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April 14, 2021, 12:40:48 pm

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Author Topic: Looking for a story? (M seeking F)  (Read 624 times)

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Offline TheUltramarineTopic starter

Looking for a story? (M seeking F)
« on: April 14, 2014, 05:04:18 pm »

It's been quite a while since I last came on E, but after dealing with most of the stuff that kept me away, I thought I should check back. After all, the last couple of months, I've been really interested in starting a good long term story, but I lack the proper partner, and E was always a great place to find very talented and like-minded writers. So let's see if we can work on something together.

To this point, I would like to clarify that I'm very meticulous with my stories. I tend to be somewhat of a perfectionist, so I want to be able and give them my best. Thus, I tend to take only a handful of stories at any given time, and if there are more than one active at a time, I prefer to keep them on different settings to avoid the characters ending up similar to each other. All I want to say is that I will probably write down more ideas than the spots I'll keep open, just to show you what I'd be interested in and since the spots are so limited, it's first come, first served. I'll keep the thread updated whenever a story is taken and when I reach the limit of the stories I'm willing to take.

Now, as far as the posting method is concerned, do not worry about it, we can discuss every detail that troubles you in private. Best way to contact me should something catches your eye is through pms. I can't promise I'll be checking on the site all the time, but I get a notification on my phone for every new email, so it's a surefire way to get my attention, which will also grand you a response as immediate as possible.

And since everything else is now out of the way, let me begin with my story ideas:

Against all odds

Setting: Fantasy, Adventure (Based on the lore of Warcraft - not WoW as most people would know it)
Character race: Elves

My apologies for starting with something probably quite nerdy, but this story is something that I've been craving to do for like five years now without ever having a real chance. For some reason either my partner disappears or something goes wrong and the story never actually starts, but if you are interested in it, I'd be more than happy to discuss this possibility with you.

The plot takes place around the first events of the Third War, starting just a little while before the Scourge launches the attack that ruined the elven homeland and almost annihilated the elves. The whole idea is to follow the events and kinda... do more justice to the elven race which was just pushed aside by the owners of the franchise for their own reasons, with which I don't particularly agree. It has the potential to be quite the fun story for those who loved the original storyline, especially if you're fond of the Quel'Dorei. How are they going to escape after the attack? How are they going to survive the coming of the Burning Legion? Who are they going to side with? They can even partake in the battle of Hyjal summit. But, as you can imagine from what I just described, the requirements are to play as a fellow elf and to have at least a good idea of what happened around that time. I can try to tell you everything you need to know, but I'm not sure if you'd be up for a history lesson when it comes to that :P

The character I'll be playing for this one is Arundir, a young, ambitious ranger who wants to become a great hero and honor the order of the Rangers and his homeland. Of course as you might have figured, before he can even start earning a name for himself, a brutal attack takes away everything and everyone he ever knew and loved, leaving him one of the very few survivors. Despite not letting on much about him right here, I've been working on this character for almost a decade now, so I have figured out any detail you might want to know about him. I just prefer to give you the general idea before we discuss characters. Your girl could be pretty much anything you like, from a fellow ranger, to a proud elven knight, to a mage or priestess, which can lead to all sorts of different opportunities for them to meet and interact, before, during or even after the attack.

Princess on the run

Setting: Medieval/Fantasy
Character race: Any

Now this is a story for an original world, or even the world as we know it, somewhere in Medieval Europe. The amount of fantasy is completely up for debate. The whole idea is that your girl is the princess and last heiress of a fallen kingdom. She was taken away as a child in order to survive and placed under the "custody" of another noble family that adopted her. Of course, the reason that was done was to nurture the girl with the ideology and virtues they wanted, in order to either make a good pawn out of her, ruling the land of her late parents by pulling her strings, or to simply marry her off and use her as a trading card. How the young princess will fare with her foster parents, and how kind or harsh they are going to be is up for debate and also depends on the person who wants to take the role. The thing is though, that she realizes who she is. Either she finds out around the time she comes of age, or she still has memories as a child and with a bit of a research as a teenager manages to find the truth. What are you going to do about it? I assume sitting there and wait to be married of, taken to the market like a pig for sale, is not really the idea, is it?

Where do I come in? I have quite a few ideas about it really. I could be a servant, or a soldier around the castle she currently lives with her foster family. Depending on her personality, that young lad and the princess have the chance to meet, become friends, or even share a want for each other that is inappropriate in the eyes of everyone but their own. Their only option is to run away, and I would assume that the goal of this young princess would be to reach her homeland as fast as possible and claim her right as heiress of the throne. Alternatively, she could run away on her own and meet my character along the way, as a mercenary, rogue or something of that sort. The whole idea is to follow this young noble and her new companion in their effort to escape those who will most certainly come after them and reach their destination safely. It's a journey full of peril. It's the two of them against the world. Enemies are everywhere and allies are scarce. No one can guarantee that they'll be safe even if they actually reach their destination. I believe it's a rather interesting story to explore, if you feel up for it.

For the night is dark and full of terrors...  -  TAKEN

Setting: High Fantasy, Horror-Adventure
Character race: Any

Now, I know that the title might point you towards the well known TV series and novel but that's not my intention, but the reason why I used this particular phrase will be obvious soon enough.

The idea of this story is to create a very dark world, full of dangers and horrors that creep thought the night, threatening the lives of the people of the realm. The nobles keep themselves locked in their halls, protected by their armies, leaving their subjects at the mercy of the creatures, knowing that even their soldiers are probably not enough to stop the unearthly beings that roam the land.

In order to survive the situation, the realm needs a group of individuals equipped with knowledge, skills and weapons specialized in taking care of those creatures. That's where we come in. I was thinking of following the whole process of this organization starting as a small group of people with nothing to lose, often seen as sellswords and just another band of mercenaries trying to fill their pockets preying on the suffering and desperation of people. In addition to all this, a thought to spice the story up a little would be to have them share a bit of a secret as well. In order to have a chance to survive standing toe to toe with creatures of superhuman strength and supernatural abilities, they would have to augment themselves as well to even the odds. Through magic and alchemy they might have managed to transform themselves, augment their bodies with the strength of animals and nature (for example they could turn into were-animals -werewolves are a bit overdone, plus they are far from my favorite). That would not only make them seem like freaks to the common folk, inspiring disgust or fear, but would also make the lords quite reluctant when it comes to accepting and supporting this kind of group, making their diplomatic standing quite difficult. The details are up for debate.

The first day, of the rest of your life

Setting: Modern, Post-apocalyptic, Survival
Character race: Human

This is more of a generic setting idea than a certain plot. I'm fan of the post-apocalyptic setting but I don't have a very specific idea on the matter, yet I would still like to list it as one of the possible stories we could work on. The idea is that the world is changing, suddenly or gradually. We either witness the change or we simply start the story when it has already happened. Either way there are three possibilities for this kind of story:

A change in lifestyle:
In this variation of the plot, a war or natural disaster has completely altered the way of life as we know it. Cities are lost, electricity was cut, communications destroyed. Even with that kind of destruction though, and despite the numerous casualties, mankind still exists and struggles to rebuild the damage. Small communities are starting to form, people salvage whatever useful resources and working technology they can get their hands on and life goes on. But don't think that things are as they were. There's no government, no law enforcement, no army. The laws are rules are made by those who have the resources and energy, bandits and scavengers roam the land and act without anyone being able to stop them. Who would you be in this world? How would you make a living?

Brains?: Yeah, you guessed it. Maybe a virus or some kind of nuclear accident caused a great portion of the population to mutate into mindless, primitive and highly aggressive husks that merely resemble the persons they used to be. Now they are haunting the streets and cities, hunting anything that moves, trying to sate their hunger for flesh. We are survivors, either meeting along the way or starting together. Regardless of how we start though we'll have to work together if we want to stay alive, and probably team up with more humans. The question is, are they willing to share their resources with us?

And then there was silence: Have you ever read Stephen King's "the Crow"? Well, in that book a virus escapes a military lab and spreads throughout the globe, exterminating the 90% of global population. The only ones who survive are the few lucky ones who are naturally immune to the disease or those who managed to keep themselves away from contamination until the life cycle of the virus ended. So, after a week or so of locking yourself in your own house, you finally get out, realizing that EVERYBODY is gone... Everything is silent. No cars, no people, no tv, no radio. And now what? You have to survive. You have to find food, which is not entirely impossible given how many shops are left unattended, but with no electricity, things spoil rather fast. What's worse, being all alone is maddening, isn't it? You need to find more people. But would you just team up with strangers? Are they going to be friendly? Resources are precious and the human nature is to wish and gather all they can for themselves. Why share if they have nothing to gain?

There's also another thing that could be added in the last two ideas. Perhaps the situation was an accident, but that doesn't mean that everyone is unaware. The government is aware, those responsible were already safe when the worst of the disaster struck. And now, in order to keep themselves safe and keep their standing they need to have the cure. In order to do that, they need to study those with natural immunity to the virus and as you can imagine, not all of them are willing. Agents spread rumors of safe-havens for those who are still alive, trying to get their hands on them, conducting experiments, offering false promises of cure only to use those who are healthy in order to find one for themselves. In other cases, they could be even more straight forward, kidnapping healthy "specimens" to bring to their labs. Imagine how many people would be fooled, especially if someone was somehow infected, knowing he had only a few days to live. It wouldn't take much to make him betray his own allies in hope of saving his own skin.

To infinity and beyond!

Setting: Sci-fi/Futuristic
Character race: Preferably human

Ever played Mass Effect? I don't suggest writing something strictly on the setting of the game (not that I'd be against it of course, it was an amazing game with incredible story), I just wanted to use the central idea of it, being part of the crew of a space-ship, traveling across the galaxy, exploring new worlds, carrying out missions. There are a few ideas we could try out on this kind of scenario.

Treasure hunt: There is a legend about the mythical home-world of a whipped out civilization, somewhere across the stars. It all started with some kind of communications beacon that landed on earth, or perhaps some of the human colonies across the galaxy, and since then, all kinds of rumors started spreading about the information retrieved from this drone. Some speak of wealth, others of technology that is millennia ahead of ours, others that it revealed the location of a weapon so powerful that the military urged to keep everything hush hush in fear of someone recovering it before them. One thing is for certain, no matter what can be found there, it's worth the risk. You could play the daredevil captain who decides to use her ship to rush in that treasure hunt, or you could be one of those consisting the crew of such a ship, due to your expertise on something that would aid the crew in their goal. Details to be discussed.

Interstellar bounty hunters: I know you're going to ask me "Cowboy Beebop much?", but why not? The idea is similar to the previous one, with the difference that the goal here is not the retrieval of an artifact or treasure, but merely making a living out of hunting down the most dangerous criminals of the galaxy. We could start small, perhaps not even on the same team, but eventually be pulled in a major mess without even knowing it. Perhaps one of our targets ends up being the agent of a dangerous para-military/terrorist organization, or we somehow hurt their operations without even noticing. Maybe it's a pure accident, but I doubt they accept apologies. We need to get to the bottom of it.

The rebellion: Imagine a very crooked, very corrupt government, based on martial-law, media manipulation and propaganda, with sole purpose to bring as much profit as possible to those on the big chairs. As you can imagine, whenever possible, people would rebel, but without proper equipment they would be crushed under the military strength of the rulers. Also, the media would rush to paint them terrorists and murderers, blaming all destruction and collateral damage on them. The rebels lack coordination, equipment and manpower. They need to act all at once instead of wasting themselves like that. But those who have their heart in the right place and can think for themselves know that they have to rise up. Where you stand is for you to decide. You could be a loyalist, or siding with the rebels, either way, we have a hard fight ahead of us, especially in the second case.

More ideas may be added, but for now I want to stop writing and see if anyone wants to discuss what I've already presented to you. Please, feel free to come and talk. I will be glad to hear your thoughts, answer your questions and possibly work on a story with you.
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