. Her worshipers have been dwindling, and she is on the verge of becoming nothing. Indeed, she is powerless, little stronger than a normal human. Now, fallen, she must seek help, but is there anyone willing to help someone that they do not believe in?
  • Summoner and Pet - Summoners typically have great familiars. They have dragons, golems, beasts of legend. What happens, then, when the first familiar (the most important one) turns out to be nothing more than a human? That's right, the first person summoned seems to be none other than a completely useless, mundane human. How will the summoner react? What will this newly born human, with absolutely no memory of his or her past, do?