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March 30, 2017, 05:49:59 PM

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Author Topic: Female Young Offenders Correctional Facility - Interest Check. (Ladies only)  (Read 2446 times)

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Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Female Young Offenders
Correctional Facility


Following a discussion in the Ladies Only forum, and the apparent demise of my holiday camp game, I am going to post this to see what happens. The idea is that there are a number of female players on E who wish to have the experience of being treated like pieces of meat, but do not want to be treated like meat by male players.

To this end, I'm opening this interest thread, to see what happens.

The setting:

The game is set in a Girls-only juvenile correctional facility, dealing exclusively with young female offenders between the ages of 16 and 18. (This is a compromise between school and prison, two themes favoured by the group discussion). It will be set in a fictional correctional institute, in a fictional, English speaking country where prisoners' rights are unheard of and prison is not "an easy option". The prison itself is the last stop before being transferred to a real adult prison.

All player characters will be female, and will be in wo categories: Staff/teachers and inmates/students. Staff will, by definition, be dominant and will be expected to bully and abuse all the students. Students will be switch or submissive, switch students will be bullied by the staff but will in turn bully and abuse the submissive students. There will be no need to specify whether your character is domme or sub - that can come out during play. In fact there will probably be a hierarchy within the inmates, established by mutual consent between players.


GM NEEDED. No, I'm not running this. I will co-GM it, but every game I try to run falls flat, so I refuse. If you want this to fly, please help find someone willing to GM the game who fits all the requirements.

Player Requirements: This game is open to female players only. There are two possible exceptions: firstly if an experienced male GM offered to run the game without actively taking part with a GM-controlled player character.  The other exception I will save for if it crops up.

Players should be capable of posting a least 150 words per post, please. For reference. the "setting" section above is 175 words.

Character Requirements:

All characters will be female as mentioned above, and will be in two categories: Staff and inmates. All staff must be dominant, and will be expected to do whatever they like to the inmates. Inmates can be switch or sub, and will be expected to take a place in the hierarchy, from the top where the hard-nosed lags submit only to the staff, to the bedwarmers who submit to everyone.

The following staff characters are available:

Warden - This character is for the GM's exclusive use.
Wing Officer - This is the character in charge of the staff. She functions as the school principal.
Wardens/teachers - Each warden is also a teacher, as this is a school as well as a prison. Each warden/teacher will teach a specific subject. I doubts we'll actually play out any lessons except possibly the sports lesson...
Medical Officer - there to treat injuries and perform unnecessary gynaecological examinations...

Teaching Subjects:


Character sheets:

Code: [Select]
[floatright][img height=300 padding=5]Paste image URL here[/img][/floatright][b]Player ID:[/b] Your login ID


[b]Age:[/b] from 21 to 40 inclusive


[b]Subject Taught:[/b]




[b]Any Other Info[/b]

Code: [Select]
[floatright][img height=300 padding=5]Paste image URL here[/img][/floatright][b]Player ID:[/b]


[b]Age:[/b] 16 - 18






[b]Other Info:[/b]

I think hose sheets are fairly self explanatory?


The full rules of play will be discussed between myself and anyone who offers to run this game, but there are a few points that need to be established at the start:

1) By submitting a character sheet you implicitly accept these rules and agree to abide by them.
2) Any characters submitted become the property of the game. If the player drops out, the GM(s) have the right to use the character as a NPC in order to continue any scene the player may have been involved in to it's conclusion, or to offer he character to another player for he same purpose.
3) Players submitting inmate characters are by implication giving consent to their character to be abused against the character's will by all staff characters and by any inmate characters "above" them in the established hierarchy.
4) Players submitting staff characters are by implication giving consent to their character abusing inmate characters against their will. They are NOT consenting to their own characters being abused.
5) Rules 3 and 4 notwithstanding, at no time shall anything be done to another player's character without the player's consent. If a player objects to something done to their character, the player who posted the action shall amend their post accordingly.Please respect other players' preferences and most especially their offs.

That's it for now.

Please let me know if you are interested, and especially if you would like to GM.
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Offline someinheritthewealth

I am interested, got a character who's supernatural but can tone her down, keep her personality remove demonic aspects and such. You will all love her, add profile later.

Offline Lynnette

I'd be up to playing the medical officer.

Offline Visna

Oo, this looks wonderful. I'll join as an inmate.

Offline someinheritthewealth

FYI Sirad is an inmate she's sixteen.

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Hi Reaper, Visna. I look forward to playing with you both again.

@ someinheritthewealth, I'm sorry, but this is restricted to female players.

Offline someinheritthewealth

... Seriously no male who rp females.... It's what I mainly exclusively rp...

Offline Lynnette

... Seriously no male who rp females.... It's what I mainly exclusively rp...

It's a matter of personal preference, I don't think she meant to offend you in any sense, but some people (partially including myself) don't feel all that comfortable with playing with males that RP as females.

Offline someinheritthewealth

Someone gender should not matter in rp since people are rping a character not themselves... I rp for escapism...

Offline Dhi

It doesn't have a GM yet, so if you want a prison-based lesbian group game that does permit male players, why not make one of your own?

Offline Nicholas

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It is not an everyday request, but requesting female writers only for a RP is not violating E rules, and thus, it is fine. If the OP only would like females for this group game, then it is fine. :-) In the end, it all boils down to personal preferences and those are held in high regards.

Offline someinheritthewealth

I accept it, just don't agree with the logic, because the logic itself is broken and insulting in a certain regard, but yes I am unfollowing this thread...

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

It is not an everyday request, but requesting female writers only for a RP is not violating E rules, and thus, it is fine. If the OP only would like females for this group game, then it is fine. :-) In the end, it all boils down to personal preferences and those are held in high regards.

Thank you Nic.

I very rarely specify only female players in my group games, but in this circumstance, I have set this game up to be all female only, due to a discussion in the Ladies Only forum that I started and that has received considerable support.

I'm sure you know that Oniya has been monitoring the thread. I'm sort-of hoping that she will join here.

As I pointed out in that discussion, I have stated up front what I want, and ask for that to be respected. If I were to turn around after accepting a character and say "Oh, sorry, you can't play", that would be wrong.

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Okay, to get the ball rolling....

[NB: Character is in the process of a re-work]

Player ID: Chrystal

Name: Jocelyn Harper Kilkenny

Age:  18

Offence: Grand Theft Auto (one count). Driving while under age (one count). Driving without a license (One count). Driving without insurance (one count). Driving while under the influence of drugs (one count). Possession of a class A substance (one count). Reckless driving (twenty five counts). Driving without due care and attention (ten counts). Causing death through dangerous driving (two counts). Leaving the scene of a road traffic accident (seven counts). Failure to stop when required to do so by an officer of the law (four counts). Resisting arrest (two counts), Refusal to supply a sample of breath, urine or blood when required to do so (three counts). Willful damage to public property (three counts). Assaulting a police officer (one count).

Sentence: eight years, (two served, six to go)

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 138 Lbs

Personality: Jocelyn is one of those surprising girls. She's normally quiet, unassuming, keeping very much to herself, studying hard, and trying not to attract atention. But put her in the right (or wrong) company and her shell will burst wide open and she can go completely wild. The nature of explosion will usually depend upin who she is with and what they are doing, but she has been know, for example, to sit quietly in a class of rowdy students and then suddenly yell "WILL YOU ALL SHUT THE FUCK UP!" at the top of her voice. She will usually be a total wallflower at parties, but put the rioght music on, and serve her with the right dribnk, and suddenly she will be dancing her feet off! She has been known to react very violently to the wrong sort of provocation, but mostly she tries to keep her weird side in check. She hates being called Jos.

Other Info: Jocelyn was at a party celebrating a friends 16th birthday. Someone, she didn't know who, slipped someything ino her drink, and the next thing she knew she was waking up in a police cell. Her memory of that night is still hazy, but the fact that she stole a sports car, drove it around the city causing all manner of havoc, killed someone in one collision, and killed her best friend who was in the car with her when she finally wrapped the car around a tree, then attempted to fight off the police officers who came to arrest her... Those facts were read to her several times, and would remain with her for ever. In her oppinion, anything that happens to her fromn now on is more or less what she deserves.
« Last Edit: April 17, 2014, 01:25:35 PM by Chrystal »

Offline RedPhoenix

Tagging this thread. Expressing interest. Character concept is a girl from a rather wealthy family who got busted doing something really bad (still thinking over what exactly) and cut a deal and can get released when she ages out if the school gives her a glowing report and thus is very very motivated to keep everyone happy with her. Smart little cookie who uses submission to fly below the radar and has pretty much no morals whatsoever. Very far removed from an innocent victim but gets a lot of mileage out of acting like one sometimes.

Would consider helping to organize but no interest in playing any sort of GM character.

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Sounds like a perfect little snitch, Red. he sort of character that the people at the top of the pile use to keep control of those at the bottom! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with

Offline RedPhoenix

Sounds like a perfect little snitch, Red.

Yeah pretty much. XD

Offline Dhi

Chrystal, what do you think about a nun chaplain?

Offline BeckyAnnn

Ohhhhh this looks interesting.   :D

Give me a little time to read through the thread and see what comes to mind.

Offline Vercile

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I need to express my F/F Side, if I'm considered.

Interest Stamp!
« Last Edit: April 13, 2014, 09:15:02 PM by Frozen Star »

Offline BeckyAnnn

Chrystal, would you mind a recycled character from a dead group game we played in together? 


Actually I think she is going to be a blending of two old characters.   ;)
« Last Edit: April 13, 2014, 09:52:42 PM by BeckyAnnn »

Offline RedPhoenix

rough draft for comments?

Player ID: RedPhoenix

Name: Zannie Cassidy McCormack

Age: 17

Offence: Securities Fraud, Money Laundering, Accessory to Murder After the Fact (all pled down)

Sentence: 10 Years, possibility of commutation to house arrest when turning 18 and annually thereafter

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 135 lbs

Personality: Vain, lazy, elitist and a bit of a masochist.

Other Info: Zannie is the sole heir to the McCormack fortune, most of which wasn't lost from the entire family going to prison for earning all of their money in extremely illegal ways. Her father, Alistair Zayne McCormack was an infamous mob boss and introduced his little princess to the family trade at a very young age. While young Zannie was isolated from the street work, she used her sharp young mind to come up with inventive ways to hide their assets and profit from it. For testifying against her mother and father she was rewarded with a very lenient sentence that gave her the option of release if she did well enough in the transitional girls prison. She also earned a price on her head and knows she is toast if she ever gets to big girl prison. She is very, very committed to making sure she gets the marks she needs and will ruthlessly manipulate, lie, and lick her way to passing grades if she has to.

Zannie is very aware of the fact that she is a bit of a spoiled brat and is easy pickings in a fight, and has a habit of being rather obsequious to any girl tougher than her. Despite her reputation as a completely fake snitch, she is too smart to ever screw over anyone else who could really hurt her, and her tongue and fingers are too talented for anyone to ever really want to mess her up too badly. She teeters on the brink of several different social groups, carefully weaving webs to keep everyone hating each other just enough that she doesn't have to worry about anyone ganging up on her. Between her money, good looks, and complete lack of shame she is very popular among the more dominant inmates and plans to keep it that way as long as she can. Even some of the staff go a little easy on her, due to her willingness to do almost anything to avoid the possibility of a bad mark.

Offline BeckyAnnn

Player ID: BeckyAnnn

Name: Andrea Carver (Andi)

Age: 16

Offence: Assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a weapon on school grounds

Sentence: 10-15 years, 0 served, possibility of parole in 6 years

Height: 5'3

Weight: 118 lbs

Personality: Andi is the youngest of the three Carver children.  Her father took off when she was four leaving her and her two older siblings with their alcoholic mother.  The children of alcoholics tend to fall into one of three broad categories.  There is the child who tries to take care of everything.  This is usually the oldest child and he or she feels the weight of the responsibility for taking care of the younger children.  There is the attention getter.  This child can be anywhere in the birth order and gets into a lot of trouble, thereby distracting attention from what is really wrong with the family.  Then there is the quiet one.  This child can seem practically invisible. The child never causes any trouble and yet excels in nothing and in so doing does not draw attention to him/herself or the family.  This is the child that presents the appearance of coming from an average, functional family.  And this is also the child Andi was. That is until just a few months ago.

Other Info:Andi had tried to tell people what was going on...that the high school football coach was making unwelcome advances and whispering inappropriate things to her when ever he got the chance.  She told the principle, the guidance counselor and the city police officer who patrolled the school   (and whose son was the star quarterback) about the man cornering her in the girls room one day and actually touching her before she shrieked and ran out.  No one would listen to her and the coach knew it.  No one wanted to rock the boat.  After all the man had taken the team to state eight of the last ten years and they had won the last four straight state championships.  The man was untouchable. Or so he had thought.

Coach had taken to harassing Andi after school.  On the day her life changed, Andi had left her algebra book at school and had to turn around and go back for it before the school was locked up.  She figured the coach would have been gone already, it being the off season.  But he was not.  Andi had retrieved her book from her locker and turned to leave when she saw the coach standing by the front door.  She turned and tried to go out a different door but the man caught up with her.  She had slipped her hand into her book bag.  The knife was there.  She pricked her finger groping for it. She didn't give the bastard the chance to touch her again and he would never again have to worry about knocking up some little tramp. 

Andi never stood a chance in court.  Unable to afford a real attorney, she was assigned a rookie public defendant who had never tried a case. She never denied what she did and there were witnesses to corroborate her story that she had tried to tell people what had been going on.  But the prosecutes had convinced everyone she had lied about everything.  She was painted as a nobody from a no account family who had some weird personal fantasy about the coach and when the man rebuffed her, she had retaliated. And that was how she found herself in the position she was currently in...fresh meat in a transitional facility between juvie and the pen.
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Offline LimitlessNikkie

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Player ID: LimitlessNikkie

Name: Jackie Dawson

Age: 16

Offence: Manslaughter in the second degree, one count sexual assault, 3 counts grand theft auto, one count burglary, and one count accessory to robbery after the fact.

Sentence: 20 years reducible to 10 with good behavior.

Time Served: One year, four months and 3 days (not that she's counting)

Height: 5'7

Weight: 115lbs

Personality: Jackie is often called a psychopath but that word is just too simple to describe our Jackie. Maybe at one point she was simply a psychopath with anti social tendency's and a shocking lack of any remorse or empathy for anyone but damage can twist a normal person into knots and Jackie well she wasn't normal to begin with.
Jackie is one of those girls who would lite you on fire as soon as look at you. She has a fierce sense of loyalty to those rare few that manage to get past her armor to earn it but that is about her only redeeming trait. She using and abuses people for her own pleasure. She seeks thrills and craves attention, any kind of attention though sexual seems to feed her ego most.
As a person she is hateful and cruel, like a cat she enjoys playing with her prey before devouring it and she will devour you. don't worry it's just a matter of time.

Other Info: Jackie managed to gain her whole rap sheet in a matter of months. The first strikes were the murder and sexual assault. They were reported by a neighbor. Jackie's sister Emily says that Jackie killed their father and then raped their mother with a wine bottle when she found out that their father was visiting her room as well and that their mom knew about it.
It had long been suspected that Jackie was part of a street racing gang but didn't come to light until she fled the state just after the homicide, stealing three confirmed cars along the way driving getting away car for one high stakes robbery and finally getting caught for a simple burglary.
Jackie refuses to talk to anyone about her crimes but a zealot P.D. got her an amazing deal based on childhood trauma and diminished mental capacity and the time of the crimes.
« Last Edit: April 14, 2014, 04:10:42 PM by LimitlessNikkie »

Online AurelieCatena

Yeah! Another Chrystal's group game! Those are always a lot of fun! So, here I am officially stating my strong interest (for an inmate role).

And Chrystal, you said that all your group games fall flat... That's not true. In my experience, most group games die after at beast a couple of week. Those that last longer than one week are rare already. Your games go beyond the week in most cases, so I would say you are actually doing fairly well.

Moreover, your games are always perfectly organised and artfully described and thought out, which make them soar far above any group game I have ever played. When I start a new game I know it will not last and I profit from the fun as long as it last. And you games provide a lot of it. That's why I try never to miss one of them.