Subtle Seduction Requested [M looking for F]

Started by agentlemanwithadream, April 15, 2014, 11:40:46 AM

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I am interested in writing a long term story that centers around a high-class stripper and a regular client. I was thinking that my character, an immensely successful man, comes in to the strip club for a bachelor party or some other celebration and becomes enamored with your character, a dancer at the club. I see my character trying to get her to go home with him but she won't and so he continues to come back to the club and she, getting paid nicely, ramps up the flirting more and more yet ever holding off from him.

I think it's obvious that I expect the story to be based heavily in seduction and teasing and I would like it to eventually lead to romance but a very, very slow build up. If this sparked some interest send me a PM and we can discuss details.