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October 17, 2019, 03:15:44 AM

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Author Topic: Ghost Recon Wildlands Inspired One-shot  (Read 748 times)

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Inspired One-shot
« on: February 27, 2017, 10:18:33 AM »
So I jumped in on Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands beta this weekend and had a little bit of fun. If you missed it, it can be summed up as less of a military shooter and more like a open-world CIA thing, a team of special forces operators supporting a small group of rebels against a cartel and its government backers. You know the deal. Gameplay wise, it's basically Metal Gear Solid V set in Bolivia.

Judging by the open beta, it's a little short on characterization and story. A shame but not unexpected... I was curious to think about what these high-speed military operators do between missions. Do they make friends with the locals? Do they have fun like go paragliding in the safer zones? Do they go out drinking to relieve tension? ...More?

As I played a female operator in a team with three guys in the beta, I also couldn't help but imagine that they were conducting routine orgies in their hotels and safehouses...

But unfortunately, I probably shouldn't start a long-term game right now so I want to briefly touch on those other elements while focusing on a snapshot particular night or event. There would be a lot of implied characterization to their relationship.  Anyways, the idea is that after a particularly harrowing mission in which any one of them could have been killed several times over, the teams beds down after a long day and get to celebrating their continued life...

I'm thinking it's a team of four, though I could be convinced to take more. I'd like to play the lone female on the team, though if we have more, I could be swayed to take 2 females/3 males or something. I'm not adverse to one player taking the role of multiple characters either.

Aesthetically, think less like this and more like this.

The idea appeals to me in three ways;

One, I want to play a tough chick who can hang with the guys... but is still a woman. I intend to play her pretty authentically as a battlehardened specs ops type. She drinks whiskey, she smokes cigars, she has tattoos. She has the respect of her team and they have hers. Plus, she's got a rocking body, honed by years in the military.

Two, all that gear! It's weird but I rather like costumes. I'm fond of the paramilitary aesthetic- cargo pants, hiking boots, a tank top and... a load bearing vest with spare magazines and grenades, a pistol strapped to the thigh and a rifle slung over the back. The funnest part is taking all that gear off, piece by piece.

Three, the extraordinary circumstances. Everything can be fine one day and someone could die the next. Life is too short not to make the most of it. These people are off in a foreign country under pseudonyms and false identities. If they are killed, the government disavows their existence. It's all part of the job, but it's lonely. They're tough people, though... they can handle it. Still, it doesn't have to be that bad, eh?

Offline 1SAZ

Re: Ghost Recon Wildlands Inspired One-shot
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2017, 10:27:42 PM »
Color me interested. I enjoyed the beta quite a bit for what it was and do plan to get it at launch, but I still have that itch I can't scratch so to speak.

Offline Inerrant LustTopic starter

Re: Ghost Recon Wildlands Inspired One-shot
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2017, 11:28:11 AM »
There is a line of banter I remember from the various operators that went something like this;

"When do you think they're gonna just get robots to do our job?"
"There's some things that we do that a robot can't."
"Like drink."
"Or fuck."

That might have been the line that made me want to start an RP. :P

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Re: Ghost Recon Wildlands Inspired One-shot
« Reply #3 on: March 07, 2017, 09:41:06 PM »
Hey, the game's out! This is pretty much what I had in mind for any kind of RP exploring the situation... A little dressed down, not wearing any real gear or armor but this kind of attire would probably be for a more clandestine operation anyway..

Ideas that come to mind; Tough as nails, with a pair as big as any man's, but still a woman. If set in Latin America, probably has some Hispanic heritage. I think the face I picked for this character is supposed to be Hispanic. I have a hard time telling in videogames sometimes... Which reminds me, this game doesn't have to take place in Bolivia as in the game or whatnot. Overall, the time and place is kind of irrelevant. What matters is the team and their relationship...