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Author Topic: An Archive of Charlotte's Desires (F Seeking M)  (Read 783 times)

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An Archive of Charlotte's Desires (F Seeking M)
« on: October 03, 2013, 05:51:51 PM »
Why hello!

I think it’s about time I make one of these. I’ve been kicking a few ideas around in the dust for awhile now. I’ve never done one on one, I’ve always done groups, but I think I’d really like it. So here are some of my current cravings. Of course I’d love love love to discuss them further, and they are all open for changes etc. I will add more as I go.

I play female rolls – never done a male role and it doesn’t hold much interest for me. I’d mostly prefer my pair for these stories to be a male, depending on the story. Anyway, enough about that, let’s get to the good stuff!

Please PM if you are interested.

A Different Kind of Love              

He’s a hired sword, a merc, a killer. He travels from town to town taking various jobs that require a certain amount of… discretion. Discretion he can provide, for the right amount of coin.  But who is this man really? Is he some king’s whore offspring? Or is he just some street urchin all grown up? His travels bring him to yet another town. This town is on the surface the same as every other town he’s ever been to, and underneath has just as many filthy secrets. Plenty of work for a man of his talents, and plenty of gold. When he walks into the tavern to get a room and a bite to eat he sees her. He sees a beautiful young woman, barely a woman with her girlhood just behind her. But what is she doing in a dingy tavern like this? As he inquires about her he learns she is just a whore. A whore who’s virginity has just been put up for sale.

She’s just a whore, shrouded in a veil of mystery and deceit. Well – at least she will be. No one in the town seems to know where she came from, or why a girl like her would be interested in becoming a whore. She’s a young woman with fancy dresses, delicate hands and behavior that practically screams noble. She should be off contemplating her marriage or the latest ball – not planning on selling her virginity. But regardless of who she is or why she is there, the bids have already started high. One night, at the tavern, a man comes through the door that is completely different from the others. Before she can daydream about what sort of life she’d have had with a man like that if not for her situation, he places a bid.

A bid far higher than what anyone would dare pay for a whore – even one such as her. If he wins the bid – which surely he will, he has a proposition to give to her. That she become his personal whore.

I’ve been toying with this one for a while. I’d like to start the story at the beginning and let it unfold from there. Perhaps he would proposition her with a weekly payment in addition to a set price for each of their… encounters. Ideally it would turn into romance, with each character learning and exploring the other.

The Dream

For months she’s had the same recurring livid dream. At least, close enough to the same. Night after night of mad love making with a mysterious man she’s never met. When she wakes she finds herself drenched in sweat and inexorably aroused. But she’s also afraid. Afraid because she’s a virgin and has never had such impulses before. Afraid because these dreams come to her without fail, and afraid because she’s finding it more and more difficult to tell the difference between dream and reality. But she also finds herself looking forward to it, her nightly visits with the man in her mind. This dream world is a stark contrast to her real life, where she is nothing but a wallflower, a woman frequently ignored and passed over.

He wants her. He doesn’t know why, she’s just an ordinary girl, but he wants her. He wants her more than he’s ever wanted any woman – and that’s saying a lot. For he is an incubus and has had many. For him time stretches on eternal, and his allure has never failed to retrieve him any woman he wanted. But this time is different… he doesn’t want to use his abilities to make her want him. He wants to persuade her on his own… an act that in itself may be more difficult than he imagines. The only thing he can’t help are the dreams. The dreams his subconscious sends to her when they both sleep. The images that are becoming progressively more powerful, and he knows that he must soon satiate his desires else they both be sucked in to the dream forever.

Again, I'd like to here ideas about this. I'm thinking perhaps he saw her from a distance and just can't seem to stop thinking about her. He doesn't want to use his ability on her because he'd like this time to be different. Something different, something real.

The Next Generation

Far in the future reproduction has undergone massive changes. In a world where genetic engineering has become the pinnacle of human evolution it seemed that perfection was finally within humanities grasp. Parents created perfect children, choosing every attribute down to the very hues of their eyes and hair. It seemed nothing was not possible, children who were invulnerable to most diseases, stronger, faster, more beautiful. The therapy was quickly made affordable for all families, a fad that swept over the globe. A new generation of perfect, beautiful people were created, and the usual form of reproduction quickly became obsolete.

That was, until that new generation became old enough to have children of their own and discovered that they could not. Otherwise perfectly healthy people were incapable of having children, and there appeared to be no real reason why. It seemed there were more and more documented cases of sterility across the world. It took over forty years before the doctors realized that this epidemic of infertility was caused by the altering of genes. It seemed that the therapy, though successful in weeding out cancer, organ disease and other genetic anomalies had also caused its subjects to become sterile. The length of time it took for the loss of fertility was also attributed to the companies providing the genetic engineering trying to cover up the mess for the sake of money. An entire generation incapable of having children. It seemed that the population of the human race was about to take an enormous step backwards, as now very few people were capable of creating children. Until they came forward. The babies whose families had been too poor to pay for the engineering, few as they were. Suddenly there was an entirely new and incredibly lucrative market for babies. Couples, even middle class and lower class ones, would pay handsomely for a child of their own.

It was hoped that perhaps some of the women would be able to carry fertilized embryos, but this hope was quickly snuffed out. Without extensive hormone therapy it seemed that all of the genetically altered people were incapable of carrying a child to term. This left the few fertile people in the world left, who had now overnight been raised from poverty to luxury. They had something that everyone else wanted, and suddenly were expected to breed, breed, breed.

She grew up in the slums, having to fight for basic survival every day, even just to eat. The only option for someone such as her was a life of crime. That was, until it was realized that practically the entire world was sterile. With as few options as she had, there was little choice but to go forward and become one of the breeders. The experience is completely new for her, from the luxurious gowns and rooms, to the rich and decadent food. She meets him at her first mixer, and she's as scared of him as she is excited.

This story would take place at one of the ‘mixers’ for the breeders. The basic idea would be that each person would have had their gene’s tested to find out their likelihood for genetic disorder, and then placed in tiers accordingly. Obviously the wealthy were willing to spend the extra money for a genetically superior child. These tiers would have mixer parties, basically so that each of the person would get the chance to meet potential mates. After which, they would be expected to ah… try and make babies. Once pregnant the woman would live a life of luxury and care until she gave birth and her body was ready to have another. At which time the cycle would repeat. This is just a rough outline of the world and the goings on, but I’d be interested to explore it with someone. Would it be just business between the two, or would it become something more? Would their participation in this even be voluntary? Or would they basically be told that they have an obligation to their race and have no choice. Would they decide to try and run away together and keep the baby?
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Re: An Archive of Charlotte's Desires (F Seeking M)
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2014, 11:52:55 AM »
Updated some of the stories.